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Status Updates posted by Metro

  1. Sorry for all the exam spam but English is finally over, time to throw away all them notes YAY! Now the stress of both Geography and Maths paper 1 tomorrow is here and having to learn a full book of essays for geography is proving difficult....

  2. With English Paper 1 being the first exam of my leaving cert done and dusted and squeezing in as much study for paper 2 tomorrow. The exams feel meh considering they feel like any other past paper with no easing of difficulty even though we missed half of our last 2 years in school. 3 more weeks of exams to go! 

  3. Reflecting back on joining this forum 6 years ago at 13 only entering secondary school and just realising how much the community has changed over the years but still stayed such a welcoming and safe place, you realise how quickly time goes by when you realise you're 18 and less then a month away from finishing school and feeling like it was only yesterday that you joined this amazing community. 

    1. Ohayotaku


      I’m glad I found this place & am grateful it’s still around. But wish we could get back the level of participation we had a couple years ago.

  4. The stress of the final school exams that determine if I go to University is starting to pile up with all these assignments and trying to get study in >.<


    1. Tefutakato


      All I can say is, do your best and I hope you get good grades on your exams. 

  5. It's crazy to have been part of this community for over 5 years, though I may not be as active or apart of the newer community I still find myself checking here every couple of days and love to see that place still active. 

  6. Metro

    When you see that Bard had been active this year after vanishing 4 years ago >.>

  7. So I decided to log back in after a really long time, so yeah long time no talk everybody!


    1. XII360


      welcome back, after a long time~

  8. Heyo MechaBD! Long time, how have you been? 

    1. mechaBD


      hey buddy i am good! how about yourself?

    2. Metro


      I've been great! It's good to know that you're doing good and still around here :P

  9. Hey anyone got any experience with Disneyland Paris and planning a trip/cost of it all? If you do can you please DM? 

  10. I feel like this year I've realised what's important to me and what I love the most in life and luckily I have enough time to go back on all the lost time I gave up on doing the stuff I love to focus on stuff that hasn't made me happy and only brought me down.

  11. My friend has convinced me to slightly get back into anime, so I guess I'm slightly back! :D


  12. //Babe you look so cool.//

  13. Okay so long time no see, some of you will probably you and I assume most wont but anyway I just wanted to address that I still check the forums everyday or two but never post and I've been thinking over this for a long time but I just thought I'd make it official that I have stepped away from being a member of the forum due to focusing more on other stuff in my life and plus I don't watch anime anymore so in concept I really don't fit in any conversations of the forum as it is an anime forum. It honestly has been an amazing time here and I've met so many amazing people and I'll always remember this place close to my heart. I'll still lurk around the forum from time time but for the most part I'm not active. I wish luck to all the staff here and especially Optic! 

  14. Should be studying for all the exams I have for the next to weeks but here I am sitting around catching up on Riverdale.... 


    1. Mazino


      gl with your exams (y)


  15. Back from visiting my girlfriend, had such an amazing time ^-^ 

  16. Got to meet an NBA coach, amazing experience :D

    1. mechaBD


      WHICH ONE!?

    2. Metro


      Well he mostly works as a shooting coach since he's one of the greatest shooters but atm he's with Detroit Pistons as shooting coach, his name is Dave Hopla ^-^ 

  17. "I am a human I am the villain I am the monster But you let me right in My mind is polluted My thoughts convoluted I don't feel the pain But I feel what I gave to you"

  18. "So this is where we are It's not where we had wanted to be If half the world's gone mad The other half just don't care, you see"

  19. When you and your girlfriend sing "Baby It's cold outside" together, so goals

  20. Anyone who is good at scheduling or just coping with a lot of work and fitting everything in, I could do with some serious help with that. 

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      Hm, Well for what I do is this and I'm not the best at it either. 

      I try to breath or deep breath to first relax self. Then after that I try my best to focus on the task at hand. Working with each thing I need to do by organizing stuff, sometimes in order to put the important things first and little things last or if you prefer  little things first than that works too. I try to remember to take my time at times unless it has to be rushed a bit, but try to remain clam through it all. I also ask for help too since it can be hard and nothing wrong with asking for help. Really not sure what to say just that's what I do to cope or schedule things. I apologize if its not the best of help. Hope things work out for you though Metro.

      Sending you good and positive vibes your way~

    2. Xyro


      If you need help with scheduling stuff metro, just ask. I will see what i can do ^^

      But keep it up kiddo. :D 

    3. brycec


      How do you normal schedule stuff? These days people use calendars on the web or on their phone to keep track of things.

  21. "I played through the sweat and hurt
    Not because challenge called me
    But because YOU called me.
    I did everything for YOU
    Because that’s what you do
    When someone makes you feel as
    Alive as you’ve made me feel."

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      Lovely I like it.

  22. Really upset and shocked ;-; 

    1. Xyro


      What happened Bud? :/ 

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      I hope your alright Metro.. Here if you need to talk and please try and hang in there and take care.

      Sending good and positive vibes your way~

  23. When you have school tomorrow and you still need to do the homework but you got basketball and you're so tired and just wanna chill with your girl and watch movies... 

    1. Xyro


      I have never personally had that problem, but i get what you mean ;)

    2. SleepyLeoulf
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