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  1. I really like this one a lot. The sading is done very well as is the background.
  2. Hello there welcome to AF. Hope you have a great time here with us, If you ever want to chat or have questions feel free to let me know. See you around.
  3. Sounds awesome to me. Do you do most of this in PS, or another art program.
  4. That is the best way to have toast also adding ginger is good addition too.
  5. ArchieKun


    Hello there and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here. If you ever want to chat feel free to message I like chatting.
  6. These are very well done though I would have to say my favorite is Oshino Shinobu ones you posted. At least of the ones you shared so far.
  7. I have to give you personal props for this venture. I only watched one episode and turned it off. To be fair never been huge fan of Naruto let alone Bourto anyway. Though I am glad you are enjoying.
  8. Hmm anime hair styles well I'd say these should provide a good example of what I tend to go for.
  9. Finished watching Persona 4 the Golden tonight pretty proud. Its from one of my favorite lets players.
  10. Upon closer inspection yes my bad, but nonetheless still pretty awesome rank system. Did you make all these icons, or find them somewhere just wondering.
  11. Pretty awesome looking. I like the golden apple one personally for them ones I have acquired. Keep[ up the good work.
  12. Hello there welcome to AF. Hope you have a great time here with us. Its a great place with so many anime suggestions. If you ever want to chat feel free to let me know.
  13. Hows everybody been I haven't chatted in here for some time for so it would seem.
  14. I was deciding on a new one that I thought I would like. I always liked how ArchAngel sounded so I decided on that, but also thought Archie for short sounded even better. I may change again one day, but for now as well as foreseeable future I thinm,k the name rather suits me.
  15. I love this Pokemon had one in many of my playthroughs.
  16. Hello there, and welcome to AF. I'd say you came to the right place. We are a ever growing anime community always looking for folks to share their love of anime here. Uf you ever want to talk feel free to message me I'll be around. Hope you very much enjoy your stay here.
  17. Hello there, and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here at AF. Its a great place to learn more about the anime community too. Not to mention there is endless series suggestions here as well. See you around.
  18. ArchieKun

    coffee or tea

    Tea hands down in particular arboreal teas. I love spiced tea, and it pretty much flows through my vanes. With that said I do really like coffee though I am far pickier with how I make coffee.
  19. Today mostly checked out the news but may play some Minecraft in a bit today.
  20. Well I admit I personally am not huge seasonal food shopper nit that I don;t like pumpkin spiced everything. I just take it all year round when I can get it. Though I guess if I had to pick something it would be pumpkin spiced chai tea.
  21. Its a pretty awesome show that has in fact grown quite strongly on me. I admit when I first watched it didn't think it was something I would get into it. With that said I quickly developed a love for many of the characters. It is also a series that really teaches quite a few good lessons as well. I'm glad your enjoying it.
  22. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and what comprises the first 6 seeasons are by far the best it honestly went way down hill from there. Though with that said Timeforce is definitely a close second even though they essentially rebooted the series with a new each season starching from the 7th season onward far as I know.
  23. Feeling pretty good today had great morning at work as well as nice afternoon so far.
  24. Admittedly not to much just got caught up with the gaming news and watching a lets play for Persona 3 FES.

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