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  1. Fairy tale

    Quite intriguing, I wonder what the real experience of a perfect world would be.
  2. What is the Avatar above you thinking?

    -You have my sword. -And you have my bow! -And my axe!
  3. What is pain?

    @SAO LILDOOP Very good read in fact, quite a philosophy you suggested and I agree with you, I see life the same way hence I see everything from the bright side. A problem isn't a big deal if you know it can be dealt with or not, a problem is only real when you don't know how to treat real issues.
  4. Online Role Playing idea

    It is necessary because all the documents necessary to read are shared in a Google Drive folder, which you can access when I give permissions to any email. Though now that I think of it, there's also the possibility of having a link, but I don't really that's as secure as having an e-mail tied to your actions.
  5. Online Role Playing idea

    Send me privately your e-mail adress, please (/・0・)
  6. Online Role Playing idea

    @SAO LILDOOP here it is, this is the post with most of the info
  7. Create an Anime character

    Sure can, I'll try to get you a link to my post. Try to search it yourself meanwhile
  8. How can I love the Touhou soundtrack so much if I've only ever played one Touhou game and it was for 10 minutes? (ʘ‿ʘ)

  9. Create an Anime character

    @ItsSammy True that, no worries, if you change your mind it's still possible to join whenever you want
  10. Create an Anime character

    @ItsSammy Really? Well I'm surprised you didn't check out the RPG I proposed here on the forums, I made a thread in forum games and some people were interested in having an online Roleplay and you're welcome if you want to join the project (^-^)
  11. Create an Anime character

    @ItsSammy Nice job, those are quite original in fact. Have you made many other characters in that universe?
  12. New beginning

    This is a really short comment. Forget about my past blog entries where I felt depressed, they're no good and won't help anyone anymore, I've forgotten about every bad thing that's happened. From now on I'll only write optimism.
  13. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    @ssjup81 I love milk too Lol. @PotatoNoob2006 About the fact number 4, -> few don't do that so it's not rare I'll do this once more. 1. I've only ever played one time a Touhou game, and yet I love listening to it's OST and I'm also fond of the characters (the ones I can remember the name). 2. I enjoy drawing as much as I enjoy playing videogames. 3. I don't speak Greek, but I can read it and I can write English sentences with Greek letters (because it's fun). 4. My favourite genre of games in general are strategy games (even if I'm not always that good at them, but I still try). 5. In less than two months I'm turning 18 yet I keep a Gardevoir plush close to me at home, and I plan getting more in the future.
  14. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    I only use one for now, and it's not that original : "Omae wa mou shindeiru" "NANI!?" I just find it funny.
  15. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Your high school sure sounds like a somewhat great place for Anime fans!
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