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Are You Happy/Satisfied With your Life?


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I know this is probably a bad/ personal/ wrong topic but it's one that I'm deeply curious about. 

I personally always have this feeling of dissatisfaction, I never truely feel content with my life or what direction it's going, whether it's due to seeing the life of superstars/athletes or movies depicting this perfect life, it creates this feeling of an almost disgusting jealous that raises the question of "why can't I have that?" or "how do I achieve that?". And even if we reach that level of satisfaction it just leads to wanting more. 

I'd like to think there is a way to reach this level of happiness in life, where I'm not constantly dreaming of what could be or could have been when so much of life is hidden behind a layer of fakeness where only the select few ever get the chance to see. 

How do the rest of you feel? 

And yes this is a late night can't sleep kinda thought... Its 4:30am

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Maybe it's because I had a very difficult upbringing (not necessarily a bad one) that's led me to appreciate life at a certain pace. My parents pretty much raised me to earn things outside of necessity. I still remember when I bought my very first cellphone. A simple, red flip phone; nothing special. Just one example of feeling ecstatic for the ability to achieve. I was very grounded to reality as a kid, and it helped me gain adaptability in the long run. There were so many problems I was able to solve by pulling up the sleeves and tinkering around in. This mentality carried over to all aspects of my life and I've found content and a sense of purpose in what I do. These days I live a relatively normal life but I continue to use my do-it-yourself experience in all sorts of creative mediums. When I used to find myself thinking "why can't I have that?" and it's in the realm of possibility to create, I'll more likely go for it and try. xD As for celebrities and other such people, I hold no malice or jealously. They do them but honestly, the lifestyle looks exhausting. Even traveling here and there for the best getaway vacations looks tiresome. All of the people, all of the noise. No thanks! Right now life and enjoying it with good company is the best and greatest feeling on Earth. 

And I have a bad track record with social media. Sometimes it gets to be too much and half of the time I don't like what I see or read. 

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Overall I'm alright with my life. I used to be highly dissatisfied with it, especially in regards to relationships (or lack there of). Then I went through an abusive relationship and came out of it with a different perspective - that things aren't always as good as you think they're going to be. For the moment I have a job I enjoy, hobbies I enjoy, good friends and family, and money to eat. I have few complaints, long may it continue.

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I'm at a hard place atm with my life. It's been two months since my breakup after 13 years, which I was blindsided. Lots of people tell me I should be over it by now, but it's hard. It's extra hard because, I have a rare medical condition and I... look a little different because of it. I'm not slow, but if you saw me and didn't know, you might think I was. So it's not JUST losing this amazing love I had for 13 years, and being blindsided but it's also feeling like... I was so lucky to have one person look past how I looked to love me for me, how am I going to find someone else? I got on anti-depression medicine, but its still working its way in my system, and atm actually feel a little worse.

On top of that, when they broke up with me I was recovering from foot surgery, and still couldn't walk for another month. - Foot issues related to my rare condition, and not my first or last surgery - but it's actually hurting worse so far, than before I got the surgery, so I'm miserable emotionally AND physically.

........But having said all that, things can always be worse.

I have a loving family, and a few close online friends that I don't know what I'd do without. I'm not rich by any means, but I have enough to get new games and things every so often, and pay for crunchyroll and hulu, ect.

So yeah, I currently wouldn't go straight to saying I'm happy, but it really could be worse.

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I don't mean for this to sound like I'm a whiny little b***h (although I can be at times), but it'll get a bit personal. One of the biggest things in my life currently that makes me the most unhappy is a lack of close friends IRL, and feeling like any effort made to change that is largely futile. I do have two good friends that live about an hour away, and once every few months or so, it works out where our schedules allow us to get together and hang out for a day. While this is a very welcome thing, I do wish I could meet other people closer by and hang out with them on a more frequent basis. I struggle to make new friends because I'm not exactly outgoing, nor good at breaking the ice (much less at keeping a conversation going). I keep to myself most of the time, and doubly so when around complete strangers. This probably makes me seem unfriendly, weird, or that I don't want anything to do with anyone. When I'm alone, I usually feel most at ease. It's how I recharge, how I regroup and collect myself. Solitude is an absolute necessity for me and important for my sanity. Despite this, I still desire to connect with others and be somewhat social at times. Maybe I just don't know how to effectively balance being guarded with being vulnerable enough to make those connections. Between time constraints, work, things like family obligations, and just life in general, I have found that it's frickin' hard to make friends as an adult. Time is crucial to establishing friendships, and most of us just simply don't have enough of it.

So, in that regard, no. I'm not satisfied with my life. But, all things considered, it could be much worse than it is. I'm glad I have the two friends previously mentioned, and I cherish the little bit of time we get to share together when we can. And I have my brother as well. So it's not all that bad. There's always room for self-improvement, and apparently there's a lot I need to improve upon. Maybe things will get better eventually.

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On 7/3/2022 at 9:57 PM, KaiyaSaysHaiya said:

No, not really 😀

(Srry, I deleted what I said bc I got way too personal)

bro why did I even say that??

but yeah, life isn't all that bad. no more depression 😎

I could probably use some more exercise though, and I doubt I'll be able to see life quite the same way as I used to.

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I really only want 3 more things in life. 


1. Immortality.


2. Unlimited control over all known existence with no actual responsibilities or negative personal consequences. 


3. To hear that anyone who stands against me has died in a series of highly unlikely but hilarious accidents that can in no way be traced back to me. 


To never die… And to conquer all. That is winning.



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I very often ask myself this question, and a couple of days ago, I clearly answered it for myself. I am very satisfied with my life. I've always wanted to be able to afford everything my parents couldn't give me when I was growing up. And I recently bought myself a PSP 3000 . I was insanely happy at that moment. Even though I had already bought an apartment and a car and was earning very well. But it was just a little thing like that that made me feel happy.

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Somewhat? I think I'm going in the right direction, but I still have a long way to go. When I was teen I hated my life. I felt very isolated and had frequent existential crises. Once I got more therapy, went outside more, volunteered at different places, and socialized more online I started to feel a bit better. The freedom of being an adult alone helped a lot. Even so, I still struggle. I have not adapted well to college at all and I have zero planning skills. I study Japanese as a major, but I'm terrible at speaking or reading in the language. I'm three years into studying and I still can't hold a conversation. All of my irl friends either live in a different part of the state now, moved to another state, or are too busy to meet up in person. I've only been able to stay in touch with one of them and our friendship is messy at times. My online friendships are nice, but I can't rely on them alone. I either forget to reach out or they're too busy with work or school to reply more than once a week. My sleep schedule has also been terrible for a good three years now. At the same time I have wonderful parents and grandparents, I'm financially stable, and I live in a much better area than when I was younger. My life is definitely good overall, but like the OP, I feel like something is missing. I only really feel fulfilled nowadays if I'm engrossed in really good entertainment or I'm volunteering for something. The rest of the time I feel like I'm missing something that would make me content. To be honest I have no idea what it is. Maybe once I've adapted to college, make some more connections, get better at the language I'm studying maybe I'll feel more fufilled?

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