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  1. Its been pretty friggen nuts lately. Storming all week up till now, and now its nice in the mid to high 70s.
  2. Last thing I ate was spiced chicken thighs and gold fish. In terms of drinks last thing of spiced tea.
  3. Hello there, and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here, and hope to see you around,
  4. Well things that I hate, but have to do thats a tough one because I really don't hate chores except when I get mentally excused. I don't really hate paying bills either at least the processing portion. If I had to pick one thing I have to do that I hate is trying to get my point across to someone who just won't see it. Of course in my cases this is not normally even a issue, but in other matters it certainly is. In those cases it can be extremely stressful.
  5. Well my favorite one shot movie is Of Mice and Men. It was such a touching story, and it brought home some good points. In terms of anime films the title would certainly by tied between Pokemon the Power of One, and the 4th Inuyasha film.
  6. I prefer subbed anime anytime with the one exception being dbz, and even that is pushing it. Anime is just meant to be watched in subbed in my opinion.
  7. Feeling great just got off work and ate some waffles for dinner.
  8. Hi there peeps hows the ol chat corner going.
  9. Hay there welcome to AF hope you have a great time here, and see you around.
  10. If I am being honest I did not do much gaming related this week apart from play some GameCube with my brother and friend.
  11. Badges and username colors honestly both would be pretty funny. I would like to see both in the future. Would make it a bit more fun as well as more personal.
  12. Mostly just chilled, and did little bday shopping. Also watched dbz for the hell of it/
  13. I am feeling great hanging with my friends today.
  14. Finishing up Shield Hero tonight, and tomorrow will get caughtt up on Fruits Basket.
  15. Sadly I must disagree was never fan of those either. Though peeping full meals all the time with a little one can be tough never quite get the time so I understand.
  16. I can't stand pizza rolls you can literally taste the factory in them. Plus they are almost all doh. Glad you enjoyed though/
  17. Well I like so much of it. I tend to like art styles where the eyes are large and round, and where there is a heavy emphasis on colors for a purpose. Shana is a good example of this as is Fruits Basket. I am not entirely picky though I love anime, and there have honestly been very few art styles for it that I hated besides Ajin.
  18. I have been following the news related to this. I am glad its finally official though it is always seemed odd to me as well. It certainly won't live up to its namesake if it is only portable. Though with the success of the DS and 3DS it makes sense for them to go to the formula that dose work well. Would also be cool if the tv feature was sold desperately for a good price.
  19. Honestly for most people Windows Defender is more then fine. Though if you are looking to third party options your beast bet among the free options would be either Avast, or AVG. Personally I prefer Avast it dose have a paid version with quite a few features though this is not at all required. They offer the primary antivirus for free.
  20. I always thought the default one looked good on my phone. Though I have a cheep LG phone. I did know it was possible to change it via mobile. Though would be dope to see a true mobile skin, or even a app someday for AF.
  21. Feeling great, and having a awesome evening browsing the net, and relaxing.
  22. I used to eat frozen meals all the time before I learned the art of cooking. I like real food so much more though now, and it tastes so much better plus beater for you. Though I have learned how to make a pretty good sun butter/cinnamon, and ginger sandwich only takes about 5 mins to make. So I guess that would be it these days.
  23. Mostly watched gaming news and played some StarDew Valley.
  24. Played a bit of Dead by Daylight abd Minecraft today.
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