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  1. I never did watch season 2. I should get on that.
  2. I haven't been watching much anime the last couple weeks, but yesterday I watched the My Hero Academia OVAs. I didn't like the first one at all - and even though I'm not a sports person I enjoy sports anime, but this did nothing for me. I did chuckle a few times though, but overall I didn't like it. The second one though was really hilarious, and I highly recommend it. It was reminding me of American Dad! and I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized it was because
  3. I've been away for a week, I... have a rare medical condition and there was a camp to meet others who have it. It was a really great experience and I feel overwhelmed from meeting others who go through what I go through. But in a good way.
  4. Thank you!! I JUST saw that MHA was in the "Most recently added" section on Crunchyroll but I didn't think much about it, as they update things sometimes. So I wouldn't have known! Thank you!
  5. I really really need to stop stalking my ex online. It's hard though. And he's not very active, but I found out he's in my country, and it feels really weird that he's here. I gotta do a better job of not letting myself look, and keeping myself distracted. I really thought I was starting to get over it, but I'm starting to get really down again.
  6. A few days ago in a topic about anime you've rewatched a lot, I mentioned Gravitation and how even though it's not a great show (In hindsight) but in High School I watched it repeatedly... (Hard to believe I found it almost 20 years ago.) But after mentioning it, I was thinking about it a lot and.... now I'm watching it again. I stand by that it's not a great show, but man the nostalgia is strong. (And the music is good. Still listen to the OST sometimes.)
  7. I am weird and generally rewatch more than I watch new. I've been breaking myself of that a little the last few months, making myself watch new stuff. But I am also rewatching My Hero Academia at the same time. I think the shows I've rewatched the most are probibly Digimon Tamers, Yakitate!! Japan, Space Dandy, Ouran High School Host Club, Gravitation (Ugh, younger me... Gravitation isn't very good... good music though.) and the original Fullmetal Alchemist. I feel like I've rewatched Hikaru No Go quite a few times (And 4 times for sure, off the top of my head) But it's a little longer, so it might just feel like I've watched it a bunch.
  8. I know of this show because of the classic AMV Hell 3. (There were other AMV Hell's in the series but I didn't like them nearly as much as the 3rd one.) I feel like I tried to watch AD back then but didn't get into it, but I don't really remember. Reading this post, I'm gonna try it again!
  9. Had never heard of it or planned to watch it, but as I was looking at Crunchyroll for what to watch next, I looked at recently added (Because I still have a list of anime I'm waiting to be added from Funimation...) I found 'A3!'. It sounded good, so I started watching it. It's... okay. It's not bad by any means, but not one I'll watch again - and I'm someone who usually rewatches more than I watch new.
  10. I just finished Spy x Family and I loved it! But I thought I read somewhere about a plot twist at the end of the season and I didn't see one, so I'm not sure if I missed something. XD. Loved it though! Not sure what I'll start next.
  11. This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. There are some really great ones I love that I feel bad not including, like: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Eyeshield 21, Hajime No Ippo, and Moyashimon. But these are my top 9, in no particular order: Top: Space Dandy, Ouran High School Host Club, The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. Middle: Yakitate!! Japan, Digimon Tamers, My Hero Academia Bottom: Hikaru No Go, Fullmetal Alchemist, Detective Academy Q,
  12. I know it's gonna sound dumb but.... Seriously, Takato from Digimon Tamers. I was on the borderline of getting into anime, but the shows you saw at that point had a protagonist who was really cool and had something extravagant about them. But Takato was... so average. Just a fanboy who nerded out about Digimon (It was set in 'The Real World' where these characters watched the first seasons on TV, had the cards, ect.) and drew fanart (I write fanfiction). and even when he became a tamer, he still had emotions, still made mistakes, and had to learn how to do things right as time went on. He is very kind, sweet, and caring. But if you hurt someone he cares about (Which only happened once in the show) he gets very angry. But after the fact feels guilty, even if the anger was justified. I really related to him as a character, and still do. But as much as I relate to him as a character, it's not just the show. Before that I didn't really have any (close) friends. I had been into Pokemon, which got me a couple more conversations with people in my church teen group at the time, but not much else. I never tried to be part of the fandom online - Didn't know there WAS a fandom online. - and might never have gotten involved. But watching Tamers and relating to Takato was what got me to search online and find message boards. I joined Pojo.com's message board, back when they had a Digimon section. And I made a lot of great friends there. One friend I made... I have no idea what possessed me to do it but, I started buying phone cards and calling him on the phone. I called him the rest of High School. and part of the first year I graduated. (And we reconnected about 10 years ago and called him again for a year or two.) But because of THAT friend I found Fanfiction (Which I was already writing for myself, I just didn't know that was really a thing, I thought I was just being weird) and made LOTS of friends that way, including the ex that I keep talking about that I was with for 13 years. Because of Takato and Digimon, I found other anime - I live in a really small town that didn't even get the WB. I started watching Pokemon when the VHS' started being 2 for $3 at Odd Lots, and wasn't getting me into anything else. But yeah, If not for Takato and Digimon, I don't think I'd be an anime fan past Pokemon, I wouldn't know about message boards, fanfiction, or have the few friends I still have. My entire online life stemed from Takato. I honestly think about that a lot. I wonder what kind of person I'd be without Digimon. Maybe better? Maybe worse? I don't know. It feels kind of weird/sad to say that, that my entire online life is because of Digimon, and my ex and my friends ect. But I really dunno what I'd have done without it. (Not in like 'WHAT WOULD I DO?!' but... I just would be someone completely different.)
