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  1. I just watched Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works. The movie version. It a little rushed, and the pacing is all over the place but all I can say is. I love swords.
  2. Wolf's Rain ending, end of Madoka Magica Rebellion and the end of the Chimera Ant arc. Also Spy X Family made me cry laughing.
  3. It's Fate so from the outside looking in, it always looks confusing. Trust me it not nearly as complex as it looks written out.
  4. Shirou Day Approaches, if you don't know what the day is, it basically a celebration of Shirou Emyia from Fate. Why? Something to do with Fate VN fans on Twitter of all places. So, what are your plans coming the next annual Shirou day? Did you even know it existed until just now? For me, my original plan was to sit a couple buddies through Fate Unlimited Blade Works so they could love swords as much as Shirou. But as we've yet to even make it through Death Note, that idea has sank like Emyia dreams of becoming a hero of justice. So now my new plan is to watch Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - the movie from 2010.
  5. The Case Study of Vanitas seasons 1 and 2 is another Vampire show, I've only seen season 1 but it was pretty enjoyable if a little slow paced.
  6. Oh boy, well Otaku Gamer you may not have realised this but... You just asked my favourite question. The way I got into Fate was through Apocrypha, however that because I barely even knew what anime much less what Fate was all about. So my path isn't the norm, however I do know the quote on quote 'correct' path into walking into Hell. So, getting into Fate is firstly not as difficult as many of the Fate fans and anime fans in general make it out to be. Firstly, you have two equally valid choices. Either start with Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Basically Fate/Zero is the prequel to all the Fate/Stay Night series. I choose Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works as the first in that because it the most modern and most accessible of the three Stay Night stories. That's basically the easiest way to get into Fate. Pick one of the two ufotable shows and start from there. However, if you're feeling brave open the spoiler below for the rest of the series and what way to approach them;
  7. I like Halo for the campaign and whilst I'm mud at Halo on social slayer (that negative be 22 was a real bad match) I really like it for the custom games that were made on it by the community. Plus getting grilled by a middle age ex merchant navy halo player for single handedly throwing the match is one of the funniest memories I have in gaming. Also I have to hold out hope for Shirou, Charlamgne and Arcruid. I won Arthur and Odysseus so I might get lucky on one of the three.
  8. I've got four main games I play pretty frequently. The first is Halo Master Chief Collections - I've played Halo throughout the years as my 'main FPS' but I'm casual and rusty so don't expect me to be top of the leaderboard. I have some occasional great, exceptional games and the worst I've played was a match where I was negative 22. Meaning I single handedly gave the enemy victory. Fallout 3 and New Vegas and Knights of the Old Republic I and II are also games I frequently return too. Also, for the last year I've been playing Project Zomboid. It's a survival role playing game with zombies and multiplayer. And recently just gotten into Foxhole with the Inferno release. For mobile games... Its Fate/Grand Order. I've had some pretty successful pulls over the two years I've been playing. I've got EMYIA in the first roll they give you for free, I've also gotten Artoria, Artoira Alter and her Caster varient. I've even gotten Arthur Pendragon (the male Artoria from Prototype). I've also gotten Astolfo Rider and Saber class, Odysseus, Sigurd and Osakabehime. I'm currently gearing up for Shirou, Arcruid and Charlamagne. I doubt I'll get all three, or even all of them. But I'm hoping.
  9. I never watched any in my childhood. It was in my late teens, early adulthood so around either eighteen or nineteen when I watched my first anime. My brother showed me Yamato 2199 (remake) and then we watched Goblin Slayer, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (remake). We rewatched the three shows sometime just before the release of the second seasons of Yamato and Legend of the Galactic Heroes came out. At that time, I didn't consider myself an 'anime fan' just a guy who watched an occasional anime. I think Covid ended up delaying Goblin Slayer season 2 and the movie. At some point I had watched Evangelion. I remember attempting it once when I was a lot younger, around the time I was revisiting the Halo 3 scene - so some time after the Master Chief Collection failure of a launch. However, I never finished it at that time, work or something came up. My brother sometime after we'd watched LOTGH, Goblin Slayer and Yamato decided to watch it and then I rewatched it with him. I didn't finish the show that time either, as my brother explained that the last two episodes come after End of Evangelion. So, we watched that film first, then it wasn't until a year later when I watched the final two episodes. I can't remember if we rewatched it all and then I finally saw the two ending episodes or if we legitimately just sat me through the last two episodes for completion's sake. Craziest part was all that was over the course of two years. Then I watched Fate/Apocrypha when I was around 21. During the Covid pandemic. That's when I saw the light and descended into a full on weeb. Because suddenly I was watching way more shows. I don't know if Nasu had placed some kind of hypnosis in this show, but damn it awoke something inside of me. Not only did it inspire me to watch way, way more anime than I had previously but also made me a full-on Fate fan. Which is a strange entry anime - but well it is what it is. As an added introspective this was the first anime, I choose to watch solo, no arm pulling by someone else. I didn't realize it back then but;
  10. 'The anime that dosen't exist' With a fan given moniker like that it begs to be sought out and watched.
  11. Another good one I just remembered is Paranoia Agent. The four you've not seen yet were all written by Gen Urobuchi. Of those I've not yet seen Phantom, but if it by the Butcher it must be pretty good. Another show I've heard of is RapXephon. Not watched that one yet, but it's a Mecha show which shares similarities to Evangelion from my understanding.
  12. Neon Genesis Evangelion - a psychological deconstruction of Mecha anime, Ergo Proxy if often compared to it due to both using a lot of philosophy and symbolism to tell its narrative Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom - is another psychological-philosophical anime like Ergo Proxy in that regard. It's on my watch list, due to it being within the same 'genre' of anime like Ergo so it might be worth a shot. Wolfs Rain - this is one of those barely talked about shows however it got some serious similarities to Ergo Proxy. Both are set in a post-apocalyptic world with high technology present. Both deal with esoteric plots with lots of symbolism. And the story is centred around superhuman beings - in Ergo Proxy it's the Proxy's and in Wolfs Rain it's the Wolfs. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - the famed deconstruction of the Magical Girls genre. Don't let the pastal coloured hair fool you however, for its actually a pretty mature series filed with symbolism. Fate/Zero - a prequel to Fate Stay Night, this is a dark, philosophical take on the ethics of heroes, justice and ideals. Unlimited Blade Works also deals with similar themes but in a more Shounen less Senien way. Psycho Pass - the first series is another philosophical anime which explores the efficacy of the law, those that enforce it and those that break it. Monster - This is a fairly long show, at around 74 episodes, it absolutely fantastic. It a phycological thriller with some serious philosophical questions raised throughout the course of the series.
  13. Ergo Proxy, been about a year and a bit since I first sat through it. It one of those atmospheric-philosophical anime shows.
  14. I'm back on track on my first watch of Yu Yu Hakusho. I'd got distracted due to re-watch of Fate/Apocrypha, Parasyte and then got lost in a sea of anime others were showing me. But tonight I had some time to work out were I was and progress through the show some more. So I was able to finish the Saint Beast sub arc and move onto the introduction of the Toguro brothers and make it to the dark tournament. I've heard nothing but good stuff of the dark tournament arc, the previous Toguro episodes of the ghost detective arc were really, really good. So if it keeps up this is looking like a great series.
  15. I just watched Sunny Days... Shirou is one lucky motherfucker he ends up with both Rin and Saber in this alternate ending to Unlimited Blade Works. Honestly, I'm not sure if I prefer this ending. Saber gets to remain with Shirou, but the other ending, So, spoiler out of the way for UBW, I think both endings are really solid, Sunny Days is a more lighthearted and happy ending and the actual ending of UBW is a little more open to interpretation and also slightly more thematically matching to the overall show.
  16. Finally, my blu-rays of Unlimited Blade Works, Extra Last Record and Grand Carnival arrived. Now all that's left is Camalot, Solomon, the Special for The Case Files of El Melloi and whenever they release Strange Fake.

