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  1. An artist~!! Sorry for this random post, but I always get excited when I see an artist sharing drawings. If you don't mind me asking, what application do you use to draw? I'm more of a traditional artist myself ^^

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    2. alupacard


      well, there is a time for everything :) some people are luckier to find those people early on in life

      Yeah, I can see that being the case. His story on how he became who he is now is also inspirational ^^

      They slap you? I have never seen a dog do that to a human... but in some youtube videos, I have seen them slap other dogs so it makes a lot of sense that they could do it to a human too :) 

      hahahah yep. Needle-chan is most likely a yandere. Irl, I feel like yanderes would freak me out tbh

      hey, not a bad job prospect either! You would have so many fans if you made those games... probably more than if you become a doctor lol

      hmm... would people really be upset if you had one of those pillows? My brother has one and my family doesn't really seem to care haha

      Well... you have a good point about shiba-chan there. Does that mean all dogs are yandere to some extent? 

      Imgur is savage sometimes. Much like reddit hahah. I spend a lot of time on reddit when I am really bored. So much entertainment on there~

    3. XII360


      mhm, probably,

      im not too aware of the story he did to become of what he is now (i never really played new song's of his. since 90% of what i heard, was from my brother playing them, and i was semi disgusted before, till i learned the lyrics >.>

      well not literally-- figuratively, will slap you, i cant somewhat imagine a dog slapping you then : D, or atleast if you really want to be slapped by a dog...go in their tail when they see you, dat tail wag will slap your face back and back >.>

      yandere's will-- 60% arouse me, 40% scare me, but i would still be aroused >.>, its somewhat of a fun idea for me i guess ... ?

      i would become the new "illusion"...MIRAGE!. that's messed up >.>, but who know's if its a good jobbu, i mean i never made a game before ;o, and im not really known, so no fans.jpg, i do have actual "fans" tho', "electric fans"

      im, not sure, but my father might see it as me starting to get a problem, probably, i mean i already sing japanese song's, if i suddenly started buying anime-related product's that cost allot, he will go "you have a problem", or "get outa my house >:o", either one

      i...i dont think they are yandere's even, i just drew him into a yandere couse preferrence.jpg, i mean we both know i like yandere's >.>

      reddit huh, just dont go to the "50/50" thread, you do not wanna see some messed up thing's in there, probably worse than 4chan's regular thread's on /b/, and i venture forth /b/ >.>, sometimes /a/, mostly /a/ though'


    4. alupacard


      His story is kind of one of those rags to riches stories, but I think he went through a lot of other hardships that inspire people to fight on for where they want to be. ^^ So wait, do you listen to him now?

      LOL oh oops. I thought you were saying that a dog will take his paw and hit you with it hahaha. I've seen cats and dogs do that on youtube so it made sense to me that way... oops. Hahahah I'm not really an M sooooo no desire to be slapped anytime soon 

      Whoa~ this is interesting. I think the idea of a yandere is nice where he or she is so devoted to you that they'd be willing to kill (I guess?), but it is certainly scary bc their mental state may not always be stable. I am also not a huge fan of clingy types so maybe just my personal preference ahah

      "Electric fans" hahahah. Good one! I give that joke a 10/10. As for the job prospect, maybe you can be both a doctor and a casual game dev on the side... if you really had no desire to sleep. 

      Ohhh okay I see. Is there some sort of stigma against Japanese stuff? Or is he afraid that you might become a hermit? I think that would be something my parents would worry about since they want grandkids lol

      Sooooo is yandere your favorite dere?

      Man, too late. I was curious about that thread after seeing a youtuber go through some of it... super bad idea. Some really messed up stuff on there and I can't erase it from my mind. I like the "showerthoughts" or "reallifedoodles" or "birdswitharms" threads lol

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