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  1. Not a fan of Studio Ghibli films. (I'd probably get chastised for saying that) A lot of their movies just bore me, but it's probably the Slice of Life atmosphere. And that atmosphere never clicked with me. Except maybe K-On!
  2. Right now I'm watching Blacklist on Netflix. It's about a most wanted guy surrendering to the FBI to take out other most wanted guys.
  3. We usually just keep it simple and eat out with the family.
  4. A ton of MMORPG these days are just following quests and grinding, although Mabinogi is very extensive and fun. Be warned though it's also very money hungry.
  5. Performing Hare Hare Yukai at my high school's cultural festival.
  6. I was a homestay student there for a while and I can kind of understand why Japanese kids would rather live in U.S. You have to work like a horse there because cost of living there was ridiculously high. Not to mention the differences in culture and language was another headache. I wouldn't judge Japan based on anime because it's a lot easier to draw fictional things that you wish you had than to get them for real.
  7. Myrick


    Samsung, although I did used to have an iPhone 5s. I'm not a fan of Apple products anymore because I can agree when they say "it's the brand you're buying, not the phone." To top it off Apple products are crazy expensive.
  8. For the song if you have a smartphone(which I assume you do because most people have one these days) try using Shazam.
  9. I know elementary level Japanese although I did not mostly learn from anime. I mostly learned it from my Japanese teacher in high school.
  10. Math classes are actually very important. Yeah you probably won't use most of the stuff in the future but the reason for those stuff is not to know but to exercise your intelligence.
  11. My pet peeve would be ecchi. Even pool/beach episodes are typical in anime.
  12. You also up your electric bill by having to repeatedly use electronic devices when a non-electronic device is available. Yeah you use your iPad/laptop for other stuff too but only to display pages for hours? I'd rather have a book.
  13. I don't think there is. Because why would anyone do anything for no profit?
  14. I probably won't be offended. Because what is the Japanese for "cartoons"?
  15. I think you should stick to friends with the same hobbies as you because you can't really talk freely by pretending to be interested in what someone else is saying. But with the pandemic going on and with Philippines being such a highly populated area, I'm afraid your only choice would be video chatting.
  16. I let my friends know that I like anime. If they don't like me for who I am then they're not my real friends.
  17. I don't know most of their names though, I used to live in a tourist hotspot/trap so there were a lot of Japanese people there. But I would occasionally go to Himawari to buy some bento. Usually it's pork ginger, bulgogi, sweet & sour pork, or something else.
  18. I learned everything I know about computers from Linus Tech Tips. I even built my own gaming PC before. I was however irked that he's an RGB addict. Those RGB may look cool but they just up your TDP.
  19. Emotionally I feel alienated, for a good reason though. Physically I feel tired. Mentally I'm okay.
  20. Myrick

    Current Hobbies

    Just watching TV and using the computer. I don't live a very spectacular life right now.
  21. It's my 2nd name (name after my 1st name)
  22. I'm 27 but I started heavily watching anime when I was 10. I had to make the distinction because I saw Doraemon etc. much younger but only because they were airing on TV. I wasn't actively watching.
  23. Mars of Destruction would be my choice. The anime was so confusing I got lost from episode 1. I just wanted to challenge myself and watch the worst anime known. It was a mistake.
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