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    Been labouring for about 8 hours, just got my epidural. This is really happening!!
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    Hello, I'm new to Anime Forums, so far this seems like a very nice place.
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    A female fan of My Little Pony And thank you everyone for the recommends! A friend of mine recommended me a whole slew of good anime to start with as well. I can’t wait to get to know all of you!
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    Hi, since you brought it up, what's a pegasister? Seems like a mix of pegasus and sister. I just recently finished Neon Genesis Evangelion because it was so hyped. Well, it's 'interesting' and I don't have anything specific to rant about (maybe why the heck they released two endings which basically were the same). Even though I think it's a really decent anime and probably a classic, in my opinion people hype it a bit too much. There's a lot of religious symbolism which if you get makes it a lot better, but you don't have to get it to watch it. There are so many titles out there, that it's difficult to randomly suggest some. I'd definitely second Ohiotaku's list. Something you might really enjoy is Silver Spoon (only in Japanese with English subtitles though). It's more or less about students at an agricultural school (includes several things having to do with animals).
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    As an aspiring writer I love creating worlds, complex characters and stories that bring these elements together in order to create a written work that makes one think. I think the best kind of written work is one that does not overtly push a certain view or thought that the writer wants you to come away with but rather one that lets the story and characters speak for themselves in order to allow each and every reader to relate to or realize something new from the story and its characters.
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    My dad bday is coming soon
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    Hello. I’m a long-time pegasister who’d like to get into anime as well. I’m totally new to the anime scene but thought this would be a good place to get a good head start in this fandom. Everyone tells me I should start with evangelion? Idk do you guys have any anime suggestions for someone new to the fandom? As for a little about myself....I’m a college student currently residing in the sunny state of Florida, USA. I love animals so I am pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I also love music, music producing, voice acting, and am an aspiring backyard mechanic. Don’t know if you guys heard about a place called MLP Forums. I’ve been a member there since 2016 am now a sectional moderator on that forum. Anywho...nice to meet y’all and I can’t wait to get started in anime!
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    In case anyone was coming here hoping to find useful information, turn around, I am not an expert in this subject matter, just thoughtful insights here. If you're looking for someone else's perspective on this subject, well hello! You've come to the right place. I wanted to share my thoughts on mute characters in writing, because until recently I hadn't even considered the possibility of a mute character in a story, or even in life for that matter. Not that I'm consciously noninclusive, it's just that I can only recall one instance where there was a mute person I've been exposed to, and it was in a movie that I watched. She was a very beautifully done character with loads of personality and a huge impact on the story, and it was because she went through this huge change, overcoming her struggle with trusting, and being afraid to the point of not speaking, that the story was so beautiful. However, she only did this because of the help of the other characters in this movie. These characters were also given the heroic honor to notice this young character and help her life change for the better when they could have easily left her alone and chosen to ignore her entirely. She was mute, she wasn't a squeaky wheel asking for attention, yet they chose to take the time to get to know her and to help her, and this made their characters better too. The point: mute characters take more effort, but they can be worth it. Since starting the RP "The Harmony of our Hearts" with @Nova who requested that there be a mute character, I have been concerned that I may have bit off a bit more than I could chew. I was thinking, how on earth will I be able to role play this character, when she can't speak.. What will her contribution even be? I'll admit, its been pretty tough to pull this off, and I hope I'm doing okay, and not creating a character that no one wants to be around... But the thing is, if mute characters take effort, then the other characters in the story will just have to take the time to understand and help my character to truly flourish again. The premise behind her being mute is pretty rough, but basically it was from an accident that she witnessed or perhaps somehow feels to blame for. At the same time, her best friend Kagura is unhealthy, and is prone to getting injured, being around her makes her remember this accident. So i'm hoping that I can eventually rebuild this characters strength and overcome the anxiety and the fear underlying her condition. Communicating with these characters in the story has been challenging, mostly I will be doing facial expressions, body language, and as I recently mentioned in the story, texting other characters. I don't want to add telepathy, because I feel like this story isn't going to include these types of abilities. It's more of a love story, so perhaps Sofias desire for the love interest, or even his future involvement with her will help her to heal and we can see a massive change in the character as the story reaches a climax. Anyway, I hope you've gotten something out of this, or considered mute characters for one of your future stories. Let me know in the comments if you've got any creative ideas for Sofia to be interacting with her friends in this RP.. I'll give you the link below. Looking forward to it. -Seshi
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    Haru and Momiji: Age 15. Haru is the older twin. Likes: Each other, mischief, teasing their friends Haru loves a good book; while Momiji loves swimming Dislikes: People who don't get their jokes, olives, and being separated. Every romantic story needs some side characters to keep the story bright. -------------------------------------- Haru and Momiji quietly come behind Marshal and Kagura link their arms with their classmates (Haru with Marsh and Momiji with Kagura). "Hello little doves." Haru teases as the twins start marching their newest prey towards their classroom. "What have we here? Clubs? Are you two going to join the same club?" Momiji says as he notices the flyers. "Momiji, should we join a club with them too?" Haru asks "I would join any club that you're in, Haru. Besides someone needs to keep an eye on these two." Momiji winks suggestively at Marsh and Kagura. "Did we just see Sofia running off?" Haru asks as he looks at Marsh. "Sofia too? Better be careful Marsh, we might steal both of these lovely ladies right out from under your nose" Momiji looks at Haru indignantly. "Haru! You said I'm the only one for you!"
