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    Mixed feelings for me. Storyline seems fairly typical shonen fare though I would still rate it slightly above average. The action sequences and fights are well animated and are one of the series strongest points. As far as the characters, I like most of them (Ban & Escanor are personal faves). But I have a genuine dislike for Gowther. And then there are the 2 leads: Melodias & Elizabeth. Individually they’re not that bad, but I just find their interactions outside of the stereotypical rescues, it pretty much consists of Melodias shoving his head under her skirt & her responding with “Oh, you <tee, hee>”. In close to 40 years of watching anime, I’m no stranger to fanservice & ecchiness and even find it entertaining at times. But the brainlessness of these repeated scenes and the fact that the viewer is supposed to see them as a genuinely romantic couple is just insulting. Overall rating probably a 6.5/10
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    I order from them 3 or 4 times a year & have never had any complaints.
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    Hey, I'm new here! Just popping in because I was looking for a place full of like-minded people. This looked promising, so I thought I'd give it a try! Nice to meet you all :)
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    Ohayo guys I'd like that y'all put ur fav comedy animes (more then 1 if possible ^^'❤) -My top : Gintama Saiki Konosuba Sakamoto desuga Danshi koukousei no nichijou Handa kun Tsurezure children And much more but here it is my fav :3 i'd like that u guys suggest me some
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    Fruit's Basket, My Hero, and Konosuba don't really surprise me that they're on the list. The amount of advertising and pushing that went into those three was staggering, far more than I remember most other animes outside of the Toonami group.
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    Personally I tried watching that one and don’t get the appeal. Of course humor is highly subjective IMO, which is why I listed so many.
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    I need to rewatch it , but i remember that I loved it aha
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    They didn't know what they were talking about Personally I think Naruto is one of the best anime of all time
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    Wishing all my fellow AF members a happy New Year and happy New Decade!
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    I'm a few episodes in on re-watching Naruto because I've been getting back into the manga as well. I can't believe seventeen years or so of my life was spent on this series. Well, on and off at least. Sort of watching it through a fresh lens this time around. I remember getting bullied on various occasions for even finding the show interesting. The: that's not real anime crowd back then. I was somewhere between embarrassed and overthinking it. Now I just want to go back and enjoy it for what it was.
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    You pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to the more significant debates. In addition, I've seen repetitive themes get thrown around in heated discussion. Such as School Life concepts being a recurrent part of genres and subgenres. The silliest thing I've ever seen thus far are foreign enthusiasts trying to critically relate anime to real life in Anime vs. Real Life topics. They swear, even against individuals that are native to Japan, that Slice of Life and School Life are an authentic representation to Japanese culture, religion, views, practices- etc. Well, pretty much anywhere you can find an opinion; there's bound to be division.
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    Thank you! ;-; Also, sorry for the late replay.
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    UTC 2020-01-01 00:00:01 .. year rollover bug caused all our interfaces that connect our NOC to external users to core dump and refuse to restart. So far I'm not a fan of the new decade.
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    I have just learned that Right Stuff Anime is HQ'd in Iowa. I do not know what to do with this information other than really itching to buy stuff now - mainly because they'll beat amazon shipping at that range. They're about 2 hours away. Small world - literally. Anyone have experience with them? Also - hopefully I'll get a chance to watch more stuff in 2020. I think I finished a whole four anime in 2019.
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    I finally managed to get a couple decent pictures of the new year 2020, hope you will have a great year and stay warm.
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    Took the words right out of my mouth. I really hate when anime does this. With this being an actual societal issue in Japan itself, you'd think there would be a little more effort to provide better representation to impressionable youth. Pretty disgusting and irresponsible in my opinion.
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    Happy New Year to everyone. I will upload a picture later with the fireworks and don't overdo the drinking too much
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    I feel like I am the only one that didnt really like Bleach. Is it because I read the Manga or ?? I would say the big three are Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball as it is known and loved by everyone. And HxH is my favourite anime after One Piece. Such a Masterpiece!!! It was captivating and i LOVE the characters, so definitely agreed ok that one.
