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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxE_FWOXXaw Here's a song. Enjoy
  2. that may be the case Its getting lonely in here! I summon more minions of the anime forum to join us on the quest to make random conversation in this thread!!!!!!
  3. The three main games I play when I have spair time are Path of Exile, Dota 2 and Block n load
  4. SAO and RWBY for me. I hate both of them. SAO ruined itself from the getgo, however the thing is RWBY would be good, but something about it makes me hate it to the core. don't know what exactly, but it does.
  5. The game itself is very fluent as well. Never any input lag since everything works as 2D animation rather then 3D
  6. I spend way too much time every day thinking of story stuff. Its now more of an addiction then a hobby Still love it though
  7. We are one in the same metro, one in the same (Although I would rather be doing extensive written work then physical )
  8. I would rather be at college working on things then at home relaxing. Its weird, but I hate being at home. I'd rather be working my butt off on writing things then actually relaxing and playing games and stuff. Oh, and to go with it, I don't like eating allot, since I feel sick after eating anything since I feel horrible eating anything I only like fruit based things really. They feel nice to eat ^w^
  9. I want one of Miia from monster musume I wana be hugged by a snake!
  10. you would have to buy me diner first Marry: Snog: Avoid:
  11. Immortality. The ability to see the whole world and the universe to the end will be amazing! Monster musume Or Hunter x hunter
  12. :'(, because I would rather be crying then have my eyes replaced by hearts. Imagine how gruesome that would be! Dub Or Sub
  13. Davis (since I have known him longer. Sorry big sis ) Cat Or Dog?
  14. I have almost finished this years new resolution, so I'm happy (As far as I see it, what's the point in setting new years resolutions if you don't actually do them ) Have you ever played dungeons and dragons?
  15. (*tries hard to compliment other peoples ears ) Person above me has deserves to be complimented, because everyone deserves to be complimented
  16. Well, when I was out in Cyprus, I fell into a pitfall trap, which had large metal spikes at the bottom. I fell in and two of them Peirce's through my lower leg and butt, plus they had a mild poisen on them, but luckily it had turned into a mild hallucinogen. If you were to be the best at something in the world, what would you be the best at doing?
  17. Perso above me lacks confidence in his amazing ears, and only needs to look closer to see that they are amazing and furry and majestic!
  18. (Not just that, but I can't be bothers to enter the contests anyway ) And you're ears are supetr fluffy when you look at them under a powerful microscope! Its a compliment because.,,,, everyone lines fluffy things! (I guess )
  19. You have very..... Errrrrrr..... Fluffy ears
  20. Heck yeah! I'm just in the situation of working super hard now, so little time to really stop to do much ^^
  21. hey as I said, I was doing a hell of allot of artwork and writing, plus I'm learning to do animation and web design. aka, I have been mega buisy, along with doing course work for college
  22. I know But hey, I'm back now at least ^w^ Besides, I thought you would be happy to see me!
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