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What anime are you watching now?


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D-Frag! - Kazama Kenji finds himself unwillingly recruited into the mysterious "Game creation club" by fire "user" Shibasaki Roka, water "user" Mizukami Sakura, earth "user" Karasuyama Chitose, and lightning "user" Oosawa Minami, he then finds himself approached by Takao Buchou, the president of the REAL "Game creation club"!? Further members of "Kenji's" harem include Funabori, who first appears in a photograph, which goes up against a photograph of Takao, in a battle of witts played by a group of delinquents!


GJ-bu - unlike the other school clubs, what the GJ-bu does, is a mystery, it's members include Shinomiya Kyouya, renamed, Kyolo, Amatsuka Mao, the short and egotistical Club President, Amatsuka Megumi, her younger sister and generous as an angel, Sumeragi Shion, a genius that lacks in common sense, and Kirara Bernstein, a cat-like girl who's always hungry! Other character's include new GJ-bu member Kannazuki Tamaki, Kyouya's bro-con sister Shinomiya Kasumi, Kirara's sister Geraldine Bernstein, Mao and Megumi's sister Amatsuki Seira, and their family maid(s) Mori!

Rio -Rainbow Gate- (OAD) - see how Rio and the rest of the Howard Resort staff start and end their day, along with Anya quest to go one day without tripping over, Mint and Joker as they find themselves trapped in Linda's dream, and Choco's second(?) outing as a Jiangshi!


Kaitou Tenshi -Twin Angel- (OVA) - Aoi and Haruka are less than ordinary school girls, they're Kaitou Tenshi -Twin Angel-, a crime fighting pair of magical girls, Aoi is armed with a bow and arrows, whilst Haruka is armed with brute strength! Featuring the voices of Yukari Tamura AND Mamiko Noto, why am I only watching this now!?


SKET Dance - Support, Kindness, Encouragement and Teamwork are the core values of SKET, whose members are: Bossun, the leader, and someone with intense concentration, when wearing goggles; Himeko, a hot headed blonde girl, armed with a hockey stick; Switch, an intelligent otaku, that communicates through his laptop!


Ro-Kyu-Bu! - Subaru's school basket ball team was recently suspended, due to the inappropriate actions of the team's supervisor, because of this Subaru has given up on basketball, however finds himself forced by his Aunt into helping the girl's basketball team at the school she works at; teaching Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata how to play basketball!


EDIT1: Thought Shiraishi Ryouko voiced Himeko (SKET Dance), and I was right, however the series is completely different to what I was expecting, interesting though!


EDIT2: There's a Ro-Kyu-Bu! game!? And if features playing basketball!? I need to look into this further!

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Perhaps too many titles for me at the moment... a mix of currently airing titles and some older titles which I was really yearning to watch for a long time.

  • Elfen Lied
  • Assinsation Classroom 2
  • Macross Frontier
  • Asterisk War S2
  • Dog Days S2
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  • Kuromukuro
  • Joker Game
  • Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • A Certain Magical Index
  • The Familiar of Zero
  • Kill la Kill

I am ESPECIALLY loving Kabaneri, Joker Game, Kill la Kill and Macross Frontier at the moment. The worlds they portray really draw you in.


Macross Frontier piqued my interest because the composer of the soundtrack is by Yoko Kanno - who did the same soundtrack for Zankyou no Terror and Ghost in the Shell. It definitely doesn't disappoint, nice and surreal and dynamic. Great Space/Sci-Fi with a bit of mecha too and great characters despite being released in 2008...



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Having to catch up on GATE, I have also started to watch Magi. Too much work, too little time to watch anime. I plan on finishing Magi and Gate and then I will move on to... Fairy Tail.

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Perhaps too many titles for me at the moment...


I would argue that there's no such thing as "too many", but I have to agree such a thing is possible, given the number of watching (really "stalled, but highest priority") and stalled (really "stalled, but low priority") series on my Anime-Planet account, from sometime back, when I tried to watch too many series!


So last time appears to have been "club week", given D-Frag!, GJ-Bu, SKET Dance and Ro-Kyu-Bu!, whilst this week appears to be ecchi week:


Dakara Boku wa H, ga Dekinai (So I can't Play H)
- Ryousuke and his childhood friend, Mina live next door to each other, and travel to school together, Ryousuke doesn't have an inner voice, meaning he always voices his (perverted) thoughts, he comments that this makes him better than those that "hide" their (perverted) thoughts! On his way back home from school, he finds a girl with red hair, Lisara in the rain, without an umbrella! He invites her to his house, to get dry, after which she asks if she can have his heart, to which he agrees, and she stabs him through the heart... forming a probatory contract!


That was a surprise about Iria (in episode 4), so that re-addressed the balance of Ryousuke's "harem", from Iria < Mina < Quele < Lisara, to Mina < Quele < Lisara < Iria! That said, I don't know if that's actually canon, as Dakara Boku wa H, ga Dekinai wikia says "as revealed in the anime", but then, perhaps the one writing it, had only watched the anime, and didn't have anything else to draw from!


