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    So, in terms of Comdey SoL: Lucky Star Azumanga-Daioh Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (My personal favority comedy anime) Grand Blue Joshiraku Though, only Lucky Star has more than 12/13 episodess... Other: Baka no Test (Two seasons) Kill La Kill (Lots of Action, too) Lupin III (Any of the five parts - you don't have to watch them in order. Start with Part IV or V if you like anything newer.) Gintama
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    @efaardvark That's robbery! The way the tax laws are run in this country is incredible to me. Branches of government like the IRS can be crooks all they want but the rest of us are expected to be law abiding citizens? F that. Our current government needs major reform. Not just on the taxes either. As far as a christmas present is concerned, they can have every form of multiversal bag of d*cks that exists out there. That type of robbery can't be justified.
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    Yeah, you are right, but that is why we have trial and error. It would take a long time, but we figure it out eventually. Wounds and illness, those would be examples of things you do not really get much of a second chance on, if you treating them poorly, but you could deal with most other stuff multiple times.
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    DangerouslyFunny is one of my favorite channels. He does a lot of Stardew Valley videos and his humor is right up my alley. Love listening to his voice too so I listen to him on long car rides, even if I'm not watching the videos. I watch everything that he puts up. My favorite quote from him is "if I'm not breaking the game, I'm not playing it right". In his first videos he was very informative but then that humor starts to slip in and he transforms into the great DF. It's a Southern Thing is another channel that I love. They really have the Southern culture down pat. I love all their videos and it's so true, ya'll! Lol...from the if unsolved mysteries were Southern type of videos, to back porch bickering, to trying to pronounce city names of various Southern States, there isn't a single video I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. I love them with Valentine's day coming up, I suggest you check out their "when she says not to get her a Valentine's day gift" video. It'll crack you up
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    but yea, valentines day is coming up, and im still single (#singlelifeisbae) what are you guys gonna do on valentines day ?!, got that "special someone" to spend valentines day with ?, dont got anyone to spend it with ?, busy on valentines day to even bother celebrating it ? confessing on valentines day ?!?!? lets have a discussion of what you guys have planned for valentines day, and overall, for all the single guys out there, lets just drink water (couse #water is best drink) and have a fun THIS-CUSHION (i-i feel like i used that pun before, but eff it) to be honest, valentines day is my "from" (from translates to, came from hospital night duty), so ill most likely spending time, sleeping and playing the rest will be in the pie chart i made, im thinking of saying something to qt junior, but my wimpy-side is also telling me to not do it i will probably get some info from her friend though, since her friend is my partner, and my partner wont mind telling me if she already has that special someone, or not, and if she does have one, well theres allot of fishes in the sea...#denialisbestbae, aside from single...life ? if she doesn't have that "someone special", well, we will see what happens, i am after all the observant type (read: stalker-ish) but what about you ?!, what are your plans (as stated before i told my story, ima just bold it too >.>) check spoiler for pai-chart
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    Well in terms of comedic series that are family friendly aka less echi, or dark in nature would be One Punch Man, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Digiman, Pokemon. Some of those are quite old, but defiantly are not to dark nor echi by any stretch. Now in this case of dub vs sub here one really important thing to remember is often older anime dubs were censored, or altered to specifically be more family friendly then they were shown to be in Japan. This is particularly the case with these I mentioned. If I am being entirely honest I watch very few so called family friendly, or PG rated shows including anime except perhaps for documentaries, and even those a good number of them are not of a G/PG rating. Sorry if I did not provide to much of a list for you though I did work within the perpetrators you provided. I can assure you the dubs for everything mentioned here are rated for children, or older. Pokemon having a Y rating in the US for example.
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    Trail and error is great, and all, but if you end up with a error iin terms of money that can be serious troubles.
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    I wish I spent that much time sleeping! (I would have liked to sleep in this morning for instance, but had to get up and make a trip to the store to buy parts to fix the toilet and put up some shelves.) I'll be working Thursday too, so in my case it'll probably be more like:
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    LMAO I love the pie chart! That's gold. GOLLLD. I'm just dying over here. At first I thought you were kidding about the chart, but you were not. lollll. *applauds* Feb. the 14th, I will be working. I will prolly confess to nobody. I miiiight look for cute memes and such to send out to random peeps. If i feel like it I might take myself out to dinner. But it's really just another day for me...
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    Ah yeah that's true to an extent. But do-it-yourself only goes so far you know? If your trying something for the first time and don't know what your doing you could hurt yourself or break something. Hence having a teacher is important.
