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Game of Hinata is the true villain of Naruto and Boruto

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The rules to this game is this:

1. Hinata Hyuuga is the main villain.

2. Sasuke has to die by Hinata.

3. Boruto has to kill Hinata.

4. Himawari has to kill Boruto.

5. Sarada killed Himawari.

6. Naruto killed Sarada.

7. Sakura killed Naruto. While dying Naruto told her his love for her was true love not a competition with Sasuke. Naruto says he was the Sasuke at the bench. "You only love Sasuke cause your competition with Ino." "Before I passed away. I always thought of you Have a Charming forehead and makes me want to kiss it." Naruto kissed it then passed on. Then Sakura pulls a Tsunade and ran off never seen again.  Sakura stole some sperms from Naruto and Sasuke's sperm bank.



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