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    Just saw Rise of Skywalker and despite my skepticism, was reasonably happy with how it all turned out. At least now I can break my ties to the franchise on a positive note. I think it’s hilarious how for the last 2 movies the opinions for the critics & the audience are pretty much the opposite. Some reassurance that the public at large isn’t buying into the industry’s bs about the type of movies they should enjoy.
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    I'd say the big 3 (Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) are definitely up there. All of them were long runing series (One Piece still going) well recieved, loved by fans and for the most part did everything right, story characters etc... I would also throw Hunter x Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood into this. Both have a great story and amazing characters.
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    hmmm, so shounen animes mainly
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    Actually pretty sure it’s this girl from Nichijou (Mai Minakami)
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    @IIVIsouljam those look fantastic! @Wedgy that's one heck of a costume High bar to follow for the next years Had to work, but it's great seeing what you guys did!
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    This happens to be one of the few movies I own on DVD. I will have to rewatch it to say mich more than I agree that the story was unique for its genre, offering some different elements than commonly seen among the samurai genre. I enjoyed it.
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    That map doesn't make any practical sense and ignores ethnic division, geopolitical practice, and general standardization of how boundaries function. It ignores the fact that over half off the Nazi party were Christians, that LGB (which I assume is LGBT) is made up of a multitude of religions, that Japan, India, and Russia are nations, not a race nor a religion. Since it's devoid of any discernable characteristic that's housed in reality - not sure how you would even pose it as a question. I'm gonna be that guy, because misplaced facts do trigger me a bit. Had the Japanese not bombed Pearl Harbor, in all likelihood the U.S. would have entered the war by 1943 due to the German's inability to keep their U-boat's under wraps. The United States was already under constant German assault and that only amplified when they entered the war in 1942. They were bombing off the coast of American cities in 1943. The probability of the U.S. not entering the war simply due to the Battle of the Atlantic was essentially zero for this reason. The only change in nature of the war would be a delayed tactic by the Americans which may have pushed World War II into the early 1950s. As for Hitler "not getting angry" about the air raids on Berlin - he would have been seen as a weak ruler. That's political suicide. Your capital is bombed, your citizenry killed, and you don't swear retaliation? That's not rooted in logic. Hitler's fault in World War II didn't occur in Germany, but rather in his war tactics in Russia and Britain. How he handled the attacks at home is arguable inconsequential. ...yes. We bombed them...1...2..3.....4....5 times during World War II. It was a staple target during the Combined Bomber Offensive and one of the primary mission objectives for the Allies. The best way to draw the Luftwaffe up to be destroyed was by attacking large populated areas, of which Berlin happens to be. It also marked a wakeup call saying "hey, your capital is in striking distance of us." He did. The Nazi's had occupied all of France prior to the Normandy landings in June of 1943, and the Dragoon landings in August. That was kind of what the whole Cuban Missile Crisis was about. Not to mention there were several times where both the U.S. and the Soviets had misread standard rocket and missile launches as nuclear launches. Generally, it was only because some poor officer in a hole somewhere knew better and decided to wait rather than hit the panic button. Except it wasn't, it was a peacekeeping organization that was established by the UNSC as a directive to ensure the Soviets and any other foreseeable imposing power could not overrun smaller regional nations and states. Not to mention it included a number of smaller organizations such as SEATO which were not "western." By regulation, NATO does not have an army. They are not allowed to have a standing army. NATO policy dictates peacekeeping forces must be drawn from the UNSC with a Security Resolution which didn't happen for the first time until the Yugoslavic wars in the 1990s. UNPROFOR was the first time there was any "NATO Army" and it only existed from 1994-1997. The Americans were present constantly in Western Germany and the Fulda Gap due to concern of Soviet invasion which was constantly a risk. Stalin had already established this as a potential, that's why we had the Berlin Airlift. This never happened. It doesn't exist anywhere in any military history. The Soviets were up in arms over what was going on in Turkey much more than the German front. They only thing they got uppity over was the deployment of SRBM's in Turkey that could strike Russian soil. Their retaliation was to deploy SRBM's and MRBM's in Cuba, thus the Cuban Missile Crisis. M.A.D. is a defense policy, not an offense policy. It doesn't get "put in play." I did, but at least it got you thinking, right?

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