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  2. im done studying

    tomorrows the big day, time to #claimit and get my license

    FGO has miyu banner up, but i decided to roll on 28th, rather than today, it wont change, as i have mass rolling power saved up for servants i like >.>

    unless miyu says no, and forces me to roll 1k+ SQ cost, I WILL MURDERMYSELFASDAJKSIDJADS)


    but yea,

    lets do this

  3. my mind: POMF POMF KIMOCH- 

    oh sh*t wrong lyrics >.>

     this is so what kept playing on my head

  4. #rant warning

    Drew tenshi couse i felt sad today (also its her 1st anniversary, and i hope i can help, even if a little, in lifting her spirit up)


    Felt some sadness, not couse of approaching board exam, im not scared of it but couse of real life events, and how recent people i know are money driven

    Wont go too much into it, but man

    Does it feel f*cking bad

    Thats life, i guess ~.~

    Just feels really bad when i trust my classmate/one colleague, more than my god damn cousin smh


    Eitherway, wont let it get into me, i got boards in 5 days and i need to be spit and spiffy at that day >.> (w.e the hekk that means >.<)

    Anyway thats about it

    Nait everyone xD


    i feel bad for uto, this case seemed to be fixed, its no wonder she went silent, didn't notice as much since im more focused on studying currently at morning, rather than being on the PC 


    ..still, this does feel bad, knowing she's on a break due to trolls

    my mood went from wanting to draw slime girl pawrn, to drawing a fanart of uto, on getting better soon, and hoping to see her streams again


    i also didn't know that she wasn't part of hololive, i thought she was at first, since she's sisters with amelia


    this does, what you say, feelsbadman

    1. kamomesan


      Aw geez that's a really awful situation to be in. Watched her once or twice, but I didn't like how often the EN fans in chat tried to push Watson/Hololive culture onto her independent project.


      I hope she gets better and doesn't get discouraged by having to go through all this.

    2. XII360


      @kamomesan yea, there's even a rule to never bring up other hololive members onto chat, unless she brings it up onto herself


      and you cant really compare our pure tenshi, to a toxic (albeit cute and mother ground-pounding) gamer


      wishing for same outcome (that is her not being discouraged by anti's), i enjoyed her content after my studies ;s 

  6. board exams: near

    my brain at night: draw some slimegirl pawrn

    brain, the f*ck, get it together

    idk how to even draw peepees >.>

  7. wanna know the balls part of night time?

    i have nothing to do, i cant study at night, mainly couse i dont wanna study at night, and there is no need


    i also dont wanna play games

    or draw shiz

    i only watch some clippers clip videos of hololive moments


    im so










  8. 12 days to go


    i got gura's back

    ..wait no, it's suppose to be other way around

    i also fell down a rabbit hole, send help, i probably cant escape and its probably too late





  9. happy new year~!

  10. i've been meaning to play yakuza series, but due to time constraint, never had any time to play it i have seen a few scenes (i.e, the famous, BAKAMITAI, or cinderella) and that is exactly why i have deemed yakuza, without playing it yet, a 10/10 game will probably play it on february though >.> as for favorite youtuber, i have two (who hit the criteria), manlybadasshero, and also jay from the kubzscouts (jay is more of random games, manlybadass is more of horror-RPG-driven games) also not a content creator, more of an artist/game dev mind-set perse, so cannot comment on that part also watched you're video honest review from a viewers point of view: it felt eh-ish (not sure what is missing, but there is something missing?, or maybe its couse the game is more story-driven, and slow-paced, that i cant get into the video) what i didn't like: 17:34, that slowed down music was clearly ear rape for headset users >.> did like how you shipped majimaxkiryu totallynohomobuttheyneedaroom
  11. it is currently January 31st, of 1:53pm (couse i just woke up ~.~)


    and last night, i awaited for W banner to come up (literally everyone had been waiting for her banner to come up, mainly for Weedy, and W, elysium is good too)


    and so, last night, i rolled, while take a sh*t, couse bathroom is a holy place-- that of which brings good luck while rolling (man, google it, it really happens >.>)


    and so...my results are...



