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If you are an aspiring photographer or like photography then you are on the right address. Anything you capture throughout the camera, you can share here.

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  2. And just like that...the summer is over...
  3. Ah, guess what happened after a couple minutes of taking this picture? It suddenly started to rain and I came back home soaked in water.
  4. Sometimes you just gotta go to the backup office...
  5. It's raining currently and my bike ends up getting wet again. (happened last week) I put a bag around the saddle to keep it dry. Unfortunately, there is no place with a roof nearby where I could put it down until the rain is over.
  6. @Faeding it’s Carolina Beach State Park, in North Carolina
  7. What area is this around if you dont mind me asking? Reminds me of my mountain forests
  8. Took this while camping earlier today.
  9. Love driving when the sun sets...wish I wasn't always driving to work.
  10. Took this a few days ago, nothing interesting lately. A spiny orb weaver walking along by me on my way out and about. Had to stop and admire the differences in this spiders appearance than the ones I’m used to seeing.
  11. Love this idea. I didn't get a shot from today, since I wasn't totally expecting this to come up, but instead I'll share a pic from the end of July. This is the opposite end of the island where I took a photo that I put in the photo contest here. My house is off in the distance somewhere too...or maybe just a bit to the left. lol
  12. If you are living in a place where daily life goes by pretty quick then you've probably experienced quite a handful of beautiful, weird and fascinating moments. Did you ever think of standing still and capturing the moment of your life and share it with others? Could be anything, really. Maybe a cappuccino you are enjoying or a cake you just baked. Whatever it is, share it here. Let's start with this one right here!
  13. I've gotten into photography recently and knowingly some of you around the forum share the same passion - founded the photography club. Surely, some of you are confused and aware of the club having had a different name and focus which was primarily on Light Novel. What happened to the Light Novel Club, you may ask? My interests have shifted over the years as well as activity wise. A Club doesn't last long if you don't keep it active as the leader/founder. It's the same even in anime, once a club has no members or produce results, it will close down and be replaced by another club. Frankly speaking - I reached the limit of creating clubs so I had to resort to closing down the Light Novel Club. Anyways! Welcome to the Photography Club!

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