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Hi, I'm new here!


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Hello there, HeavenSunset! I hope you find a lot of friends to discuss anime with here then. What is your favorite anime? We've had some really good ones come out here recently, and I'm really looking forward to the Fall Seasonal releases. <3


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Welcome @HeavenSunset to A-F. You should definitely have no trouble making friends here who enjoy anime ^^ If you ever feel like talking feel free to send me a message at any time~ I am Sofi by the way and I hope you have a good while you are around the forum family ;3

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I'm so sorry to hear-- I hope you can make some anime-loving friends in the real world.  Maybe you already have some and they're just hiding their inner weeb from you? Ever since I started being more open and unashamed about my likes and interests, I've found being the first to open up often encourages the other weeb to step into the light. :D So to speak, anyhow... but it could just be I don't know how to be shy and just annoy people in reality. 

But in any respect, you can of course have online friends! A person behind a computer screen is still a person, after all. So welcome aboard, enjoy and be yourself. :) 

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