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  1. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    The humanoid form of a Shape shifting character.
  2. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Another mount from the game concept art bible
  3. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    The character turn around for the concept art bible
  4. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Game concept character plus mount design
  5. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    random side ponytail character portrait
  6. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A self portrait for an assignment pre-transition.
  7. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Self portrait transformation assignment.
  8. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A muscle identification assignment from one of my drawing courses
  9. KeilynLocke


    From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A female character for an RP from a dead forum.
  10. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    A steampunk game concept character design
  11. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Just a random male portrait
  12. From the album: Keilyn's Folio

    Villain Character for a Game concept
  13. It's hard for me to give a definitive answer on which I prefer. I have much less experience with digital, but I find that the more I work in digital, the easier it seems to find a cleaner workflow. I still love using graphite and color pencils to work with, but I am still in the middle on this one.
  14. I don't remember which anime got me addicted to this Genre, but I have watched several. Sailor Moon: I started Stars, but have never been able to finish it. I kinda hate how the plot works and Seiya and crew rub me the wrong way. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: I got through A's, but fell off early in Strikers. I really wanna go back to it and watch all of it, cause I loved the stories and the characters. Mai-HiMe and Mai Otome: I agree that HiME is a borderline MG anime, but Otome fit most of the criteria perfectly. I hated the relationship dynamic with Nina's father in the middle of the whole arc of Pedophilia and,ugg no please. Arika's attraction to him pretty much killed the show for me. Kill La Kill: I'm baffled at how this series is qualified as an MG anime, but it seems to be just that. All I can say about this is: WHY DID I WATCH ALL OF IT?!?!?!?!? Most ecchi thing I've ever seen that was so freaking close to the line of Hentai that I am scratching my head why it cleared any kind of censor board in the states. LilPri: Cute lil girls that magically grow up to become Idols. Kinda odd but can't deny the cuteness. Glitter Force: I watched a large portion of this and all I can say about Netflix is: Why would you rename a PreCure series? I think I may have watched other MG series, but I can't recall any other titles. I honestly tried watching Madoka Magica, but couldn't get past the Two Dimentionality of the characters. I watched the first Six episodes, and it fell flat for me.
  15. I'm amazed to say that because of the fact that I went to an art school, most of the "friends" I have adore anime and animated stuff. Most of them were in the school for animation and drew mostly an anime inspired style. I can't seem to keep friends from outside this community, so I have that going for me I suppose. Not like I have tons of friends though. Our biggest thing is we all get together to do things like play Magic or go to conventions. One of them frequently has a booth at Denver Comic Con just about every year. I, myself, use volunteering to be able to go to that same con. I haven't been to Nan Desu Kan in like 9 years though. I miss the atmosphere there. So many amazing Cosplayers.
  16. Game I play most consistently is a mobile game I've played for 4.5 years: Summoners War. PS4 titles: Minecraft, Rocket League, Overwatch, and FFXV. Swtich titles: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild I play Magic the Gathering like religiously and have a D&D campaign with my best friend and his brother in law whose family I got adopted into and some of said brother's friends and the spouse of one of those friends. I play magic with most of the people of that group online via XMage too. Sunday's are pretty much my game days in all aspects.
  17. I don't get much time to play Minecraft these days, but I did start back when it was in the Alpha release. It's come a long way since then. I am playing on my PS4 these days and I have a world where I have explored like a third of the map just in random spurts. I'm putting together a mine cart system that took hours just to connect all my mine entrances and towers and the one house I've built so far. I also play in a group world with friends from my college where we're trying to build a city that spans like 90% of the whole map and using Japanese architecture to do so. I'm not the planner, but she gave me an island I found that I'm trying to turn into like a super resort. The main feature is a trio of water falls. Two of which I used to turn into a pool. I love building stuff in Minecraft so I really haven't played much outside of creative and peaceful modes.
  18. I knew of AnimeUltima, it's actually how I was able to watch the entirety of AtLA in one go for the first time. Now I own AtLA and Korra in box set. No, it was called Anime Forums, A4 for short. I was also a moderator on another dead forum, DeviantHearts. All under the name KaitonLocke, my former UN and Penname. Keilyn is my new handle and penname. I have Ao4 and FF.net accounts under the name. I have yet to post my work to Ao4. IF you don't reconize the short name Ao4, it's what my friends and I use to refer to Archive of our Own. I know all about the programmer side of game development. I've programmed user interfaces and menus for a game my bestie and I built during our courses. Javascript and C# are not for the faint of heart. I made a good friend who fixed all of my bugs and streamlined our character control system for us. She is also like me in the aspect of gender identity. Thank you all for the welcome. I am a little out of touch with modern anime that's trending, but I'm open to any sort of suggestions.
  19. Most recently I've caught up on One Piece and Boku no Hero to get current. Tried watching A Certain Magical Index the first and couldn't get into it. Railgun is more interesting to me. I am looking for other series to pick up, don't really follow much of the modern anime trends as some of the synopsis throw me off. Finished recently: Citrus, Ace of Diamond, and Major 2nd.
  20. I'd like to start off my entry into the forums by introducing myself. I'm KeilynLocke, formerly KaitonLocke. It's been a long while since I've been on a forum. I once was a member of a forum that went by the same name as this, but that was about a decade ago. I'm a former game design student, online fanfic author got my start in that on the other a4. I won my g-mail account from them, actually. I am a complete geek, I enjoy hobbies from nearly every area which is considered geeky. I enjoy comics, anime, manga, games of all sorts ( especially Magic the Gathering), sci-fi films and fiction, fantasy ANYTHING, I'm currently playing D&D on Roll20 with my rl friends, and I've worked at Denver Comic Con 2 years(once in 2015, and then again in 2017), and I like to sing along to any good song(I performed on stage with Vic Mignogna and Caitlin Glass in 2009). I've watched a long list of anime, some of which I have to work to recollect, which included all the ones listed in my profile. I've written fanfics for Kim Possible, Final Fantasy, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Little Witch Academia, Teen Titans, Azumanga Daioh, Tenchi Universe, Bleach, * One Piece, and Pokemon. I apologize for double posting(hit the post button trying to click off another window) and for sounding like I'm bragging. I haven't done this in a Long time.
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