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  1. Step 1: Replace the ''LACbVhgtx9I'' on the link below for the code of the YouTube video that you would like to share. (You can find the desired code after the ''v='' link that you see above the video that you want to share) I'll be using the code from THE MUFFIN SONG video in YT. Step 2: Once you've replaced ''LACbVhgtx9I'' for the code of your YouTube clip make sure that the link shown below has no spaces. Tip: The YouTube code that you will use has to go after the ''v='' and before the ''&feature=youtu.be'' Here's the link sample. -------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= LACbVhgtx9I &feature=youtu.be <--- Link must be used without any spaces. End result: Have a lovely day free of worded links that make ya have to open a new tab to watch the actual YT video.
  2. I can see Gleipnir having lots of potential to get it's own video game. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should it get one or nah? I'd love to be able to play this out in an actual game: Spoiler:
  3. Spent 1 minute on this story. Don't expect much from my lazy ass.. There once was a very curious shapeshifting kitty whom loved playing with dangerous things. She was so evil that she had to be abandoned and put up for adoption. The pet shop's owner had the mischievous little demon returned to her countless times. *Is awaiting to be adopted by her new owner(s) with a grin on her face* Kitty's current mood: Actual mood:
  4. A thread dedicated for Anti-Nightcore. Please share your picks with me and the others.
  5. Loli

    Scary videos

    Share your favorite scary vids. Here's one of my personal favorites after playing the original Silent Hill.
  6. Doctor Dolittle. Sure takes a freshing stab at it.
  7. :levi-smile:

    Catching up to the AOT's new colossal titan bit. Stay comfy!

  8. I've watched 5 of those titles ya mentioned, Elfen Lied always gets me all Nostalgic as well as the original animated Hellsing. I wonder if you got to watch DEVILMAN crybaby. Thank you for the recommendations! *Takes out the popcorn for sweet sis @RuthisianCodex too*
  9. You make me blush red like a tomato sis. Thank you dearly. Already loving all the different features that this site has to offer as opposed to other site's that I've been a part of. Much to learn!
  10. Kae for sure. Reminds me of BNHA.
  11. Pen's really unforgiving. Go easy on me. My first upload to the site.
  12. Describe yourself in 3 words. Example that applies for me: Wild ESTP personality.
  13. Ohaiyogozaimasu. Migrated from MAL. Currently ttrying to figure out how to change my username. Have a naisu day. Help would be appreciated.

    1. efaardvark


      @Kity.. To change your username click on "shop" (at the top of the page.. should be in the bar somewhere to the left of your avatar/icon), and then it is probably easiest to click on "shop items" under "categories" in the box just below the bar at the far right.  Then look at the list of items to t/he left. (see below) You're looking for "change user name".  (Might also be interested in "change member title".)  Buy that item and you'll be able to change your user name.

      You'll need points for the "purchase" however.  Normally you accrue points by interacting in the forums .. creating & replying to topics, etc.  Fortunately for new users you can also take donations from other members.  I've got plenty.. if you need some just let me know.




    2. Loli


      Double thank you for informing me about the matter twice. Found it onii-chan. Hai / Yes please, if it's not too much a bother.  I donated 10 points to ya and it made me all happy inside to donate myself even though it was not much. :3

      Until I properly learn how to share YT vids, here's my best attempt:


      Ps: Thank you for your time efaardvark.



  14. Love your pic. I can't find the username change thread or option. Pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Have a naisu day.
  15. Example: No Loli No life (No Game No Life) I really want to see what funny titles you guys come up with.
  16. Welcome, your avy looks wholesome. Have a nice day desu. :3
  17. Hi, the name's Kity. Just got into this lovely site to discuss anime. Feel free to give me any useful tips as a newbie. Ps: *Waves to the mod approving this*
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