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  1. Working my way through Inuyasha. Just finished watching eps 41 and 42, up to the ep where the Tetsuaiga breaks. It's been so long since I watched this series, I had pretty much forgotten all the storyline. I've seen a few eps that I can barely recall from the two DVDs of it I had bought years ago. It really takes me back to the early 2000s watching this title.
  2. I bought Akira - 25th Anniversary Edition on Bluray. I've mentioned before that Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Outlaw Star were the anime titles that took me further down the anime rabbit hole as a teenager, and for the most part they did. However, it was both Ninja Scroll and Akira that were my introduction to how bloody, gory and adult-themed anime could be. I watched NS sometime before I watched Akira, and then CB, Trigun and OS I discovered shortly thereafter on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. I'm sure that compared to other titles that came before them, perhaps even some after, they might be considered rather mild. But for me, those were the first titles of that kind I ever saw.
  3. Super Troopers If only cops could be that cool, minus Farva.
  4. Can't say I had much going on at age 18.5 (currently 37). I had just graduated HS in 2005, and started going to a local community college immediately in the fall afterward, majoring in computer information systems/technology. Second semester in (2006), I got a job working at this chain buffet restaurant called Ryan's Steakhouse... and hated every minute of it. Thankfully, that lasted only a few months before my dad got appointed elsewhere with his job, and we all moved to the region we live in currently. I enrolled in another community college the next county over, and spent a lot longer than one should have trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to do. So, I guess I was trying to figure out what I wanted to go into as a career, while simultaneously discovering how much I hated the odd jobs I had to do to make ends meet. The "trial" period, if you will, of life's subscription had ended at that point.
  5. My brother and I went to eat at our local Mexican restaurant earlier today, and there were two families sitting at a table next to our booth, with about 4 kids. The oldest boy, who appeared to be around 8 or 9, out of nowhere just started singing “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. That restored my faith in humanity a tiny bit… 😅

  6. They’re a little bitter on their own, but they aren’t really that bad if mixed in with other greens and veggies. The younger the leaves are, the more tender and tasty they are. I actually found a video years ago where this guy was sautéing dandelion greens with potatoes. Looked delicious, ngl.
  7. Well.... scratch that salad idea off the board. Guess I'll just stick to dandelions and garden veggies.
  8. I gift to you a cross-stitched fox.... At least, I think it's a fox. Eh, kinda looks more like an orange Akatsuki cloud..... Oh, just take it already.....
  9. Extremely excited. I found an apartment and got all the prerequisites taken care of. Also got the keys earlier today! Of course.... not so excited about moving my stuff over there, but luckily there isn't any real time limit to move it.
  10. Lazy Lucca Incentivizes All Colleagues AKGDB
  11. A patient tells his doctor, "Help me! I'm addicted to Twitter." The doctor replies, "Sorry, I'm not following you."
  12. Better late than never, eh?
  13. I use plastic the majority of the time because it's just easy and convenient, plus I buy a lot of things online too. On rare occasion, I'll go into an establishment that only accepts cash, so I really have no choice but to use cash there. I also write out checks for business purchases or if I'm making a payment on the house, etc. I guess I pay in just about every way that one can pay.
  14. A little on edge. It got crazy at work earlier. Busiest Friday evening we've had since the holiday season. Thank god for bourbon. Cheers!
  15. Way back before streaming was even an option, I had to go out and buy individual DVDs if I wanted to watch anything new. I'd spot something in the store (anyone here remember Suncoast or Sam Goody? lol) and pick it up. Most of the time, I could only afford one DVD, but I'd easily drop $20 - $30 per disc, and sometimes those DVDs only had three eps on them. Good times. Expensive, but good.
  16. I had to do a fair amount of practicing to get my handwriting back to that point, but I know exactly what you mean here. My handwriting is terrible when I have to scribble something down in a hurry. Those are really cool!
  17. Hopefully it wasn't this wrecked.
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