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A~F Valentines


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Spread the love by sharing a valentines day card with someone!


The format can be anything of your choosing, from a written valentine to an art form, or even a video you found online. Just wrap them in spoiler tags if there will be more than 1.

To participate, simply post a new reply in this thread and edit it with your valentines. Do not post more than once in this thread. Simply edit your original post if you wish to add more.


Don't forget to @ your valentines so they can check the thread. 

Have fun~

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On 2/5/2020 at 10:36 AM, Seshi said:


💕 I adore your poetry

💬 Your words are lovely

💃They dance off the page and around in my mind

🌹Thank you for bringing your world into mine

- Happy Valentines Day

First of all, I'd like to thank you for this @Seshi what a nice poem to wake up to in the morning. :D 


To someone sincere, whom I hold dear

this is for inspiring me when I think no one can hear,

you show me I can make an impact and really connect

with those whom I speak to even when I don't mean to,

so thank you, and happy Valentines day (In advance) Seshi. 


-Sincerely, SAO LILDOOP

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To all the great people here at AF:


Roses come in several colors

Violets do as well

Though this message is lackluster 

I sincerely hope your Valentine's is swell~


Happy Valentine's Day one and all, I hope you have a great day and many more to come~

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To @Seshi


Graceful as a butterflyspacer.png

Busy as a bee spacer.png

Patient as a saint spacer.png

For tolerate’n me spacer.png

Happy Valentines Day to AF’s dedicated Community Manager

And to the AF community as a whole, thank you for giving me a place to share, ramble & just weird out with with others who share my love of anime, which is something lacking for me IRL. spacer.png


And to the AF community as a whole: Thank you for giving me a place to share, rant, ramble & just weird out with others who love anime, which is something I lack IRL. Happy Valentines Day. 


please excuse the duplicated content. Apparently I screwed up the the spoiler tag & can’t fix it

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