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  1. I pulled him on the banner. As an update on that, such a cool character. Still need to get past Babylonia and Solomon. And then the Epic of Remnants before I make it to Lostbelt. Surprisingly my stockpile of quarts for Muramasa was not eaten into nearly as much as I feared so I can still roll for Charlie and if I get lucky Arcueid Brunestud. Type-moons original waifu, well not including Venus or the Angle from Notes... which is technically the first part of the whole Nasuverse.
  2. Well I've not watched a great deal of anime recently, most recently two movies and one 12 episodes series. Mobile Suit Gundam I So I watched this movie with my brother who loves the Gundam UC. I quite enjoy UC, with Origin, 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket and Stardust Memory all being pretty quality shows. And as were building up to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its been a while since I watched the first series, it been decided we'll catch back up on the one year war with the trilogy. Now the audio was hit and miss, music was great and the sound effects pretty solid - the voice acting, (I watched it dubbed so... yeah) well that was something else. The series defiantly did it a lot more justice, still most scenes were alright and a few were comical in their own way with some classic lines including 'I'm just plain scared', 'the Zeon are invading with an army of robotron invaders', 'I will poof myself' and 'go Amuro, go and defeat the enemy'. The character design is solid, but a few scenes and stills look a little rough - however the art direction for everything is pretty good. The animation is decent for 81, and it mostly cobbled together from scenes from the series. Still for a compilation film it could have been a lot worse, and to be honest unlike the series I didn't feel the story hit as many pacing issues and it moved more steadily to the important moments. Would have liked a little more of the space stuff and a little less Earth. Overall 7/10 a good film. Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot Paladin; Agateram So I finally got around to seeing this film, and I must say it was worth the weight. I'm a pretty big Fate fan, so getting so see the conclusion to the Camelot singularity was pretty awesome. Bedivere story was nicely resolved with the conclusion of the film. Props to the Gawain vs Bedivere fight that was seriously the highlight of the film. The music was great, and the animation was pretty on point most of the time. So 8/10 great movie Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis - Collision I've been watching this show for a long time, before I was an anime fan I was watching this show, so I've got a huge soft spot for the series. I guess dress a space opera setting up with some fancy politics and I'm down for that. So I've just watched the third season, Collision and am now patiently waiting for the next one to get localised. Overall the visuals were awesome, Rosenritter armor was badass. As for the story really liked the focus on Kempf, and the other Admirals under Reinhard with Wolfgang and Reuenthal getting a lot more development. So 9/10, really awesome season.
  3. Fate/Strange Fake - Whispers of Dawn comes out 2023 summer. If you've never watched any Fate I've heard this is one of the best ones according to all the fans who've been reading the light novels/manga. So might be worth a try, plus from what I understand this is only a single episode special - kind of like a warm up for the rest of the series that'll likely drop later.
  4. I watched the second Camelot movie... that took longer than I expected. I waited till I got my hands on the Blu Ray. And well... it arrived a day ago.
  5. Yeah I remember that thread, beyond Irisfield and the Chimera Ant Queen I forgot the rest I posted on that thread.
  6. Well I see no Fate. Irisfield pretty cool, she a mum and married so I think she counts. Damn it I had a list of MILFS on here, but I've not got the best memory. Re-L from Ergo Proxy a pretty mature women. Cornelia from Code Geass again she's the big sister, and a commander (plus a princess). Yor from Spy X Family. Anime if not Animation as a whole's best step mom. No gif cause I couldn't find one for Ms Jessica Edwards. But she pretty mature. And that wraps up the list.
  7. Okay... I'll give it my best shot. So I've not watched many standalone movies... in fact I might have watched a grand total of 0. Maybe a Ghibli movie... that might be it. So a lot of my recommendations are linked into franchises and I won't go into watch order here on some of these cause it'd likely distract from the list. So starting off the list is Steins Gate; Load Region of Deja Vu. I don't remember much, I know I watched it and it was a decent romp but its got nothing on the series it follows. My brother a huge Gundam fan, so naturally I've seen the conclusion to the Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century. I've seen another Gundam film but this one is pretty decent. Ending a little weird, and one character introduced in the film is the epitome of smug and annoying. So next is Psycho Pass the Movie. It pretty good, like Steins Gate it more extra content post the masterpiece that is the first series. Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge... I'll be honest I watched this and the... other one (cause their are two) mostly cause I wanted more HxH. Not the best film, but if you watched or not watch the series not a bad use of a evening. Okay Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. Not for the faint of heart, but we all watch it to pay respect and bear witness to the best dad in anime. Okay so back to more Mecha, for what would anime be without Mecha. This time End of Evangelion the original endings to the series before the Redo Remake quintology. This movie looks great, and gets very introspective in the final act. Next why not give Madoka Magica Rebellion a try. Personally I love it but its pretty divisive with the fandom. Luckily you either got two recap films or like 12 episodes to watch it if you want all the context of why these Magical Girls are so, so sad. Anyone who seen my previous post knew where this was going, and as no one has yet to mention these films yet, I guess I'll have to be the hero of justice and do it myself. Now would I recommend getting into Fate through Heaven Feel. No. But still the Heaven Feel trilogy is top tier animation, a great story, awesome characters and a kick ass score. So what more can we really ask for. That most the ones I've seen, I watched one other Gundam movie and a few of the other Fate movies, but that be my list for some anime films to watch. Mine might be more popcorn fair, but I've not watched many if any of the Ghibli stuff, nor have I really dived back deep into the Anime Movie golden age much yet.
