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    Hello there! My name is Diana, and I'm 26yo. I'm from Portugal, and I've been in anime comunity for a long time now. I found this forum for a mere coincidence, since I was searching for online comunities, so I hope to enjoy your company! My favorite genre of anime is shonen, mostly animes between adventure and mystery, but I bingewatch yaoi anime and some shoujo. My favorite animes atm are Given, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Banana Fish and Haikyuu. Hopes that we get along well!
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    Hi there! Shonen are great! With 26 you are around the average age of users here, we are all getting old People here are from all over the world, so it's great to see someone from Portugal as well!
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    Eilrahc? Sorry, I’m dyslexic. Kidding. Welcome to the forums
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    Just wanted to open a thread (As suggested by seshi :3) to post some of my art stuffs, since I'm just working on learning to do better pieces in my spare time between writing. Still, I will outright say that I am in no way great, but I am still learning, so please be patient with me :3 (Addition) If you would like to check out more of my thingies, feel free to have a look at my newgrounds stuff too ( https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/ ) But ya don't have to, I just like making the art for the fun of it ^^ Anywho! Ill start off with the one i did for the MHA contest on here, since Toga is one of my favourite characters in general. (One is just an alternate to the eyes I was using to figure out shading stuffs) just to add one of the most recent ones I have done, here's a little picture of Oshino Shinobu from the Monogatari series
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    I think my drawing still not good enough to compare to people like MikeyMegMega and mark Crilley but I know some basics. Still need to practice on complex poses and foreshortening.
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    I’m not worried about the machines taking over or anything, but there are constant reminders that the people encouraging our increased reliance on tech to do things for us are far from altruistic. As far as the argument that freedom from trivial & mundane tasks allows people to put their time and energy to better use, this seems far more likely https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_xToQ4cIHkk
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    I don't have a top five, but I'd like to add the concept of "filler." Some people like it, because it gives them something to watch while waiting for the story, or they might think it adds the characters and their personalities. Others hate it because it doesn't progress the plot and or it is really not even referenced later in the series. I can give or take it. If it's fun, I'll enjoy it. Or if it does give insight into the characters, that's cool. If it's just Oh, and the obligatory beach episode. This may fall under the "fan service" umbrella, though XD
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    Welcome from someone who throws that average off considerably. Hope you enjoy it here
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    For those subscribing to Crunchyroll or VRV it apparently got an early release today https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2020/01/02-1/somali-and-the-forest-spirit-episode-1-debuts-on-crunchyroll-a-week-ahead-of-japan I’ll have to check it out this evening.
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    Good luck on your Master's, that's where the real goals are (also, come on Germany!).
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    Agreed but Hellsing Ultimate. Shiki is also really good.
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    Greetings. Perhaps we may be well acquainted later; perhaps we have a few similar interests. Welcome.
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    Finished up the 2nd couer earlier today. Pretty predictable and it got kinda heavyhanded with it’s “message”, but I still found it enjoyable enough. And I liked a lot of the songs (especially the main duo’s).
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    2020 could go a lot of different ways for me. The only things on my radar that I'm hopeful for are the receiving of my Masters, and the paydown of student loans. I'm trying to figure out if I'm at a point in life where I want to slow the pace down a bit, not sure yet. I'm still very undecided there. I know I have two regional symposiums to attend, and I'm sure I'm going to get more boots out of CONUS than just Korea this year too. (Come onnnnn Germany!) The only other things that I know I'll have this year, is that my whole office is doing a diet. Each directorate in the building goes up against each other, and the ones to lose the most weight by April gets giftcards and stuff. We're doomed, none of us have that much weight we can lose. lol
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    I try not to be too ambitious because in the last two years things end up going askew in my life and I just end up disappointed. My mother and my grandmother moved in and I've been having my hands full with taking care of them. My mother has been in and out of the doctors/hospitals for over two years now and we're starting to narrow her health issues down to Multiple sclerosis. Though, in late September of last year she got into a bad car accident (she's doing good from that, recovering well). On top of that, my grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's. I've been going to classes with her and learning how to take care of her at home. All things considering, I'm somewhat optimistic about the new year. I get to work from home now (thank you technology!) and have been using the extra time to get back to certain hobbies. A goal I've been working toward is finally finishing my novel and getting it published this year. It's been a project in progress for six years now, I'm ready for it to go somewhere. Renewing my photography license would be nice. I miss the freelance photojournalism I used to dabble in. Squeezing in a bit more charity work too. As for my hopes. I really hope that some relatives can spare a little more time in lending a hand. They're greedy to a fault and hardly ever put aside their free time to help out with my grandmother (her own sons and daughters!). I spent last year hearing about how most of them went out on weekends to clubs, parties, celebrations, events, movies- etc. When I voiced my concerns I always got a reply about being young and thus having the energy to handle it all. It's very exhausting…. I'm happy that my job was able to reach out and help me get a more convenient position. I'm planning to have a dinner and a heart-to-heart with family. Definitely this year because I can't keep going like this!
