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  1. Ok so Seshi, and I have been talking we are still going to do this, but on a smaller scale just a fun member contest among the members that wish to take part. One of us will post it at a later time. Thank you for your understanding everyone.
  2. Unfortunately at least my hosting of this contest has been canceled as I have stepped down from the role.
  3. Anytime I love writing, and poetry is always fun.
  4. I hear you I want to see more of Tohru, and more importantly see how she develops throughout the story.
  5. Thats a tough one to say for sure, but if I had to pick it would prob be Elephant.
  6. ArchieKun


    Never had it before I am a fairly picky eater, but anything is worth a try sometimes within reason. I may try it someday.
  7. Oh my word no I love a nice hot day on the beach. Plus technically desert sand is almost entirely quotes minerals wheres most ocean, and even lake beaches are either desalted coral, or sediment. Would you live on mars if it were properly terraformed?
  8. This is amazing, and it flows very well too if I may say so.
  9. Bit tired not to much sleep, but hanging in there.
  10. granted but the wealthiest get a less well equipped tank. I wish that North America followed the same power standards as the rest of the world.
  11. Nope, but I would not mind checking it out. BloodLad
  12. If this were asked even a year ago my answer would have been binge it all. I still largely prefer to binge watch shows though I also like watching them as the air, or shortly there after to be able to talk about them. So in short both for different reasons. Long anime, or short anime?
  13. Hot temps all around I wish so badly for summer to arrive. What do you like better board games, or video games?
  14. I would personally have to disagree in particular with Naofumi thinking anything different of her. He is so broken at this point he is most likely okay with the idea since it is really her seeking justice. This being something he has yet to do against the King, or Royal family. As for the others, and how they feel at this point Melity is not fully trusted so his only real opinion left to seek regarding Raphtalia's actions would be Filo. Of course even through some pretty dark stuff so far she has remained loyal to them both so I see no reason to think that would change. I do however agree that Melity is in no way going to interfere with Raphtalia's relationship.
  15. Honestly I'd be more then ok with the series taking a darker turn, and seeing Raphtalia kill him in my opinion he honestly deserves it. I agree that there is not much of a thing with Melty either at best she is seeing him mostly as a last resort body guard. She is, or still wants to be loyal to the royal family. Though some development did take place that would suggest she may develop a attachment. Though I personally think if thats gonna happen at all it will be episode 15, or later. We still have half the series so far left too. So even if it dose not turn darker at this point it still could as there is plenty of time.
  16. Yep most sites will be having it ready to go by tomorrow Friday the 12th. I am so excited even though I know for the most part whats going to happen.
  17. For most of last evening I watched more of the first Ni no Kuni game Wrath of the White Which. I did end up stopping around 11ish though I am still up past midnight so figured I'd post this anyway. I have really enjoyed the story thus far nearly at the end.
  18. Very much underrated though in all fairness its not as though any characters in the DB universe gets much romance time given Toriama isn't the best at writing romance.
  19. This is fricken adorable as can be, and so are they. Can't forget baby Pan too.
  20. Moved this to chit chat since it did not seem to be related directly with the licensed games. As far as my preference goes I love them both equally for different reasons. I do think Marvel has better over all characters, and content for both the movies as well as the many tv series then DC. However the older DC cartoons tended to be a bit better aka Batman the animated series/Batman beyond among others. In terms of the comics themselves they are equal in my book pun definitely intended.
  21. I think for the most part character development was pretty spot on with episode 14. Other then the things I mentioned above in the spoiler I felt they nailed it otherwise.
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