  8. Fate Strange Fake Whispers of Dawn, it got delayed. Now we at least know roughly it been pushed back to summer 2023. Also six minutes of animation - so we technically got something. I'm content, hopefully it don't get delayed again. Knock on wood
  9. Sorry for the very medical and boring topic, but I have a feeling a few people on here will be way more knowledgeable than me on the topic. Can wigs cause hair-lose? I've had this wig for about four months, and it not really been a problem till about maybe a week ago when I noticed my hair was thinning. It not patchy, or any bald spots, but its clearly less full than it use to be. I've also been dropping weight for a solid couple months and that can also cause hair loss in some people. So I'm not sure if it one thing or the other.
  10. I seen the news, I'm sad it been delayed but I'd rather they get it right with delays than rush out something subpar.
  11. Have a friend, he watched Pokemon as a kid and so I decided to share with him some anime I'd been recently watching. In the end he sat down and watched Steins;Gate and he enjoyed it, we then watched Attack on Titan together and are currently chugging through Death Note at a snail's pace thanks to work commitments. I want to show him Fate/Zero but that'll have to wait till next year I reckon.
  12. Welcome to the Forums as the resident Fate fan, I've got only one recommendation - it's a slice of life, it dose have cute girls doing cute things.
  13. God rewatchable shows, it's not necessarily the same as shows I think are really, really good. For example Monster and Hunter x Hunter are great, but I would be hard pressed to call them very re-watchable. So, the shows I think are rewatchable are; Fate. Any of them really. I'm a big fan of Fate. Big surprise to everyone on here, I know. Psycho Pass is also a very rewatchable show. And it makes me feel smarter each time I watch it. Madoka Magica is another show I think is again really re-watchable. It such a one-of-a-kind show, and you always can see new bits of symbolism or hidden meaning in the choices made. Finally Steins;Gate is just so much fun to watch. The pacing of the show. Then it gets a second wind at the halfway point with its tonal shift. A great series.
  14. Fate/Apocrypha. Episode 17, when it turned out Rider of Black wasn't a girl. I was bamboozled, I was shocked, I was confused. Another one would be the ending of Berserk 1997. I went in blind, and the final episode was a complete gut punch. Didn't see it coming. Finally, it would have to be Wolfs Rain. I had no idea what the anime was about, the opening led me to believe it was a werewolf anime set in New York. I was so off. However, the final OVA was another turn I wasn't expecting, then again, I do like darker anime such as Evangelion, Monster, Pyscho Pass, Ergo Proxy and Madoka Magica. So, it actually propelled Wolfs Rain into one of my favourite series. Not top ten but its up thier.
  15. The Death Note re-watch has died. I've already watched it three times, but at this point the buddy I was showing it two has managed to make it to episode 8 out of 37 in two months. We did a lot better on the Attack on Titan watch. So, I'm probably going to continue with Yu Yu Hakusho and finish off the dark tournament arc and once I get through that I might do a re-watch of Fate Unlimited Blade Works (the series) to build the hype for December 31st and the release of Strange Fake. Still have no clue which site that special is streaming on. I'm sure they'll yet us all know at some point.
  16. A collection of the greatest Fate ships of all time. Artoria x Archer Ishtar x Sengo Muramasa Enkidu x Gilgamesh Achilles x Atlanta # Kitritsugu Emyia x Irisviel von Einzbern Richard 'The Lion Heart' x Ayaka Sajyou Mash x Ritsuka Nero x Hakuno Ruler x Sieg Jason x Medea Astolfo x Charlemagne
  17. I've only really watched anime dubbed, and I bet some of my picks might get a few people a hollering, but I liked all these anime in terms of the voice acting and some have some overlapping voice actors which is cool to see (or hear). Fate (all of them especially Zero, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven Feel) Psycho Pass Steins;Gate Ergo Proxy Wolfs Rain Monster Madoka Magica Hunter x Hunter Yu Yu Hakusho Spy x Family Code Geass Made In Abyss Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue Thesis Gurren Lagann Neon Genesis Evangelion Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Berserk Baccanno!
