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  1. Ni hao @Pariah please to meet you im Nova the ghostly potato of af glad you join us on this nice site
  2. We have another storm but its on the province area as of the moment
  3. This is day will be kinda busy one

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    2. Nova


      Lol i don't need it, since im looking after my grandma for a few days then my niece is also sick👻

    3. Endynyp


      Oh no! Take good care of them

    4. Nova
  4. Gladly takes money and night to you
  5. That will be 3 dollars lol jk its free
  6. Nova

    How have you been lil bro 👻hugs

    1. Xyro


      Exhausted xD

      Lots of work, no rest and a good o'll headache to go allongside it :3


      Living the dream xD

    2. Nova


      Aww get well and take it easy if you can or i will haunt you lol jk👻

  7. Opm at my country means -original pinoy music
  8. Sailormoon R The Movie:Promise Of The Rose Sailormoon S The Movie:Hearts In Ice Oh My Goddess The Movie Card Captor Sakura Movie 2
  9. new meat err person welcome to af as a gift take thisfrom Nova the ghostly potato enjoy it here with us
  10. Waves offers cake as a welcome gift hiya nightwarrior welcome to af im please to meet you im Nova the ghostly potato
  11. Lol i might not be do a good job in doing something like that
  12. Sometimes i do watch anime movie like from studio ghibli and the rest from anime series that has movie from them
  13. Hands you pillow and blanket their you go @Endynyp
  14. I tend to get mine from fav char in anime series ,currently mine is from magic knight rayearth part of hikaru heart.so guys tell me where did you get username?
  15. Nonstop rain while i lurk👻

    1. Seshi


      we got some cool weather for about an hour this morning :) now its all hot again

    2. Nova


      I still feel cold only good thing about this i don't need to use the fan👻

  16. again i shall be here well kinda
  17. Chocolate after dinner makes a happy ghost potato
  18. Trying to erase this sadness, (Again and again…)
    I ran down the darkened stairs. (…recreate the past.)
    There’s someone I want to protect. (It’s you.)
    So I’ll put it into words, (trying to reset again):
    “I’m sure we’ll find one another someday."

    From the anime Sakurada Reset aka Sagrada Reset

    Op1 By Yui Makino

    Song title-Reset

    This is part of the song in english translation👻


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