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    "Yo dawg, I heard you like lurkin, so I installed a lurking device in your lurker so you can lurk while you lurk."
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    I love to watch anime obviously and I'm actually planning on starting a youtube channel about anime, My waifu was Ryuko Matoi but after I learned of Himiko Toga my mind is scrambled!
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    Hi I'm happy to be here. I love anime/manga
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    Extreme metal and (gore) grind is full of weird / bad names "Boy Eats Girl" "Mister Sister Fister" "Slice The Cake" "We Butter The Bread With Butter" My absolute favourite, though, is " ██████ " I love all these bands though, for what it's worth.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see about doing that
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    Getting flustered, Marshall averts his eyes. "T-there's nothing between us. Right, Kagura?" He takes another glance at the fliers. "Besides, I don't know if I'll join a new club this time around. I might stay in the Chess Club with my sister." Then, Marshall squints his eyes at the twins, hoping that they wouldn't ruin the mood of that quiet little club.
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    Hi there, I saw that Dr. Stone is among your favorites. In case you are currently watching it, there's a thread about it here (although it's mostly just me who posts there after each episode )
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    Welcome People here are pretty friendly and easy to talk to. Also seems to be pretty diverse as far as age and where they’re from. Hope you like it here.
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    welcome to the forum. hope you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
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    Oh Evangelion is one of my fav anime ,do you have a fav genre and welcome to af from.Nova the ghostly potato
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    Welcome While I haven’t been as big a fan of MLPFIM from season 5 on, I continue to watch it. As far as anime goes, my advice would be to start with something a bit more ... mellow than Evangelion. Some personal recommendations would be Magic Knight Rayearth, Little Witch Academia, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuru Camp, K-on!, Azumanga Daioh, My Roommate is a Cat (especially since you like animals), Flying Witch, & Fruits Basket (the 2019 version is really good). There’s also Umamusume Derby if you’re curious about the Japanese version of horse girls. For more action oriented series try My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist (both versions of FMA are good but I prefer Brotherhood personally). Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Could you add Australian eastern standard time?
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    Wow, you must like Rin almost as much as I do
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    ''Anal C*nt'' - because grindcore ''Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start'' - why? ''!!!'' (chk chk chk) - nobody knew how to say the band name
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    Oh! That explains some things with your character. I think you're doing great so far. My suggestion would be to put Sofia's thoughts into italics to demonstrate that it's not dialogue. For instance: I do feel a little guilty for not contributing as much, so let me know if you think I should do something or the story should go in a certain direction.
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    Yeah, it was really cool to see the opposite point of view with the supporters of the Shoganate! I mean, to be honest, we often do only really see the benefits of Western influence, but not always how it also tore the culture apart a bit. I think many of Akira Kurosawa's films did a great job depicting the ronins who no longer had lords to serve under (probably my favorite was Sanjuro and Yojimbo.) It's sometimes hard for Westerners to realize just what impact we had on Japan. I was watching a video of "Get in the Robot" on YouTube, and while I knew the didn't care so much about nudity pre-Edo (I think it was Edo when the Emperor demanded to Westernize,) I didn't know that the government actually invaded people's homes and confiscated the "pornography" from the citizens! And this was mostly due the Western Judaeo-Christian influence against nudity and "lewd" imagery. Sorry, I got off topic a bit XD I do that. I really agree that I need more information on the demons and Chizuru's powers. I hope we get to find out why, besides obvious prejudice against humans, the oni hate humanity. More development on why they feel superior, beyond the "we're stronger" thing. And I really want to see more of her power! She's a frickin' demon, and she couldn't do anything but heal herself. That aspect was a bit of a let down. But! I realize we'll probably see more of it in the story to come :3 The love story...hm...I mean, I think it's going to be a touch forced, but I kinda figured they were going to ship the two main characters. Hijikata's a tough guy with a heart of gold and she's the soft gentle lady who's just bound to win him over XD I hope, if they're going that route, they develop their romance organically :3 I think it could definitely work, as she's shown to him that she, like him, honors the warrior's code. I think one thing that may be what's won him over is how without knowing he's eavesdropping, she's constantly shown her loyalty and dedication...ideals that I feel he values above all, which may have been why the Shinsengumi sided with the Shogun to begin with, and ultimately abandons them as they depart from that ideal. I dunno...I can't wait to watch the next film, though! Did you say there were three movies?
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    Yup along with some punishment im joking by the way @The History Kid
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    This time the little turd ate a sock. I may use him to make a new one at this point...
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    welcome to the forum. hope you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
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    Me too~! I have been kinda away this week with some things going on with the Dr. ;/
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    Hi and welcome to the forums @Scarlet Thunderstormz ! Hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything or have questions feel free to send me a message~! ^^
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    Welcome, It’s great to have you. I hope you enjoy the forums.
