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  1. Marry xmas AF hope everyone has a good day.
  2. Hello and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us, and hope to see you around.
  3. Welcome to AF Rem hope you enjoy your time here. Hope to see you around, and if you feel like chatting feel free to message me anytime.
  4. Pretty low key thanksgiving for me this year. My wifu and I had great time with my parents and grandmother.
  5. Got caught up with the gaming news for the day and read a couple VNs. Some of them anyway.
  6. It is honestly very warm for mid November I love it.
  7. I watched a lets play of Paper Mario TYD. I enjoy that game very much.
  8. The Last thing I naught was food for the month.
  9. Hello and welcome to AF hope you enjoy it here, and see you around.
  10. Last thing I naught was a exercise bike and ginger tea. Can't wait to make it.
  11. For me this whole thing is honestly gotten out of hand. I do agree Blizzard is wrong, but it is being taken to far. I do agree with what was said above too that these companies either need to understand what being public is or be made public entirely, or operate properly as a provide organization.
  12. Hello there Liana welcome to AF. Hope you have a great time here with us. I personally love fantasy anime though from my understanding it is not to common these days. Though I am always open to it.
  13. Where I am it is thunder storming and cold.
  14. Hey there Ryuji how have you been doing. 

    1. Ryuji


      I'm alright I guess. Still alive. 

      Hope you've been well. 

    2. ArchieKun


      Thats always a plus. Anything new going on in your world.

    3. Ryuji


      I'm studying to be an Electrician. 

  15. Here where I am it is cold but slightly humid so its holding good bit of the warmth keeping it about 45 degrees with lite braze.
  16. No I would not. I could not date someone exactly like me. The reason we date and fall in love to begin with is we seek traits that we ourselves wish we had. So we compensate by falling in love with those in another person, and want to keep them around.
  17. I would certainly agree wuth you there plus its fun going to the movie theater from time to time. It can be fun with friends I know I have went to a few re-feature movies with friends that were anime productions not to many though.
  18. Hands down my first Anime crush was Anzu from Yugioh Duel Monsters!
  19. I would not try to write when you have bad writers block. All its going to do in the end is frustrate you. You should however do a crap ton of reading. Reading others stories is one of the best way to derive inspiration for your own. Another really good thing to do is watch a series with a mindset of a it telling a story. That will put you in the story telling mood yourself. When watching focus on the the story unfolding in terms of its process rather then the plot itself. This will put you in the structural writing mood. Once your back in the mood then you can begain to work on your own plot for your story and the rest comes down to writing it. Hope this helps you out, and best of luck.
  20. Hello there and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us. Anime is a awespme source of media, and there is plenty to discover here. If you want to chat feel free to message me. See you around.
  21. I personally think that we are seeing this because anime has become far more mainstream in recent years. There are a lot more casual, or newer anime fans then there were a few years ago. So that is why its making more of a scene in the western box office.
  22. So I don't start topics to often so thought it was about time. I have been watching a lot of animal programs lately at least when not watching anime. So thought why not talk about all our favorite aninals as well as animals we like. Feel free to share pics too. Let the cuteness flood in. For me I would have to say my favorite animal if I had to pick would be the African Elephant. They are very smart super emotional, and have families.
  23. ArchieKun

    The Pet Thread

    I don't have any pets of my own currently my apartment is honestly to small for one really in my opinion. Though your cat is adorable

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