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    Bible black is hentai!? Lol, one of my friends recommended I watch that.
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    I'm pretty jubilant with my life right now and been improving quite a lot recently with the things I've been doing and accomplishing. I'm also so glad I have support from my dear loved ones as well. ❤ Life is marvelous I can finally say about myself, I've been through many trials and some hardships and I've overcame them and became stronger and even wiser from going through them. Things are really turning around from me and I'm so ecstatic about it. Hoping all the best for everyone else and sending everyone good and positive vibes your way~ すべての人に大いに愛し、強く肯定的なままでいます。
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    That's a bit rude, no? Maybe you might not like the game, but Lildoop does. Why the disrespect?
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    Ok... Welcome King-sama
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    I can't help but think some of those statistics are way off border, because it's been common knowledge that the largest demographic is males aged 35 plus, followed by women in their 20's, men under 35, women in their 30's and finally the different teenage demographics. If it really changed, I feel like there would have been some huge story about it somewhere, and i never saw it. That said, I'm naturally not willing to trust the ESA because they've been more and more like a government operated organization than one meant to protect, or even be honest to the gaming communities out there about the major issues with the industry in the hopes of protecting their investments. The journalism side of me doesn't trust much of anything they say right now, and it's hard to know how long they've been untruthful to people.
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    Cool! I just LOVE romance, though it it highly unlikely for an eleven year old like me to watch romance. I've got asthma, which just makes me want to strangle others when they (used to) snicker behind my back. I'm allergic to beef and prawns, but I just CAN'T resist them! I...er...fall in love with anime characters and...erm...FANTASIZE ABOUT THEM. I'm really short-tempered, but my cheeriness and friendliness masks it very well. *evil laughter*
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    Howdy everyone, I'm not going to say much here, I just want to share the drawing I finished yesterday (had been working multiple days on it) of Flandre Scarlet from Touhou. Here it is: I worked really hard on it, and when I compare my latest drawings to my first I notice I've become so much better, I thought I was good already but I notice that I was just a rookie, now I'm trying different techniques and mixing styles to see what new results might come up.
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    Welcome to the forums King we're nerds too so you are in good company. Any favorites you want to share?
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    @Mars Terra Not sure if this counts but here are some I got close to finishing. ✿ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( 1 season ) FINISHED ✿ Cardcaptor Sakura ( 1 season ) ✿ Salior Moon ( 1 season ) ✿ Tweeny Witches ( 1 season ) - Re- watching it now to try and finish it. Also I watched all these a long time ago so I would have to re- watch them all to finish them and will be soon, since there on my watch list.
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    Happy Valentines Day to every couple around, may your love be everlasting and your bonds strengthen everyday (-‿◦) I'll return to my corner and continue watching the Ancient Magus' Bride as a compensation (*^∀゚)ъ
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    I'm not dead just had a horrible 2018 but hopefully things go well now
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    The Garden's Ghost In the pale moonlight of a winters night I often walk through these gardens with my heart in my hands, touching each flower and letting the roses thorns prick my fingertips. Watching the little droplets of blood emerge and drip down my hand is something I've become accustomed to after all these nights of long walks in the dark. Looking down at the tough earth, it's green grass bracing for winters snow and the cold wind that will soon flatten it lower 'til it is beaten down and bent in the storms, I leave my boot prints behind. I walk these grounds in the dark, for that is when no one notices this ghostly figure who appears every night on the same hour. No one notices the trail of crimson that is left behind on those pure white lilies, nor the boot prints left in my wake. No one else wanders these grounds, for the gardens are forgotten by most ... it is instead home to the ghost who walks these grounds, his lips sealed shut from his desire to keep his sobs from sounding out. No one notices this ghost, nor do they notice the graveyard ... for on my lips a thousand words have died and on my tongue a thousand screams have wished to be uttered, but not a single one has escaped my mouth. My lips are cold and blue, perhaps from the winter breeze or perhaps from the ghosts which haunt me, for my mouth is a graveyard full of all those words I should have said ... all the words I wanted to say but never could. Now they lie in their graves, hidden behind my lips. These lips that utter only few words for fearing of giving too much away. These lips that barely open for fear of the ghosts tumbling out. These lips always turned down in a frown for fear of crying once more ... for it is easier to hide my ghosts behind a façade of contempt, rather than let them out and pay the price.
