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Hello everybody!


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Hello! My name is Andrea, I'm from Italy. I choose that forum because I want upgrade my skills on English. If I do any error, please pacience. 😁

At the moment, I read Demon Slayer, in English, for learn, because I read full manga and I see first season and the Train saga film, in Italian. In Italy the second season is still unready (in England?).

Also, I read Fullmetal alchemist, in Italian. I'm a little fanatic of the real story of alchemist.

Someone want learn Italian? 🤔

If you want say more, ask me. 


P.S. 20 years-old. I want put image in my avatar but the image is too much heavy. 


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Welcome to the Insanity! Enjoy your time here, just watch out for *ducks flying Mi-go*. Dammit! Who keeps opening THAT door?? *chases after the escapee while yelling* Anyways, welcome!!

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Welcome to the forums 😁 Hope you enjoy interacting with people here.

I’ve been trying to make progress on Inuyasha myself, but been stuck on episode 54 for a couple years :P I really didn’t care for the recent sequel though (Yashahime). I see you also mentioned My Dress-up Darling (Sono Bisque Doll) on your profile 👍

I’m curious if you’ve seen the Fullmetal Alchemist anime (the original & Brotherhood) or just read the manga and your thoughts on it. And if you’re interested in the concept of alchemy you might also enjoy shonen series Buso Renkin. Storywise it’s more similar to Bleach but had alchemy elements like homunculus & the philosopher’s stone.

Hopefully I didn’t talk too much & you choose to stick around.

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