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  1. Hard to make something better then godly but I want to try! It's another challenge for myself#
  2. Thanks! If you ever want any more pics ill gladly make more! I like making wallpapers for people!
  3. I made this but its not as good as some amazing pictures that have been posted. Oh yeah if you do end up using it tell me if you want me to personalize it in some way!
  4. Your probably gonna cringe but personally I like SAO, I don't care yes I have seen "better" anime but sao is my favorite its not the best I have seen. Bro I love your list did you watch any of the movies out for any of those series to?
  5. True, optic has done a lot it's amazing!
  6. Bruh I am having exporting problems otherwise I'd be done....
  7. Question about the layout, when I first seen the new layout it looks pretty cool and I like it a lot but are you now gonna change all the other styles to have the same layout as this one?
  8. Wondering...

    1. Kohloo


      Whatcha wondering

  9. Please give a little summary of the softwares strong points and weak points 1. If you animate what software do you use? 2. What software do you use to make wallpapers if you do? 3. If you make wallpapers with a mouse then please say! and if it is with a drawing tablet tell me also!
  10. If you could pick one dish from food wars and be able to eat it witch one?
  11. No but I am thinking about making one that not only has anime but some of my art videos stuff I like to do and hobbies I do so hopefully ill get that up this summer!
  12. I sleep vary little all the time sometimes ill get a max of 4 hours of sleep I remember once in school I passed out for the rest of the day and since im such a heavy sleeper they just left me be so that was pretty cool...
  13. I am not personally a motorcycle enthusiast but I will say sick ride bruh!
  14. Confession: Umm I might be here for a few years naming all the things so my confession is my life....
  15. Solid looks pretty sick, although I would have gotten Kobayashi or Toru
  16. Bruh sick I think I might buy one now. Now the hard part finding one out of the probably thousands I like......
  17. I have seen this happen to a few places where I live and I personally not affected but in the past I have experiences where it was to expensive to buy phones, data, internet so if i was lucky enough to get a phone I would always go around using the free internet to not only check my social media but to contact my parents for rides home or encase I am stuck somewhere so in that view I can see how people getting rid of free wifi is a pain but I can see why they are doing it to. You have to take in there point of view, they are going to internet company's and buying wifi for what maybe 50-60 bucks depending on there area and what company each month for random people who might now buy, or use appropriately for the place giving the wifi and so here is a question for you would you buy wifi for random people to use for what they want whenever or would you either get rid of it completely or put a lock so they cant get in and if they want to use it they have to use the device like a pc at a library automatically hooked to the internet?
  18. Right now I am watching Food wars but I have a few I am going kinda back and forth but this summer I'm going to go through and watch every anime on my list until I can name at least 5 characters from the show...
  19. Your probably gonna cringe but personally I like SAO, I don't care yes I have seen "better" anime but sao is my favorite its not the best I have seen.
  20. My favorite is Happy from Fairy tail because I like how he roasts everyone including Natsu ..
  21. Hell yeah I have a accidental habit of mimicking people and things around me its actually quite annoying habit, so when L fro death note sat I would sit like him during the show when I see Naruto I would imitate the hand signs I would run like him, I would act distant or clueless based on characters I saw so when I went to school people couldn't get a grip on my personality because every week when I finished an anime I would act completely different and do weird things.
  22. Is there a chance the forums will get a app gain in the near future?
  23. Is it ok to have more then one and to try again with the same thing but change it up??
  24. Whoa that looks pretty cool!
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