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    I’m sure sporadic on here, I hope you all are doing well. What anime have you been watching recently if any?
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    I know this is terrible, but I had a monster. And that's it.
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    I just made a delicious spread for my toast that can also be used as a dip for sliced fruit using this: https://pbfit.com/product/pbfit-original/ I mixed a few tablespoons of PB Fit, some skim milk, a dash of cinnamon, a dash of tumeric, & a drizzle of honey. I'm going to let it set in the fridge overnight to thicken up a bit & then have it in the morning on some whole wheat toast alongside an egg white omelette, a few slices of turkey bacon, & some fresh fruit. Breakfast of champions confirmed! I put the link to it in case anyone wanted to look at the nutrition information or get more recipe ideas
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    I don't do mornings very well either. I usually grab a bagel as I go out the door. In "normal", pre-virus days I had access to the cafeteria at work and sometimes I'd go there and grab a couple pancakes or a bowl of oatmeal or a muffin or something once I got to work but they've shut down the cafeteria - along with the rest of the lab - for the duration. I've been trying to get up a few minutes early to throw together a real breakfast and a sandwich or something for a bag lunch but ... it is hard.
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    Just finished Noragami Aragoto & now it is on to the OVAs!
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    I had 2 dinosaurs , and they were spicy .
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    Feeling like a freak on a leash with this Ibuki Suika set being all chained up heh heh..
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    I’m absolutely useless when it comes to breakfast, always have been. First thing in the morning on weekdays I’m in no state of mind to eat, let alone cook something. Usually just gulp down a glass/bottle of iced tea to keep me going until lunch. If I get to sleep in & don’t have anything particular to do in the morning, will usually do turkey sausage with waffles or english muffin & orange or cranberry juice.
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    Technically, Pokemon still counts as anime. They key is that it's made in Japan.
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    Just finished episode 4 of Noragami Aragoto & OH MY GOSH!!!
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    Hi everyone, Finally got around to adding new sets of anime character type images. You can select the one you want by editing your profile. Many thanks to @Wedgy @Izzy and @xWickedNekox for contributing these. Set 1 by @Wedgy Set 2 by @Izzy Set 3 by @xWickedNekox Thanks again to those that contributed full sets. We may be looking at other personality types in future.
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    drawings of anime characters and ocs on paper/tablet
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    How I would hum to the coffin dance meme:

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