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    I'm writing a book called Centaur L.A.W. Law stands for love and war. Its a romantic epic fantasy about 2 married couples that fight in many wars. It has a very pro life and save the planet stance. Tell me what do you think?
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    Fall Standing on the edge of the roof I watched as the cars passed bellow. Each one's colours seemed to fade into the next as I tried to keep my vision from blurring in the dark night air. How many had I taken? I couldn't quite remember, but the empty pill bottle was lying on the roof just a few feet away from where I stood. As I closed my eyes the cold brisk breeze that signaled fall was coming caught my hair and tossed it around my face, thrashing at my cold skin and causing tendrils of pain to surge through me. "Fall." I muttered to myself as I exhaled deeply. The cold air seemed to freeze in my lungs making it hard to let out. "Fall." I whispered softer as my eyes opened, taking in the city lights around me that blinked and moved in the pitch black darkness Everything around me was perfectly dull. Everything was the same. Every day was a replayed version of the last and I couldn't find anything to bring me joy. Every day I failed. I failed them. I failed myself. I failed life. How do you think that feels? Being the failure? Being the let down? Being the expectation that never really comes true? That was all I was ... I was nothing. I was the pitch black night, the cold air, the dark street beneath my feet that called me. It beckoned to me and how was I supposed to refuse? "Fall." I mouthed, my lips too cold to form the word properly now as I closed my eyes once again letting the sounds of the city envelope me. Take me away ... Show me there is something else. Something better. Show me an open door. I beg you ... but no matter how I begged, pleaded, or prayed, I couldn't find a reason. Not a single reason. "Thirty?" my mind flashed back to that moment. The moment I sat behind my desk, eyes wide and pleading ... Pleading with myself. I tended to do that, but I never won. I was my own worst enemy and there was no way I would ever defeat that. "Thirty!" this time my voice was higher, less surprised and more distraught. There, sitting in front of me on that bright screen were thirty reasons I hated myself, but not a single reason I liked myself. How had it come to this? How had I gotten here? Suddenly my eyes opened and I was standing on the ledge again, fighting back the tears that stung my eyes and burned my throat. Fighting back the urge to jump. To fall. To Just let go ... All it takes is one second, one step and I would never get the chance to fight again. I would be gone. Gone like the leaves on every tree when fall came. Gone ... Gone. Gone! But free ... Would I be free? What is free? Is free being numb and dead? Or is free being tormented and alive? Why couldn't free be happy? Why couldn't free be kind? Why couldn't I just step off the ledge and die? Taking a deep breath that froze the second it touched my lungs, I shifted my foot outwards, dangling it over the edge. But just as I always did, I found a reason to fear death. In the very last second, as it looked me straight in the eyes, I recoiled, like a child recoiling from a fire. In that second, as my foot dangled dangerously outwards, I found that I feared the after life. Heaven and Hell ... did it matter which one I went to? I feared death because Hell was torment. It was pure pain and suffering, just as life had been, just worse ... Oh, I could only imagine how much worse. But as I thought of Hell my mind drifted to Heaven and I wondered how eternity would fair. I'd feared eternity forever. I was not one to see ever lasting life as a blessing, instead it seemed a daunting curse. Not for the way you'd lose your loved ones or your friends, but for the way you could never end your suffering. It would never end. You could never go to sleep knowing you may not wake up. You could never wonder when death would great you. You couldn't even wait for old age to take you. Oh ... eternity seemed like suffering in and of itself. "Fall." I said firmly as my eyes glared down at the street beneath me, the cars passed, not noticing the person standing high above them. "Fall." it was the season where death came and took every leaf from off the trees. It stripped them of their majesty and cast them to the earth as if they were nothing. "Fall." it was what I could never do and it was what I could never be ... I could never be the tree that survived the cold months, surviving day after day with no hope in sight, just to find that their leaves returned with more splendor than before. No. I could never be that tree. Stepping away from the edge I kicked the empty bottle of pills away from me with an angry glare. Tears threatened to spill over as I fell to the floor, my knees hitting solid stone and my hands slamming down hard enough to tear the skin away from my palms. I couldn't fall. I couldn't breath. I couldn't find a reason to live yet I always did ... Why? Why was this what I was destined to be? Life terrified me so I embraced death, yet every time I went to meet him my mind always pulled me back ... It always had a way of making me scared to die. A way of making death seem worse than life. It was my worst enemy and yet it whispered slowly, softly, in my ear "You are the fall.".
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    i thought you was going to speak about a real game !!!
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