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    Kind of. There's a physics limit as well. Shorter-wavelength (bluer) light can focus to a tighter/smaller spot than longer-wavelength (red or infra-red), so they can get more bit density with bluer BD tech than the "redder" wavelengths used on DVDs and CDs. The tracking technology has improved a bit over the years as well. Again, older CDs are the worst, so they can't read the closer-packed lines of spots on a DVD disc, and DVD drives can't read BR discs. Bottom line is that Blu-ray technology can read CDs and DVDs, but the longer-wavelength lasers and less-accurate servos in DVD and CD drives simply can't read or track the lines of smaller spots on BR discs. That said, it is fundamentally correct that there's no hardware reason a new PS5 couldn't be compatible with older PSs. Assuming they include an optical drive at all then it would have to be blu-ray compatible these days, and if they have that then they'd get CD- and DVD-compatibility for free. Same deal with CPU and GPU and memory. Modern hardware can easily handle legacy titles at the same or better performance and cheaper cost. Probably not even (much of) a software issue either. And yes, gamestop is full of crap.
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    Decided to create a topic for this series since myself & @Seshi are watching it and it has some elements I see possibly appealing to other members. The series draws it general idea from an urban legend of the ghost of a girl who haunts a school bathroom. Apparently the legend is common enough in Japan that has been referenced by several previous anime (also can’t help but wonder if Harry Potter’s Moaning Myrtle doesn’t borrow something from it ). But in this situation, Hanako turns out to be a guy. One of the series recurring themes is that the urban legends are altered versions of real events & that by changing how it is retold, it can affect the nature of the spirit/yokai it is based on (good or evil). And apparently someone is purposefully spreading rumors to that end. The current Madoka series deals with s similar topic, but I personally feel this series is doing a better job. The other thing that really stands out about this series it’s distinctive art style and the way it accentuates it’s supernatural theme. So if you’re interested in supernatural mysteries with some humor & romance, give this one a look
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    Kuru toga advance. This mechanical pencil has fast auto lead rotation mechanism that often provide sharp crisp lines each time you lift the lead from paper. No need to often turn the pencil for sharp lines! It's bit pricey but I think it's worth buying.
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    Tomorrow is last day of review center ! So far, based on scores i get on exams, i feel confident ill pass this time, compared to first time (50-90/200), i always get 50-70% now (100-150/200), With the exception on parasitology, seems to have been my lowest in the review center, following isbb (cant remember, but i didnt get 50%, rather 40% ?) Eitherway ima keep studying to pass boards this march Also bought some jackets, couse, jacket is laif for a hikikomori I cant be the only one who feels naked, when im not wearing one outside, right ? I feel protected when i wear a jacket outside (like how a kid feels protected hiding in their blanket xD) Also UV light protection, muh skin needs to be protected after allll >.< Started playing arknights too, not fully focused on it, im still 100% studies, but its a fun tower defense game so far, i get the kancolle vibe, but with tower defense mechanism rather than no control on shipfus Also no permanent sinking/death if you push through (they should do a mode like this, it would add more pressure >.>....)
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    Finally some news on the live action Akira movie.
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    I feel the issue comes down to what aspect of Akira do you want to be the main focus. If you go by the anime they tried to cram a government conspiracy, a tale of growing up, and a metaphysical thesis of the nature of conciousness and the power of the evolving human brain. It was a bit of a mess but because it was an animated film, the art team could get a lot of symbolism going because they had total control of the environment and aesthetics (ex. the children scaring Tetsou when he is recovering and using milk and toys as their psychic constructs). If you go by the manga, there is simply too much story to be faithfully translated into a short film. A three film series would be more approachable if they want to tackle all the manga goes through. Having a rise to power, fighting for hope, and resolution theme for each film could be an interesting take on it. I feel however that most life actions films suffer from the very human limitations of acting and directing. It is much easier to do several voice retakes and tweak the animation a little, than have to do retake after retake to get a certain expression or emotion right. Plus the handling of special effects can break or make a live action film. I personally feel certain works are so iconic they are best left alone. I understand some themes might become dated but it also serves as a lense as to how people then perceived the possible futures of humanity and what worried them and what excited them. So long as its not another death note at least haha
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    Well it's not really anything you mentioned, but I added a cover photo. Hope some of the newer members win

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