    I GOT

    3x WEEDY

    4x W AND



    its really f*cking disgusting to some people >.> 

    but to be fair, i started with 222k Orundum (roll power) 6, 10xHH (headhunting), and 21, 1xHH

    originally though, i got 2 weedy, and 1 W (in 70x rolls)

    but then i realized we had pity rate that DOES NOT TRANSFER TO NEXT LIMITED BANNER

    so....i went f*ck it, ROLLED TILL I GOT 300 TO PICK A UNIT ON PITY

    which resulted in above > : D



    bonus units i wanted and got on this banner









    but i also didn't want to roll on past banner just to get her, so i delayed the inevitable, WELCOME HOME SAKUYA

    there's also Podenco, i will pat Podenco till end of time (and max her along with other units i have maxed)

    myrtle...is a DP copy machine, but, i got Elysium now, and his max potential...not sure if i can use myrtle >.>

    would also pat her head though, and bully her for using a flag, while elysium doesnt

    bagpipe, for waifu reasons, just came home, i also skipped her banner >.>

    and greythroat, because she's also op-ingly fun


    look at all those extra elysium i got tho' >.>



    blessed gacha rolls, the best thing that could happen at the start of the year for me!

    now lets keep it rolling, and get me a license by 21st of january >: D

    well...25th or 27th >.>

  12. tuyu: releases new song

    me: and i felt that song personally


    highkey, song is mood af >.>

  13. we should take all the other users from every other website/social media and put them all on AF-forums! (was just a joke, dont kill me everyone) but realsies, im not sure if theres much of a way, unless we have active users that post but majority of people are busy..and find forums to be outdated? i think? not sure, ol' X-kyun is an oldie
  14. x-mas is upon us!

    are you ready to jingle the bells

    smingle the cells

    all the way?


  15. feeling a lil under the weather

    i guess its depression or something, idk mang

    lethargic af tho =/

    just feel like listening to music more than doing anything ~.~

  16. lost net for three days but got it back just now (like 30minutes ago)


    ...hopefully nothing fun ?!

  17. doot doot

    today is break day!

    fug studies! i am a free independent male!

    ...im probably gonna read something in afternoon for an hour, but fug studies!



  18. pretty much initiative is the key but its not always the key that will "fit" in the lock (hehe, lock and key method/emil fischer guys method >.>) after some time, you have to think if that friend you made was fake or real, i mean, he could be just befriending you couse of incentive ..i could be posting this right now just couse of my mod status! (nah, im not, daijoubidayoooo~) with that said, im not exactly up on the latest anime, i still have one anime in my recoms that i plan on watching...after exam >.>
  19. as someone who drew an incomplete manga about arknight character's (being snowsant, et al.) id just say have fun on what you're drawing you get to learn some new techniques as you draw -- atleast i learned allot on my travel of drawing
  20. do people set their TV's to like, maximum brightness or something? im pretty sure that burn-in is a result of, when the brightness is left to like, very high at prolong durations, and thus the LED or something gets stacked? or dies out? or something along those lines? (dont quote me on this, im not an expert) dunno, im not really an expert in these topics, i only know as much as the next anime guy i also dont really have the new consoles aswell, i probably dont plan on getting it either, what with sony censorship being very high, my will to keep in touch when them has died and so ill stick to its legacy -- which is the PS3, not planning on getting anything more, until i see them change their censorship standards >.> is what i say, but really i just dont have money >.> though, wouldn't just picking any type of monitor be fine ?, aslong as it can be used/has HDMI, the type of monitor shouldn't really matter would it? unless were talking about the whole "1080p/4k" graphics, i never really cared much for those stuff ...i mean to quote dunkey's latest video (maybe spoiler of dunkeys video, so like, proceed at risk?)
  21. its pretty much an RPGVX-game, where player's choices will change how the story proceeds, and where any NPC can be killed/die (atleast that's what i wanna make, im blank minded on coding, but maybe adding different maps and spawn point on certain options can do it? atleast that's what i think) haven't really finished writing the script of the story yet, and i was in the middle of mapping some area's--when news of the examination dropped, and so did my plans to continue the project -- atleast until after the exam date (being january 21/22 >.>)
  22. heyo~ and welcome to af-forums~ mood i used to study japanese during my college days, (mainly 3 years ago), but then i got overwhelmed by the amount of kanji there was, and the studies i had to do, that i forgot my hiragana and katakana >.>... drawing is my past time aswell, but as of current, its studying, gotta prep up for my board examination, which in like, two months, hoboihoboi writing..well...a bit? i mean, im doing (read; was) a script for the game im creating...but well, baord exam and stuff >.>... again, welcome to af-forums my guy~
  23. looks pretty unique and cool botan looking allot like arche too

    also me who has been a user and a mod in ths forums for forever: does not know that you 

    can switch the theme and pick the best theme in this very spot


    i would also like to note that



    also, supposedly, the websites update is gonna be friendly on phone-users


    ...i have yet to confirm this, as i am, once again, devoured in studying/cleaning up typhoon mess 


    but its hella visually appealing, the theme i use >.>


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