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  1. Mine are currently blue but I would love either purple or red
  2. My nickname that I hate that people call me is Paulie Poo smh
  3. I have to choose pizza because not only is it great but it's good to share with friends as well
  4. I love it and the new season now is amazing
  5. 90% of all my friends are female, I need some male friends 😢

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    2. Tefutakato


      I can be your friend if you want to be friends. :) 

    3. Viper


      @Tefutakato I accept yes lol

    4. Nukemsloth


      Bruh as of now, I already thought we were friends lol, but who knows. You could be someone who you have to trust first, but who knows. 

  6. I hate that I get hurt easily and I hate that I forgive people all the time even if they have hurt me, I hate that I'm to trustworthy
  7. Hi welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it here
  8. I didn't enjoy it to be honest, I was expecting so much more from it, hopefully the raw tonight will be good
  9. Parasyte the maxim is really good imo and try Tokyo ghoul
  10. I try and watch around 3 or 4 episode a day if I can and usually 5 days a week
  11. I was hyped as well for it and can't wait for episode 2 now after that first episode
  12. Last thing I bought was the sims 4
  13. Mine is between Skyrim and the Witcher 3
  14. Welcome back, hope you stay active
  15. I think it would be a good hug so yeah I would
  16. I don't know you well enough so sorry lol
  17. I'm defo a geek and not ashamed lol
  18. Why did you have to be gone when I just came back :|

  19. Tea all day long , I have like 12 cups a day of it and I don't like coffee
  20. Portugal to see some family and also Spain again and South Korea
  21. Tomb Raider 2018, I enjoyed it and like the actress playing Lara Croft
  22. Naruto and most musical anime I'm not a fan of
  23. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy it here and my plans for the remaining year are to graduate from Uni and find a job I'll enjoy going to and trying to gain some weight and go out more
  24. Thanks Rye but he won't cheat on Meghan Ask him will he be loyal to me and be there always and then take him out on a date

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