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  1. Schlap! It's like a slap, but with a 'shh' sound in front of it.
  2. We're going to get some rough weather here tomorrow evening. Rain, possible flash flooding and strong winds from that big storm system going up the East Coast. To those affected by it, y'all stay safe.
  3. After that, we could watch the Orcs with Normal Voices version.
  4. Tell them I forgot my textbook and ask if I could read along with them in theirs.
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California
  6. Tell them the worst (or best?) dad jokes and use the worst (or best?) puns I can throw at them. There will be groaning before the end! >:3
  7. I started watching Inuyasha from the top. It finally dawned on me that when this show was on Adult Swim two decades ago, I only saw one episode here or there, and often not in chronological order. So, I'm now remedying that two-decade-old problem, while refreshing my memory on the overall story and filling in the blanks from where I left off at places.
  8. Buy them some cheese to have for a snack at 3 in the morning
  9. I'd hold Raditz in place for 10 whole episodes while they charged up their Special Beam Cannon
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