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[Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself


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1.  Despite hating on certain types of genres, I love listing to bubblegum pop to make me happy.

2.  I'm a hard-worker at work but at home, I'm lazy as ever when it comes down to getting things done.

3.  I have to leave my cards and cash at home to prevent myself from spending money on things I don't need.

4.  I wish Elsa from Frozen was my best friend so she could give me the same treatment she gives to Olaf once she was able to control her powers.

5.  I wish I could be transported to a mystical world like in anime or video games and spend the rest of my life there.

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1. I wish I could own a ferret, they're my favorite animal besides cats.

2. Currently, I'm exercising and eating healthy. I'm trying to become more athletic and, eventually, more muscular too. 

3. I wish I could own a Switch so I could play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. Sometimes I even dream about it. 

4. I also have frequent dreams about catching a shiny (rare, alternate-color) Pokemon, which is something I'd eventually like to accomplish.

5. I'd also like to become a writer someday.

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1 - I've been active on the internet since 2009.
2 - Really, I'm the polar opposite of a nerd.
3 - I have pretty good aim.
4 - I love looking at, and designing weapons.
5 - My result on the MBTI personality test changes every time I take it.

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Well this seems fun, I guess I'll try~

1) Applejuice makes me physically sick. Even just looking at it makes me actually gag. It used to be my favorite juice when I was a kid, but starting at age 15 I had to go once or twice  year to get a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy due to a genetic disease. As part of the prep, back then you had to drink the most disgusting damn thing I have ever tasted, phospho soda. I was specifically told to mix it with applejuice to help mask the taste and help prevent dehydration so that's what I did. I guess my brain linked applejuice to tasting horrible and making me sick after years of that. 

2) I used go to be extremely allergic to dogs, to the point where if one licked me I had to go to the ER. Cats however didn't affect me at all. Over time though, it reversed. I am not allergic to dogs whatsoever now, but I have a minor cat allergy. It only is an issue if i specifically try to inhale my cat or get drool on me, problem being she REALLY drools a lot when she gets on my lap and gets it all over everywhere.

3) I love guns. I also live in Montana, one of the most gun friendly states in the US which helps with that and may partly be why. I own several and go target shooting time to time, but not particularly often lately although I would really, really like to. Fair warning, bringing up guns in conversation will flip my ramble switch.

3.5) I hate hunting though. That may seem odd, but what I like about guns is the engineering, mechanics, and design of them, not the violent things that they can be used for. Well except for in videogames and such of course, but that's entirely different. But while I hate hunting, my favorite foods are all meat based...

4) I absolutely love deadpan humor. Saying horrifying and outrageous things with a deadpan tone and expression is one of my favorite things to do. Also a great way to either immediately drive someone away or find something in common with them if they appreciate it.

5) I really like usinge tildes as punctuation, unless I am being particularly serious or giving an explanation~

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.✦. 1  ) I'm a much more optimistic and a positive person than I used to be.

.✦. 2  ) I  don't have any social media other than this account. 

.✦. 3 )  I tell it how it is and I'm not afraid to speak my mind or stand up for what I bleavie in. I'm very honest. 

.✦. 4 ) I have no social life  / friends / or a relationship and I'm a bit of an introvert. ( even though I don't like labeling myself or labels ) If I make a friend or two then that's great if not it's not a big deal anymore with me.

.✦. 5 ) I've been through a lot hardships most of my life but I've overcame them and doing much better than I was when I was younger.  I still have minor ups and downs here or there but hey I'm only human and no one is perfect.  

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