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    To be honest, not the greatest gundam ever, but is a very solid mech anime overall. I honestly love the central plot theme that lay outside the Gundam fights, but the character diversity was what drew me in. I love the sheer spectrum of characters throughout, and have to admit, the plot twist were pulled off really well. Good mech anime, a decent casual anime to watch.
  1. KeilynLocke

    Knight`s & Magic

    If you like the idea of fusing technology with magic, you'll love this anime. I am saddened by the lack of a second season so far. I loved the characters and the world of this anime. Not perfectly flushed out, but rounded out enough to be highly enjoyable. I love the idea that the Mechs are manufactured using condensed magic and fueled by pure magical energy, so it has that great idea built in. Honestly, it's a very solid and entertaining anime.
  2. KeilynLocke

    Black Clover (2017)

    I honestly grinded through the first ten episodes because I liked the feeling that I was getting from some of the characters. Asta, the protag, was honestly grating on my nerves for a while (omg his yells, *shudder*). After I got past that, it's a wonderfully developed world, and the dynamics of the relationships between characters is honestly the best part of this anime. In truth, it kinda feels like a little brother to Fairy Tail. The whole thing just has the same vibe, but is less in your face about the fact that the Magic Knights Squad that Asta joins is more like a family. I found myself drawn in by the bonds Asta forged with everyone, and again felt envious that those friends had total faith and stood behind him like that. But all in all, highly recommended anime.
  3. Started it, but stopped because it got pulled from Netflix. Haven't gotten around to picking it back up. Was pretty good though. Hikaru no Go
  4. Kinda hard to support myself and a 3 year old on less than a grand a month. That's not even 12 grand a year. Average rent in CO is over $900 a month. It's not a good idea to work for that much for long. Kinda hard to support myself and a 3 year old on less than a grand a month. That's not even 12 grand a year. Average rent in CO is over $900 a month. It's not a good idea to work for that much for long.
  5. Sadly, no. It's the first I've ever heard of it. Looks pretty interesting. Skip Beat
  6. You forgot to add your sentence. No prompt?
  7. Utena is a great story, but it's not the easiest series to fall into. I have found myself unable to watch it on a continuous basis in the least. But I do love the characters and a lot of the story premise. I just wish it was an easier series to be drawn into, for me.
  8. KeilynLocke

    Manga vs Anime

    This is a very good point. It's not really a choice to pick between them, because although they contain the same story, like @Persona said, things do get left out when taking a piece of literature, either graphic or text, changes are made to fit the budget and time allotted for a serial or film production. Personal experience, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi: Kenichi dropped the last two thirds of the story from production and cut off after the final episode of the first complete story arc. I was disappointed because I had also picked up reading the manga and knew that there was more content and the story was only getting deeper and more interesting, to me, at that point. They made attempts at a later time to fill out the series, but never completed it and some of the additional episodes/OVAs/short films, left out a lot of content that made the manga interesting so, that is something I easily picked up on. Another case in point, the conclusion to the Fairy Tail anime skips about at least a full volume's worth of content that was in the manga at the very beginning, the episode that's supposed to follow the finale of the second series. I wasn't even able to get more than 5 minutes into the episode and haven't watched the new series at all because I was so disappointed that they skipped a really good mini-arc. While I do understand WHY they cut/change content, doesn't always make the anime or manga better than what it's based on.
  9. While I was in K-12 I played the Viola from 3rd grade until I graduated HS. I honestly love classical music when I'm feeling lost or confused. It's an amazing way to re-center oneself. Even though I was a miserably bad player. I picked up Guitar in the 11th grade and I find it really fun to do once in a while. I try to learn songs I played on the Viola on the guitar and often succeed at getting some of the melodies down. I found a way to transcribe the music I've learned onto multiple instruments by mostly using the tones of the notes. I'm far from perfect at it though. I learned how to read all three clefs used in the basic setup of Orchestra's I've been in. I can read treble clef: guitar/piano/violin, alto clef: viola, bass clef: Cello/Upright Bass/Piano. I love all of the theory courses I took in the time from when I was 16 until I was 20. Not many, but I learned alot.
  10. Wait, the Spyro Remastered trilogy drops today? I totally spaced the date on that!
  11. Income is only marginally better. So far I've made like $400 in the two weeks I've been actually working.
  12. It's now in the lower 20s maybe upper teens in some areas here. And around a half a foot of snow too. Had family pictures last night too. Just glad it wasn't anywhere near 0 degrees. Really sucks when you've got some sort of infection in your respiratory system.
    This is a slice of life anime that pretty much has everything for a casual watch, or a short binge session. The humor is on point, there's loads of cuteness, and all sorts of subtext of relationships between the characters. Just the normal semi-daily lives of several high school girls and some of their teachers. If you want something fluffy and funny to watch on a short weekend binge, this is a great series do pick up.
  13. I've actually been REALLY tempted to start my 3rd go through of Gurren Lagann. I really haven't spent time on that one much. I have been trying to also re-watch Slayers again, but for some reason can't seem to get into it.
  14. Used to be a professional pet sitter, now I am a package handler at one of the major shipping corporations.
  15. I originally found myself liking the first season the most, but when I started re-watching it, I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I had the first couple of times. I started seeing ALL of the flaws all at once. Not a fun experience. I can't seem to focus on one anime at a time right now.
  16. I went on a vacation to Taiwan, and just found out that I gained notoriety as a philosopher on the world stage. Recently I invested in , and now I find myself being touted as a .
  17. It's been flip flopping somewhat here. It gets warm, then a frigid front rolls through and it is crazy how cold the wind feels, yet it refuses to snow.
  18. Damn thing has been stuck in my head since Tuesday. Really good song though. Forgot to add this one.
  19. I would have said the same thing, but looking at the promo art for both GitS films and the Bebop film don't match the description. I haven't been able to find anything either, but the only other series that comes to mind for me along the vein of guns would be Trigun. But that doesn't look to fit either.
  20. I've heard of that one a few times, but I really find anime of this premise tend to not draw me in at all. Jing: King of Bandits/King of Bandits Jing
  21. Writing prompts are amazing for getting ideas flowing. I've created two separate multi-story universes from a handful of random writing prompts I've found over the years. There are some writing prompt sites that have like categorized prompts, so it's possible to find some that work together.
  22. I would honestly love to see VNs go mobile. There are SIM like games on the android store, but they're all pay to access more of the story(s). I find that annoying, so I've only tried one or two. They're not bad content wise, but having to wait a day to have the necessary in game thing that lets you progress is annoying. I think that it's a horrible business model.
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