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  1. Kaga Koko

    Who is your Family Man/Woman of Choice?

    Kasumi tendo fits as good wife cause she knows how to take care of her family .
  2. Kaga Koko

    AND her NAME IS Willow

    Welcome to the site
  3. I miss going to anime convention and buying mostly keychains,stickers and plushies.

  4. Kaga Koko

    Anime Recommendations?

    Try this titles Golden Time Fullmoon Wo Sagashite Prince Of Tennis Dear Boys Slam Dunk Lovely Complex
  5. Kaga Koko

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    Yup his a well loved boxer and his even one of the senators in my country.
  6. Kaga Koko

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    Phillippines where the traffic is horrible and populated country lol.
  7. Hope you guys are doing well.though im still kinda shy to chat with you some of you and to make friends.

  8. Im like this two char Usagi and me never liked to study ,prefer to eat/sleep/have fun. With Hikaru im boyish but a caring person.
  9. Being oneself is more better it makes me happy if people can accept my good/bad side and still would be my friend.
  10. Kaga Koko

    Favorite Quotes

  11. Kaga Koko

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    It was like my romantic place i wanted to see but if have the money i would visit some of the beautiful places that my country has to offer first.
  12. Kaga Koko

    How are you feeling right now?

    Im doing good myself😊
  13. Kaga Koko

    scariest horror game you've ever played ?

    I forgot to add this game parasite eve my older brother is more of a re fan than i am.
  14. Kaga Koko

    Japanese dramas

    I actually liked a few kdrama myself cause the story and cast where good.
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