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If you are an aspiring photographer or like photography then you are on the right place.
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  2. I have quite a few photos to share here. They're from my trip to Germany this past summer. Since I'm putting so many up, I'll enclose them in spoiler tags to save space. I've been meaning to get these uploaded for quite a while now. Ahh.... I want to go back to Europe again. Hopefully next year some time, if all the stars align for me, as it were.
  3. After a huge gap of time, I went back to anime and watched FLCL. This anime is one of the best I've ever seen, so I decided to keep a reminder of it on my desk in the form of a cigarette with the same inscription as the cigarette Mamimi Samejima smoked.
  4. The Bishop thought it would be a good idea to have a railway running along the cathedral's cloister, the Dean and Chapter weren't so sure about it. A slightly surreal image from my more than slightly weird mind.
  5. Nice paint job on the car, it looks convincingly old. The "Pork-n-ator" is an impesssive truck, but if you drove it anywhere here in the UK with those machine guns on top a major incident would be declared and it would be surrounded by armed police in full body armour very quickly.
  6. Last warm day of the season and a friend of mine playing at a music festival Car painted to look old and worn out with airbrushing Of course the gotta head out with some friends for some bbq in the pork-n-ator Lastly for this month the local drunk not making it into the parking lot. Thought he found the perfect parking spot. In the street.
  7. This is Barking Riverside station. I rather liked the symmetry of its layout.
  8. Reminds me of southern Ohio towns near the eastern mountains. Houses built up on the sides of hills near the Ohio river and of course our weather during this time of year nice and overcast.
  9. Hanging about with some old armor! Up until a few years ago these were running but over time parts got hard to find and now they are out front a mil surplus company near me. They used ride the one below with the rubber track feet in parades with people dressed up in period gear. Sadly no pictures of it running that I know of.
  10. Excellent photos, the sunset one is awesome.
  11. A few shots toward the end of this year. Winter seems to be on the way and we gotta deal with the white stuff soon. Gotta enjoy the warm weather why we can Tornado From a few months ago. Wasn't very strong but very intimidating. Saw it as I was coming over a hill on my way home from work. Some say the bathroom is haunted. Lobby of the Ohio Theater at Playhouse Square Cleveland Ohio Lastly a nice sunrise before we drop into eternal darkness with daylight savings time. Dark when going to work dark when I leave.
  12. BR class 7 locomotive no.70000 Britannia approaching Herne Hill station with a mainline rail tour. Britannia at London Victoria station after arriving with the rail tour.
  13. Wildfire Smoke Reaching down here in ohio. (Mid Day)
  14. No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed them. I have more photos that I will share later.
  15. Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  16. I've been on a trip to Germany for the past week and a half, and I visited Luzern, Switzerland (Lucerna in English) this past weekend. This is the wooden bridge that goes over the river in the middle of the city. The mountain in the background is Mt. Pilatus. These are some photos from the top of Pilatus. Needless to say, I don't really want to return home next week.
  17. I must admit that I was surprised he waited for me to get the camera, I expected him to have gone by the time I got back. Nice raccoons and other critters.
  18. Nice catch! Always don't have the right camera on me. Did catch some raccoons when I was on vacation last year
  19. Callosamia promethea, AKA the promethea silkmoth. This little guy was on our take-out window at the restaurant, in a spot where it might get hurt if people came up or if we opened the window. So, I carefully picked it up and let it rest on my hand here in the photo and moved it to a safer location on the building. I'm surprised that it didn't try to fly away from me when I handled it. I absolutely love the patterns on its wings! I can see why it's named "Promethea". Haploa clymene, AKA the Clymene moth. This moth was perched on the side of the building, so I went in for a shot.
  20. Great Western Railway locomotives 5199 and 7828 Odney Manor departing from Crowcombe Heathfield station.
  21. Water plant kitteh that was keeping me company. A few wide shots
  22. Pump pits during the construction of the runoff system for Columbus Ohio. Each of the holes lead to a different part of of the city and prevents sewage overflow during a high rain event. They used to have to just output into the rivers as the plants couldn't handle the increased flow. Part of the EPA grants to clean up rivers and lakes in my state. Worked on the project for a few years mostly building the control systems.

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