Astarotte no Omocha! EX (OVA)
- Asuha and Astarotte are given self research tasks to do, Asuha chooses to research underwear, whilst Astarotte chooses to research a dragon egg found in the World Tree; Zelda's instructor comes to visit, and how Zelda became Astarotte's protector is revealed (warning contains "Trollpaca"); a flashback to over ten years ago, when Mercelida met Naoya!


I was reminded of how wrong this series is; your half-sister's father is a (or rather
) member your harem; I root for a more acceptable love interest of Effy... or Mercelida! I only watched because it wasn't
a flashback (as "promotional" images imply), although that said, I quite liked the bit on Mercelida's ascention to the throne (her once amecable sisters, turned against each other, in a power struggle)! Mistrune noting Naoya's choice of underwear (from Asuha's research); more inappropriate love interests, however spants(u) is gold, Unnbjorg wears spats as trousers
underwear, so Asuha terms them "spants(u)"! It ends with "To Be Continued..." that never happened, unless it was referring that the last part was a prequel!


Lastly, @Virgil - Banana!

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Maicching Machiko-sensei (Shame of Machiko-sensei) - Kenta and Tamao are nearly rundown by a moped driver, however because of it, they spill their fishing haul, annoyed, Kenta decides to confront the driver, who stopped only a few doors away, to find the driver was a woman, who believes that Kenta and Tamao were at fault! The next day at school, they find that the same woman will be their new teacher, Mai Machiko, and decide to play a prank on her!


I've not seen any Benny Hill movies, but this feels like it's the Benny Hill of ecchi, whereas modern ecchi is a pantyshot (either protagonist snooping, or it's by accident) followed by a tsundere attack, the pantyshot's just there, it's actually quite intriguing to watch (in regards to as a comparison to modern ecchi, perhaps it's "refreshing"), I might have to see if I can locate any more episodes!

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This week appears to be cartoons that became anime:

Disk Wars: Avengers - Wasp, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk find themselves trapped inside DISKs by Loki; the DISKs were originally co-created by Tony Stark as a capturing device for criminals, however he never imagined that he himself would be caught in one! It's now up to five kids, Jessica, Akira, Chris, Hikaru and Ed, who each have a matching bio-signature to one of five heroes, to work with the heroes, and stop Loki's plans!


[spoiler=It's kinda Pokémon meets Digimon Frontier meets Wonder Momo meets Cardcaptor Sakura or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha...]Heroes and Villains are captured inside DISKs, is similar to Pokémon, where Pokémon are caught and stored in Pokéballs; Five kids "release" their heroes, who call out their moves when attacking (although for Hulk, that's not new, so does that mean he was a Digimon to begin with!?), is similar to Digimon Frontier, where five chosen children, who wield souls of legendary Digimon; the heroes only have a limited time to be "initialised", is similar to Wonder Momo, where Momoko and Akiho can only be in their superhero persona for a limited time, although Momoko does remove her limiter, to hilarious consequences, not sure if that's a comic only thing though, and not sure if that bit got published, as I believe at least half the web comic is still unpublished; the DISKs are scattered across the globe, is similar to Cardcaptor Sakura/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, where Sakura/Nanoha search for the scattered Clow Cards/Jewel Seeds)!



Powerpuff Girls Z - The unresponsive Chemical X is changed when a lucky bean bun falls into its vat, the new chemical is named Chemical Z by Professor Utonium, however before he has a chance to test the new chemical, his son, Ken uses it to destroy an iceberg in Tokyo City that appears to be having an effect on the weather around the world! The collision between Chemical Z and the iceberg causes rays of white and black light to shine over the city, the white light strikes Momoko, Miyako and Kaoru (Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubble and Powered Buttercup), turning them into the Powerpuff Girls Z, whilst the dark light strikes others, like Mojo, turning them into villains!


[spoiler=No idea why I decided to watch this, didn't watch the original cartoon...]Well, not true, think I watched the original cartoon, that sort of pilot, but then we moved, and I couldn't get all the channels of the original idiot box which, was probably healthy! Anyway, I saw this and thought "well, can't think of anything I want to watch, so as nothing springs to mind, I guess you're it!" Like Disk Wars, I kinda got a Digimon vibe from this too, although Digimon Tamers: a small animal (Peach the talking robotic dog) triggers the Powerpuff Girls Z transformation, just like Culumon in Tamers, and Tomoko Kaneda is the seiyuu for both! A further extension on this is that later on, the Powerpuff Girls Z can trigger their own transformations, similar to how later on in Tamers, the Tamers don't need Culumon to trigger evolution! Occasionally, Blossom sounded like Izumi, but she wasn't voiced by Sawa Ishige, and Buttercup sounded like Takuya, but she wasn't voiced by Junko Takeuchi, I was surpised to find Ken and Tomoki didn't share the same seiyuu, as I felt they sounded the same often, and the closest I could think of Bubbles sounding like, was Terriermon!


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I am only watching 8 weekly airing shows this current Spring 2016 season, these are -


* Ace Attorney

* Joker Game

* The Asterisk War 2nd Season

* Cerberus

* Big Order

* Endride

* Nijiiro Days

* Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Season III

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Right now I'm currently in a mix between movies and series, Current movie is millennium actress and current series is my love story and corpse party. Though I sometimes go back and re-watch things like Hell girl.

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