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    You’re in the right place then Glad you found your way here
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    Okay, let's look at the Land of Education. Generally, I think you can approach this whole thing in two ways. Either you look at it from a fictional perspective, i.e. let's assume that the land of Education is purely interested in education and almost nothing else (I think this approach is more interesting if you want to design a game etc). Or you look at it from a more realistic perspective, i.e. let's assume that one of the countries we have nowadays would be ruled by politicians who are all educators (this approach is probably more interesting if you are trying to understand human cultures and politics as they really are). I think the answers to your questions will be different depending on which perspective you take. So I will call these perspectives A (the fictional one) and B (the more realistic one). What defines criminal behavior & how criminals are charged and punished?  Whether the culture's predominant religion considers certain actions to be sinful? This one's tricky. How sinners are treated by religious leaders and society alike? How gender roles are defined? Interesting question but difficult to answer. I guess both A and B would determine gender roles by their current state of knowledge about them. If they think that men or women are better at teaching they would stress this? What values the culture holds dear? What behaviors are generally considered to be improper or immoral?
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    So, I just watched it as well. I can't remember their names though so I'll mostly refer to them by description Like @Blue Dragon I thought the atmosphere and pacing was great! Also the art style was fantastic which made it a lot more enjoyable for me! It was interesting to see a different side of the whole 'Tokugawa vs. Meji' war thing which they already had in Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin was more one of the modernist in that sense and the Shinsengumi were (as far as I know) more on the traditional Tokugawa side (although I know very little about Japanese history). I always think non-Japanese people like me don't get a lot of the references because we don't know Japanese history well enough. Anyway, coming back to the actual movie. The whole drinking the water of life transforming you into a fury or not was really interesting! But I think they could have build up on that a bit more. Maybe show a bit more the side effects and how it changes people. It's also interesting in a way that you see those traditional sword fighters, who would rather die than continue without the ability to fight, resort to some 'outside' help while at the same time probably refusing to use 'western' weapons like guns. At first I thought it would be realistic, but that whole devil/demon thing surprised me and I thought it added quite a lot to the movie. And how they made it art-wise was magnificent! I kinda felt like Chizuru would at some point unleash more of her powers, but let's see what'll happen in the next movie. Also, I'd actually would want to know more about the whole demons who have been living there for centuries and the whole history behind them. What felt a bit strange to me was the whole thing in the end with the long-haired main guy who also turned into a fury. What I mean is the whole romantic aspect. I don't know, for me it wasn't really present until then, so it felt a bit abrupt in a way. Maybe it was just subtly there and I didn't get it though. In a nutshell, I think it was a great movie and I kept thinking that there probably has to be another part. Turns out there is, which I'll definitely watch as well
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    Hello and welcome @shion_2907! You should definitely be able to make plenty of friends here as the community overall is really friendly. If you need anything feel free to drop me a message
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    Hello and welcome to the forum @NekoTopia I hope you enjoy yourself here and make lots of friends ^^ Shouldn't be too hard because the community overall is great. If you need anything feel free to send me a message ~!
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    Maybe try the Ushio & Tora tv series. https://myanimelist.net/anime/29854/Ushio_to_Tora_TV?q=Ushio. It’s shonen with cool fight sequences. Not as irreverent as Mob Psycho but still some comedy as the 2 protagonists don’t get along at first. There’s also Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, though that one proved to be too over the top for me Edit: one more https://myanimelist.net/anime/1559/Shijou_Saikyou_no_Deshi_Kenichi?q=Kenichi Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple about a weak high schooler who becomes too strong for his own good after being trained by a group of eccentric martial artists. The most comedic of my recommendations and also has some fanservice . The more I think on it, the more I think this may be your best option if you’re looking for something not too serious. Edit 2: I lied about being done before :lol: https://myanimelist.net/anime/37487/Muhyo_to_Rouji_no_Mahouritsu_Soudan_Jimusho?q=Supernatural About a duo dealing with supernatural threats. Only 1 season so far, but another is in the works. NOW I’ll give someone else a chance to talk
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    Hi there and welcome to the forums. You should have no problem making friends here the community overall is great ^^ I'm Sofi btw and if you need anything feel free to send me a message ~! Hope to see you around the forums.
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum ^^ hope you enjoy your stay here and you should make some great friends : D If you have any questions feel free to message me, my inbox is always open ~!
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    Hiiii @unconfirmedand welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time and enjoy yourself here, meeting new friends should be easy since everyone is pretty great here ; D What are your favorite animes you've watched and what kind of birds do you have? ( I luv birbs ). If you need anything or have any questions my inbox is always open~!
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    Hi! @Blue Dragon and welcome ^^ I hope you have a great time here and you should be able to catch up on anime here lol. I'm Sofi~ nice to meet you ;D
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    Subs, I like hearing works in the language they were originally intended to be in. Dubs are pretty good these days, but for some reason I find cutesy slice of life / moe voices to sound awkward in English.

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