  13. Annoyed and frustrated. I had foot surgery a few months ago and its taking longer to heal than expected, and I have to wear the boot another month. But that in itself isn't even the reason. (Though it isn't fun.) No, the real reason is: As I've vented before, I had a bad breakup a few months ago, after being together 13 years, and one of the factors of the breakup was that he wanted me to fly there this summer, but he was coming here at the very end of September/1st of October (One of the two) and I said with my foot healing we shouldn't make plans for me to fly there until after he was going to come here in October, and he said that made him think I didn't want to come, which didn't make sense, and frustrated me. Well, with me wearing the boot another month, and the doctor not wanting me to fly until at least being out of the boot for a month, I REALLY couldn't have went to see him this summer. So... I had been feeling a little better about the breakup recently, but this just kind of pisses me off all over again, that he didn't want to wait for me a couple months. I always waited for him. Him flying all over the world was always more important that seeing me. I waited. When we too trips, I happily waited for him in hotels while he went to theme parks. (Like not for a day, just long enough to go ride a couple coasters and leave.) But him waiting for me wasn't okay. We did lots of things we both wanted to do, and we always did what he wanted to do, but if it was something just I wanted to do, we never did. It was frustrating. And he was a great guy in general, and we had a great relationship, but just in hindsight, when he left me partially because he didn't want to wait for me, and now it turns out I really couldn't have went, which was always a possibility... Just frustrated.
  14. I just started watching Spy x Family. Its not quite the type of anime I usually watch, which is turning out to prove why I should branch out more.
  15. This is one of those topics that's harder for me because, who decides it's good or bad to start with? My favorite anime is Digimon Tamers and a lot of people would say, "Meh, it's a mon series, so it's bad." But then it does have a big following in the fandom, so what's the criteria? If we're going by popular opinion, I still really love the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Most fans seem to discard it in favor of Brotherhood, and lots of fans have ONLY watched Brotherhood. And let's be 100% honest, Brotherhood 'IS' better. But even so... the first 25 ish eps of the original series is condensed down to the first 12-13 eps of brotherhood, which only 'works' if you've seen the original. Yes there are several 'filler' and non cannon eps in that first 25, but you also get other things lost: And I LOVE the music of the original series! As far as other animes... If we're going by MAL scores... *Looks at list* ... Well most of my favorites seem to be at least a 7.0 and I think that's too high for this topic? I think? I dunno. I have other obscure anime I think more people should KNOW about, but being unpopular after watching it is different, right?
  16. I always told a variation of this: Two guys walked into a bar. The Third one ducked.
  17. I was a bit surprised. Now I am a picky anime person so I haven't seen a lot of series that have these types of specials, but I feel like casual anime fans, especially later on, might miss the specials entirely. But like the My Hero Academia specials from a couple years ago didn't have any pivotal information, or add any new characters, and from what I've seen, most anime movies seem to either be non cannon, or not do anything that's important to the show. (Like a new character won't be introduced there.) So I'm really surprised that it really seemed to be actually picking up where the story left off, with important stuff going on, and not only that, but in the middle of trying to find oil and other things. For me it was awesome, and I loved it. Just surprised.
  18. I loved silver spoon too! If you enjoyed that, I would also recommend Moyashimon and Moyashimon Returns. It's also about an agriculture college. but the main character has an ability to see microbes. Even though that sounds kind of wild, it's still pretty calm/slice of life, just when something goes wrong, he has an idea of why.
  19. That's funny, because that's what a non human would say... Just kidding of course. Welcome, and have fun!
  20. Welcome to the forum! Have fun! Ouran, and FMA are a couple of my favorites too! Since you didn't mention it, I would suggest My Hero Academia - and I'm not generally a superhero person, but the story and world in it is really interesting to me. I also like to try and tell people about Yakitate!! Japan, as it's one of my favorites and very underrated. It's about making bread, but its much better than it sounds, and REALLY funny! Cowboy Bebop is a good classic, and Space Dandy is similar in ways - when it came out I thought it was a direct parody of bebop, but it's not. But it's really funny, and has a lot of similarities. (Both going through space, both bounty hunters.) I could give you more recommendations but I don't want to give you too many!
  21. Welcome to the forum! Have fun, and enjoy yourself! :).
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