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I just watched it too & feel similarly. Heroes Rising did an amazing job of helping me put aside any dislike I have for his attitude & just cheer my heart out for him. 

I did 100% agree with his assessment of the situation though. Even if it was just a training exercise, one day people's actual lives are going to be in his hands & when those times come he can't just haul ass & run or hope someone else gets the job done. Especially since during the time of this training, they'd already been attacked by bad guys a few different times so situations like this could happen at a moment's notice.

Also, as for Tokoyami, you would think that there is some type of gear or mod that can be made to help him control Dark Shadow. With the exception of being sensitive to light, that would greatly enhance his power & overall usability not only in combat situations but in rescues. 

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I still stand by this

Hellloooo! (I hope I'm putting this post in the right category!) Tonight, I will start watching My Hero Academia. I thought it would be fun if anybody else is still in the beginning of the s

Well said, @Ohiotaku! There is this underlying 'snake-iness' about him that I just can't overlook. Do I believe that there is a part of him that honestly wants to change? Yeah, I do. But I just can't

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Season 5 premiered today. As expected,  the first ep primarily reintroduces Class 1A & touches on a few key story elements. The training exercise set up is  far from original & some of the reasons for demonstrating everyone’s quirks felt like a stretch, but they did seem to do a good job of letting their differing personalities shine through in their brief time onscreen. The ones that really shone were The Big 3 though


from Hado playing against type as a “villain”, to Anajiki just wanting to leave, to Mirio’s goofball “Oops, I fell in the river again, someone save me” schtick


The second half of the ep focused on the aftermath of Endeavor’s fight against the Ultra Nomu from last season. If you read any of my previous comments in this thread you know I am not an Endeavor fan & last season’s finale left a bad taste in my mouth since I felt they were trying to fast-track his turn from heel to face. I feel a little bit better now that this week at least hinted that it will be more of a journey


the long pause before Todoroki responded to his classmate saying he must be proud of his dad can be interpreted several ways. Maybe he’s concerned because Endeavor is still seriously injured or because he’s not used to having positive things to say about him. My hope is that Todoroki is still hesitant to forgive all the abuse he subjected him & his mom to. I’ll say it again, I’m actually in favor of Endeavor being allowed to redeem himself, but it shouldn’t be quick or easy. And it’s not a matter of getting stronger or more badass or changing his look. I’m also intrigued by the possibility that Dabi & the LoV might be looking to exploit Endeavor’s rise to being the new #1 hero & Hawks may also have ulterior motives 

I actually had quite a bit to say for what was a largely a recap episode, but I remain cautiously hopeful that this season could be a return to greatness for the series.

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14 minutes ago, thatdeepguy said:

Hi I just started watching MHA and I think its good but I really like dark anime like death note or aot !

I‘m responding with some recommendations in a PM so as not to get off topic.

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Dang, they sure crammed a lot into this week’s ep.

Hawks & the League of Villains

so Hawks was asked to infiltrate the LoV to spy on them, but it won’t be easy to gain their trust. We got a glimpse of why he has a personal respect for Endeavor. And some of Dabi’s dialogue suggests he may get some character exploration soon

Endeavor’s “Redemption”

the one thing clear after that family dinner is that everyone is at a different stage if reconciliation. I can kind of understand Todoroki’s sister’s desire to finally be an actual family, but it was Endeavor who decided she & Todoroki’s brother were “failures” and wanted  nothing to do with them. Todoroki’s brother is still so pissed off he has a hard time believing that Endeavor is actually sincere about changing & isn’t just trying to improve his public image. It might seem strange considering that he’s the one who’s most angry, but as the eldest sibling I think he may have some feelings of guilt about not being able to protect their mom or Todoroki from the abuse. And Todoroki believes it’s possible that his father might actually change, but is waiting to see more evidence if it. And the fact that the mom is still so traumatized she can’t even be in the same room as Endeavor despite wanting to be a family again just reinforces that there’s still a long way to go

The Origins & Destiny of One for All

this is one of the series greatest  unexplored topics. While I don’t know just how many answers we’ll get this season, we got some interesting insights this week. And it seems that Deku is reaching a critical point in his destiny. And it may not all be positive

Looks like the inter-class competition starts next week, which means action is about to pick up. 

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On 3/27/2021 at 11:10 PM, Ohayotaku said:

Отвечаю некоторыми рекомендациями в личку, чтобы не уходить от темы.

If you like dark anime, then of course it's better to watch. But there are many fans like me who not only watch anime but also read. Has anyone read Novel-Sempai? There is a lot of everything collected, but how interesting is it? Has anyone read it? Can anyone give their opinion on this directory? And what about "Dang, they sure crammed a lot into this week’s ep", that's why he is a series, so that the plot is multi-layered.

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