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  1. This is one for all those people you just cant stand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=E_RMtubRjSU;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  2. I can't ride a bike , so pool. If you were to take away my age from yours, how old would you be?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=zTnYE3jvt9o;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 enjoy today's song
  4. I was wondering what was going on with that Its fairly useful, but i'm finding it a bold (it takes up allot from the top of my screen) But yeah, I like it.
  5. Welcome to AF Harrison ^w*
  6. Welcome to AF dxniell ^w^
  7. I know I have already said, But welcome to AF Cirkadian
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=7Skij_GE9n4;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 Luka.... Stop tying Oliver!!! I cant have two favorite Vocaloids!
  9. Ok, I love vocaloids, but Oliver has always been my favorite :3 So, just wanted to add a separate bit here for this song ^-^ Lyrics underneath if you want them (TBH, they are some of the most beautiful words ever, so please at least take a look at them ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=4gGmXdslrlY;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 Lyrics: The bliss that resonates in your presence So softly Ignites the flames that radiates Deep in my heart From the echoing echoing words you whispered From the twinkling twinkling in your eyes I sensed a slight and different movement Overflowing emotions That halo of yours is so brilliant Let's match The cadence of our pulse To the rhythm of our thoughts Between us Thousand sparks fly And illuminates the sky A gentle curve at the corners of your lips In between Reminds us of the silent promises Unspoken From the growing growing warmth in your heart To the sparkling sparkling faith in your voice Through the nebulous blur and haze Even here in this maze You lead me to the right way When you're near Trust conquers all of my deepest fears You are The light that illuminates my night Embracing me with all your might Let's match The cadence of our pulse To the rhythm of our thoughts Even though you're gone Our hearts beat as one I will sing A song that fights off the beast That interrupts your dreams Sleep tight Tonight I will fly high And illuminate the sky
  10. The best place near to me that has any sought of Anime DVD's is a place called CEX. However, the selection in there is about as poor as a beggar. Literately, I would be surprised if I could even buy a half decent disk. Basically, my airea is horrible for anime stuff (Until comicon! )
  11. Xyro


    You know, as I have grown older, I feel like I need to say something Not something stupid or short, but something that I want everyone to take to heart, and think hard about, because i'm already tired of this ^w^ What I have come to realize as I grow older, is that many people around me, hundreds, thousands of people, every day, suffer from some sought of problem that ultimately leads to them giving up on simple things, or more harshly, on their dreams. I see it all the time. At school. at the gym. In public places. Everybody in the world, no mater how big or small, feel they have a place and a value, and cant exceed this stature. But to many seem to underrate themselves, placing their happiness and ultimate goals under everyone else, or worst yet, under their fears and depression. This just has to stop guys/gals Think of it like this: Why do we have dreams, if they are not important? We tell ourselves every day, that we are worthless, weak or pathetic, without a reason. Enough is enough now. Everyone in this world is amazing, creative, and an inspiration to one another. We just have to one day learn to just follow what we ultimately want. Because after all, life is not about the ending, its about the journey to success. So please, feel free to love yourself and those around you, like you and others deserve. We are all amazing people in heart. Thank you.
  12. nobody makes me think more about water then you
  13. This is one powerful song ^w^ Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=0RubqzHZ0zY;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  14. Bard... You are the best hentai Lord ever! And I mean it!
  15. If I had to chose, I would pick psychopath just because.... your enemies wouldn't want to be around you with a psychopathic killer following you around. Besides, they are normally cute ^w^ (when they are not cutting up Innocent people, that is)
  16. This game is simple: You have to compliment the person who posted before you. Just a game to make everyone feel nice ^w^
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWKwyp3bUyQ <3 <3 I love this song so much, especially this version <3 <3
  18. I like your sig more ^w^ Its good inspiration
  19. Just because I can: here is a complete version of all COD: BO2 Zombies songs. Please enjoy ^w^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=8JTXUPDGncM;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  20. I have learned one thing today: Im not funny T-T

  21. I have learned one thing today....

  22. If a girl, or boy, were in deep love with you, which level would you chose out of these 4?
  23. Im feeling a bit annoyed with myself, but apart from that im pumped for the weekend ^O^
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