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    You pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to the more significant debates. In addition, I've seen repetitive themes get thrown around in heated discussion. Such as School Life concepts being a recurrent part of genres and subgenres. The silliest thing I've ever seen thus far are foreign enthusiasts trying to critically relate anime to real life in Anime vs. Real Life topics. They swear, even against individuals that are native to Japan, that Slice of Life and School Life are an authentic representation to Japanese culture, religion, views, practices- etc. Well, pretty much anywhere you can find an opinion; there's bound to be division.
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    I've used GIMP since about 2003, and the only plugin I ever recall using was the GAP animation plugin. Besides that, its basic setup was always effective for whatever I have needed it for in the past. In 2016 I bought the Affinity software and have enjoyed that as a Photoshop alternative since. I still use GIMP, although not as often because it takes a long time to open.
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    Does anyone like adventure manga?
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    "As she sat atop the throne of world, the universes around her on her fingertips... she smiled; she was super-strong Bocchi now, and forever...." ....This is what happens when you take a joke and make it a reality :3
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    "The doll's a lively one, I could tell ya that. Why, there ain't ever a day where she doesn't dance to the sound of the winds, in the fields where she was raised.... A bit poetic for a machine, eyy?"
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    "That dreaded season comes around once every year... But its always a question as to what's worse; The sheer overgrowing amount of them, or the fact that duck season is just around the corner..."
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    Edited bonepile. The tiny little eldritch hunters unable to do anything but gaze upon their demise...
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    "you've wandered into the wrong nest, little knight.... but you wont be leaving either..."
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    Alrighty, after a whole load of stressing out over details, I made a little chibi version of Kiskuna (EV26), one of my OC Enforcers for "Memetically Me" (Which is ironic to me, since she is pretty much a chibi anyway, to an extent). Initially built to act as a mobile fire-warden, after the Omer cataclysm, she followed her dream of, and I quote "Being a bad-ass". She may look a bit intimidating (Which she is) as well as a hothead (Which she is) but she has a soft spot for helping those in need... sometimes. ...Oh, and shes also the youngest of the enforcers in regard to her mental age and also her height, standing at 3' 9.... But her size has never prevented her from hacking at all that appose her with her fire axe.
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    ......Meh, MS paint is annoying to use
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    ....I usually hate drawing cute little things...... but here's Kanna sitting on ploosh cushions....
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    Fran bow (My favourite game) meets dead-space!
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    Made a little pixel art version of M, one of my characters from "Memetically Me". Unfortunately, the smaller of the images is of higher quality, so the larger version is a little more pixelated and stretched then I would like, but oh well. still happy with them ^^
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    as its coming up to October, (We are in fall, and to me that's simply October-time! XD) I'm going to be doing a whole load of pixel-art based around creepy themes. So here's a corrupted version of hollow Knight (Nicknamed the completed vessel) and that one creepy-pasta jigglypuff thing (Made because I have a bud who hates it)
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    A few more little ones: (Pink hair is Leilie, one of my own OC's from MMaM) (orange is Miki, a friends fire-alien)
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    Now i feel old. Hello there, welcome to A-F. I'm also 26 and i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it here.

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