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  1. ive just not been in to the anime's i thought i would be this season , even havent got in to some that ive watched previous seasons of , and i seem to be struggling for content to watch 😒

    1. Hällregn


      Same but probably worse. Anime just doesn't seem to be entertaining to me anymore. 😭 Not even shows that I used to like. I find myself checking the time or letting a series run in the background while I distract myself with other things. I used to watch when I was younger, then somewhere in high school I took a decade long hiatus from it. Casually got back into it but in the last two years the same lack of interest has crept back.

      Streaming shows and old television series again put a lot into perspective. I really missed living, breathing people on the screen. The reason I couldn't even keep an anime character/art pfp up as well. It didn't resonate. There's only a small number of anime I still like. One or two per year I end up watching all the way through and liking but the newer anime I seem to drop like flies. Didn't even finish the new episodes of Attack on Titan, an anime I ended up enjoying a lot over the course of its run. Don't know why but the Sports genre seems to be keeping steady. 😆 Probably the only genre I still get enthusiastic about. 

      Tried everything but I think my love for anime is something I'm growing out of entirely. It's a little bittersweet... 

      Still love manga though! 😆

    2. Ohayotaku


      The latest season of Kaguya-sama in particular has been underwelming for me, though Science Fell in Love & Shield Hero haven’t been that engaging either. Bookworm has probably been the best of the sequels so far. While I’m still enjoying Spy x Family, it’s been sillier than I expected & wish it would take things a bit more seriously.  The ones I’m enjoying most at the moment are Executioner & her Way of Life, Birdie Wing & Heroines Run the Show.

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