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    Yeah, I agree with this one, though it is possible to gain skills somewhat freely, especially considering that such a method was how the tech we have today. We, as human beings, are just too lazy to go about it, or are not able to take that path.
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    TOP 5 (NON-CZECH) Kizuna (No struggles there,since i am a native Japanese speaker) DidYouKnowGaming? (My daily dose of fun facts) FamilyJules Jack Black N.M.Willis TOP 5 (CZECH) Agraelus PTNGMS ( drunk entertainment since 2012) Cynická Svině (Czech John Oliver) Racionálně agresivní nerd (Czech John Oliver´s gaming channel) purn (memes)
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    holy hell, my head hurts remember kids, dont do internship its hella stress, and does not pay x) toke some meds thatll maybe kill me heal me, but lets face it guys natural healing (not taking meds and resting) > relying on meds to do the work ...is what i said, yet here i am, infront of a pc, toke meds, and still going i am the epiphany of hypocrite >.> obligatory song postoooooooooooooooo oh and, also, i started recently playing epic 7, and azure lane, due to peer pressure (my best friend, and my cool friend irl), so far both are okay, i mean i prefer kancolle over azure lane, and i prefer fgo over epic 7 but we will see what happens from there on give take, i can auto on epic 7, while watching anime, so ill probably do that since my last night duty on serology was....lets just say NO SPECIMEN ARRIVED FROM 3AM TO 8AM, YOU GOTTA UNDERSTAND THATS A HUGE TIME OF DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like holy sh*t, i could roam if i wanted to, and no one would care and the job of guys in serology ?, just 3 drops of serum on the assay, and wait 15 to 20 minutes, and just like reading a pregnancy test, read it as positive if two lines, or negative if no lines the most benign job, and i have it for atleast until...next week ah fuck, atleast i remember it being uptil february 14?, before im switched to blood bank section (since BB and immuno-sero share stuff) oh also, my birthdays coming up, happy birthday me ...im gonna be using up more cash just to celebrate it, and im not looking forward to it >.>.... unless qt junior comes and greets me, it wont be fap >.>....
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    so what is up my shizzle of the nizzle ?! as for me, well, lets just say, today, i "had" plans on playing RE2 remake, or atleast finish claire's story, since i finished leon's last time in one go (only toke me 8 hours of my life xD) but...well, i kind of, came out of night duty today, and after night duty, went to dentist to remove some knitting they did on my teeth, and then went to my semester which ended at 3pm, (and in long short version, #sleepisfortheweak, #awakeforatleast24hours #nofilter #pureheadache
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    [mal type=anime id=240] After going through three of the five parts of Lupin III, I'm watching Genshiken - after watching the first episode years ago but never continuing it (no idea why though) finally picked it up again and I enjoy it o far.
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    I always get a return, though the reason behind it sucks. Back in the dot-com era I had some shares of a science and tech fund. On the way down a lot of people were cashing out of any technology stocks. I didn't, but as the other shareholders cashed out, the fund was selling shares to generate cash to pay them with. As the fund sold shares they generated "internal" capital gains for the fund. Unfortunately, the way mutual funds work they have to pass along any capital gains to ALL shareholders, not just the ones that cash out. Even though the share price of the fund was dropping and I was losing money on paper, I got hit with an unexpected capital gains distribution at the end of the year from the fund. Because I hadn't paid taxes on it by December I wound up owing about $6k to the feds in April when I filed. This I paid. Sent the check along with my tax forms, which were filed on time. But because I owed so much the infernal revenue service assessed an extra penalty, and the next year I had to pay "estimated" taxes every quarter based on the previous year's income. Thank you sir, may I have another? Of course the next year I didn't get another such distribution, so I wound up being forced to over-pay my taxes by $6000. In order to avoid this sort of thing in the future, ever since then I've had an extra $$$ amount over and above the usual withheld from my paycheck. So now every April I get (most of) it back as a return. Or how about this one? (As long as I'm bitching about taxes. ) I have solar panels on the roof. Solar's cheap these days, but it cost a significant chunk of change back 15 or so years ago when we built our system. Fortunately the state of California had a deal where if you filed the proper paperwork and included the receipts for what you paid they would reimburse you for half the cost. You had to install and pay for the whole system first, then file and hope you get the check, but it was a good deal. We filed successfully and got a nice check. Unfortunately the infernal revenue service claimed that the check was "income" and we had to pay taxes on it. Needless to say, the IRS is NOT my on my Christmas list.

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