    Then I'll have all the Fate anime. 

  17. I'd say Samauri Champloo, Space Dandy, Baccano!, Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill for some stylish anime recommendations. Samauri Champloo and Space Dandy are both directed by Shinichiro Watanabe like Cowboy Beebop. Space Dandy is kind of a platinum disco - pulp fiction science fiction setting, and Samuari Champloo is Samurai and street rapping. So different to Bebop but similar. Gurren Lagann is a studio trigger show, before there was a studio trigger, and Kill la Kill is basically the same as Gurren Lagan. So very fluid animation flow in those shows. Baccano! is rich in a gangster prohibition era setting and its story is non-sequential story. It also got a very cool soundtrack and opening.
  18. So, I finished Attack on Titan the other day with Marathon Guy. I thought it was good, but some animation and designs of the titans was really bad. Like some of the fights were top tier. I also finished Case Study of Vanitas. So, I'm now focused on three anime, the first I started yesterday Spy x Family. It been on my radar, a lot of people on here talk about it, must say the first episode got me to laugh which is rare as often I don't find anime that funny. Beyond Spy x Family, I'm going to start watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes Collison and Magia Record Eve of the Awakening next. I'm also likely going to do another watch of Death Note, cause a friend wants to watch it.
  19. Won't be disappointed I don't think, it is a real thinking man's show - like Monster, Evangelion and Psycho Pass
  20. Yeah, with the servants in this war, it going to be a serious battle royal. I don't know where the premier for foreign audiences is going to be, I'm going to assume it'll be hosted somewhere. I'm not sure what Aniplex prefers to put there shows onto. Somewhere on Crunchyroll, such as Babylonia so it might be through them.
  21. I have messed around with some software and an external drive but currently it has a slight stutter on any moving shot. If I could fix that then I'd be set, but I've fiddled with it several times and all it settings and can't work out what is causing the issue.
  22. It not entirely necessary for a character to have to permanently remained dead. For example, Fate has character's die during the different wars and also timelines. So, as a hypothetical Fate/Zero say Lancer dies. He can be resummoned by another master for another war, however only the heroic spirts can be 'resummoned' as they are already dead having died in the lives as heroes. The masters are not so fortunate.
  23. Finally got Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot Paladin; Agateram. It released for region B, so I'll snag that whilst it up online. Plus thanks to the pound being weaker than the Australian dollar I grabbed it for peanuts.

  24. Didn't know the blu-ray was announced a month ago, this is certainly looking like another pre-order. It comes out November 15th. However, wonder if it'll only be the US version. I should just invest in a damned region free blu-ray player. Note to self.
  25. Well, I usually go for something serious so shows like; Monster, Pyscho Pass, Ergo Proxy. Or if I want to watch something a little less serious, but with more action (or at the very least more hype in the moment-to-moment story telling) I like to watch shows like Fate UBW, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Code Geass. I still say these shows aren't just dumb fun, they still have something to say. But those are the two types of shows I mostly seek out. As for specific genres, I don't really discard anything. From magical girl, suspense thriller, mecha, battle royal, space opera. I've pretty much watched them all. The only genre's I'm not a huge fan of is Slice of Life and Iseaki. Not sure why but I've never found a show in either I'd rate especially high, not sure if it just the genres themselves or if I've yet to find a show in them which I really find special.
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