  18. I've never done that... I've thought stuff similar to 'what are you doing', 'thats a cool exit' or when Astolfo was going up against the hanging gardens 'pleaae don't die'. But yeah never actually said anything outload.
  19. My all-time favourite anime antagonist has to be Johan Liebert from Monster, he's perhaps one of the most intimidating, well written and complex villains in any Manga or Anime. He truly is a one of the kind villains, and he's got no superpowers, no special abilities he's just an unhinged serial killer with some deep trauma. Shogo Makishima from Psycho Pass is truly one of the best anime villains out there. Whilst he a complete monster, a brutal killer, what builds sympathy and even admiration towards him from me is his philosophy. He's a social critic, capable of pointing out the huge moral and philosophical flaws of the society he was born in. Plus, he's my PFP on here, so I gotta give him his dues. Toguro Younger, looks like nothing more than a simple brute. However, the intelligence he displays really surprised me. He's very imposing, he's stoic and honourable in his own way. He is cunning and cruel. He really is a great Villian and a perfect antagonist for Urameshi. I've not seen how his story comes to an end, but he been a joy to watch so far. Finally got to peace out on a Fate villain, and no Fate villain comes closer to perfection than Kirei Kotomine. In Fate/Zero he goes through a great character development with the prompting of a certain King of Heroes, and during the following Stay Night his character is explored from several angles. Whilst always villainous, I wouldn't necessarily say I disagree with everything Kirei says or does. Also, I look forward to when we can see his return, as phase 2 of Grand Order might make use of his pesudo-servant from Rasputin. If he does return, I like to see how they further develop the relationship between Kirei and Shiro.
  20. And I forgot Shinya Kogami, from Pyscho Pass. An underate protagonist in an underrated anime. Shinya Kogami is the perfect lead due to how he contrasts and interacts with Shogo Makishima (one of the best anime antagonists of all times). Kogami is not a cutty cutter good guy, he can be abrasive, harsh, aggressive and cold but his strong sense of justice and desire for revenge really draw you in to his struggle.
  21. One of my personal favourites is Doctor Tenma from Monster. His slow character growth and evolution throughout the show is something truly special. He has to juggle slowly becoming a monster as he goes after the serial killer whose murderous acts forced him on the run from law enforcement. There's also a quest for redemption as the serial killer was a boy he saved during his career as a doctor, so he feels responsible for saving the boy who would grow up to become a Monster. Simon is also a character who goes on a massive journey throughout the course of Gurren Lagann going from a literal scared boy to a strong and honourable leader. He encapsulates the shows ideals and message in his strong development. Plus, he gets some awesome fight sequences where he goes all out and takes no shit. Madoka is also a really cool character that again is central to the message and theme of the show she's the lead in. As she struggles to come to grips in the face of the reality of being a Magical Girl, but in the end still comes through and does the right thing. And finally, Shirou Emyia, lover of swords and hero of justice. I like how Shirou is explored through the three routes, especially in Unlimited Blade Works where he is directly challenged and must overcome his own ideals and beliefs. I greatly appreciate the elements of deconstruction in his character, as his a more nuanced look on the Shonen protagonist - he's broken, idealistic and processed by a dream not his own but rather borrowed from another in an attempt to make up for his survivor's guilt. I'm looking forward to his return, hopefully in the Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt Phase 2 and will defiantly roll when his banner comes up.
  22. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is another good Space Opera series, there's two versions the original and the modern adaptation which is called The New Thesis.
  23. That is some schedule, holy crap. I never plan out what I'm watching in such detail. Currently I've made it to the semi-finals of the Dark Tournament Arc of Yu Yu Hakusho, watched the first episode of Spy x Family part 2 and will at some point continue the re-watch of Death Note. I've been watching/rewatching anime with friends. The first was Attack on Titan season 1 (none of us had seen that show) suggested by a friend who first and only foray into anime was Pokémon, my brother picked Death Note as his once we finished Attack on Titan... all so I can then pick Fate/Zero after that. I want to get them all through as much Fate as possible before the December premier of Fate/Strange Fake. If I can get them through Zero and Unlimited Blade Works at this point it'll be a small miracle.
  24. Using science to justify the matters of the heart. This is why 'Rin' fans never understand the full scoop of appreciation, respect and admiration we, based Saber worshippers, display. Also, as counter evidence I offer this. None other than the King of Heroes deemed Saber to be so beautiful that she belonged with him as one of his treasures. Gilgamesh > Science Therefore, Saber is best girl.
  25. So close, but we all know Saber is best girl. For she is the King of Knights and the defender of Britian. And is also precious.
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