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  1. I recently started Re-watching "YURI ON ICE" Love that show
  2. Hey, Haven't been on in ages. don't even know how to use the place anymore

    1. RyePotatoes


      Welcome Back Renee-kun! :D 

    Really Good Amazing anime, highly reccomended to sword art online fans, I fell in love from the first episode, the drama and tension just pull you in, I'm only 5 episodes through but i hope it gets a second season, I brought the manga and I really hope they dub it too
  3. Anime Forums Tinder game!

    Reject. Kurt, the slightly mysterious mech warrior with a nice grin.
  4. [Bleach] Your Favorite Character?

    Byakuya Kuchiki. Or however you spell his name
  5. Opinions on Sword Art Online?

    It covers that. Ok well I'm done then.
  6. Getting into the manga scene?

    Try contacting Seven Seas Publishing, they're the largest OEM manga publisher i know of. Ask about thier submissions requirements. http://www.sevenseasentertainment.com
  7. Hey Its Yuu , hope you remember me

    Omg Yukki! Now we need @drill to come back and it'll be like the old days
  8. The Right Anime to Start Out With

    Oooh! I'm gonna go with Guilty Grown Blue Exorcist Aldnoah Zero Death Parade Gangsta
  9. Opinions on Sword Art Online?

    Fair enough. I was just giving my opnions on why I think sword art works. Of course I could be wrong. I won't pretend to know how much involvment the author had. Maybe he wanted the anime like this? All I can say if that is the case that he didn't make sure they accurately portrayed the events 100%. Yes I was including progressive as that is still part of the storyline despite when it was published. And I understand people not liking the series as I've said. The other member was posting reasons they they didn't like it and i thought some of the just sounded like preferences vs anything specific to sword art so I jumped in to defend it
  10. Opinions on Sword Art Online?

    @RepentantSky A thirteen episode series is standars now and each story arc got that many episodes, apologising in the books does make sense as he has now power over how they portray his scenes in the anime what looks like "oh kirito has another girl" makes sense in the book cause each scene has context and is told from the characters perspective, thus creating a bond between you and the character and a actual basis for thier feelings vs a third person set anime episode. And really if they adpated all the content from the books the aincrad arc could easily be 25 episodes it's self. So in that instanctle yes it could be seen as a short series. As for season 2, the whole first half was about sinon, how she was afraid of guns, her breakdowns and ptsd from shooting someone when young, her guilt and fear, the whole fact that her friend was driven crazy and commited all the murders with the help of his brother to try and get to her and her having. It was very detailed. Kirito even confides in her, showing emotion and telling her about his past and how he killed people in SAO and that events did effect him but he needed to move on. And I'm pretty sure Yukki needed that machine to live right? (My memories cloudy on that arc) As for asuna being a jelous type, that seems realistic, people get jelous in real life and it doesn't have to be logical, love isint logical And as for kirito being instantly liked, this happens too, I had a friend in real life, and everyone loved him, it didn't matter who he met, everyone loved him, and yes, girls swarmed around him as well for no reason I can understand you don't like sword art. That's fine. That's your taste and that's ok. But your reasons not liking it I can dismiss with the facts of what happens and the extended lore of SAO. The only major plot flaw I noticed in the whole anime, that's isint explained anywhere in the books.or anime, is how kirito wakes up at then end of season 1 and walks around the hospital, yet in season 2, he says that he awoke to nurses beside his bed. I wasn't the largest fan of the anime, but I really enjoy the books. But I just can't watch someone attack the show for reasons that in my mind and aren't based in fact. It's just not in my personality, I have to defend. So don't take anything personally . Also SAO is special me as it was my best friend (who sadly passed away two months ago) favorite anime. We shared many memories over this show and it was one of the first animes I watched, snuggled on my bed afternoon long watching the show with him. So yeah, when I thought something in the show didn't make sense I looked into it. I researched and compared it against It's self. And most facts seem to add up. Not every anime is perfect though. And I admit that. Is there anything else i need to explain ?
  11. Opinions on Sword Art Online?

    I respect your opnion, but in mine the books were much better than the anime. More well developed. @RepentantSky Sword art was not "Short Arcs" It got two seasons of about 25 episodes each, taking into account these cover about 2-4 books worth of content thats about 6 episodes a book. Which the anime actually adapted alot of the side plot and threw it in with the main story. The idea of sword art online is to examine the mental and emotional strain of a death game on teenagers, forget the harem that's there because 1 the author likes them 2 they know the market they are trying to sell to And in the books the author actually apologises In my opnion the story has a much more analytical theme in the books and gets into the characters emotions to a point where the harem acutally makes sense. Thefl first season is basically a mental test to see how the characters cope. Then to have everything thrown back to "normal" and getting used to that again Through out the second season we have a in depth analysis of guilt, abuse and post traumatic stress I really don't see how people miss this
  12. This Anime Season

    Oh no! I know what you we're saying. I was just saying it felt original to me and that the style of anime is never going to match up to the legendary anime's so i didn't expect much from it.
  13. Pick an anime

    Bleach. I'm currently watching through every season for the first time! Pure Bliss! I don't mind the filler seasons so far, I actually enjoyed the bount arc! I rate it about 80/100 It has obvious flaws, but still great, and thought I'm not finished (EP 120) the characters already feel like my family. I've really had to eat my words about this anime. Another is Black Butler! I need to see the movie! And i need a season 4! I feel I'm the only one who liked season 2 and wanted to see the what happened after that stuff with Ciel. 85/100
  14. This Anime Season

    I predict that this will be a 6.5 out of 10 series, I will consider continuing this if not many better anime pop up. Oh well it was never going to be a top rating show. It's just a interesting distraction. And it's seems more "Real" than say a "D Frag" type game anime.
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