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  1. I have a touch screen Hp computer and an Asus computer , though its kinda acting up since its a little old , But i don't intend on getting a new one any time soon since i dont need it that much
  2. Hi , welcome to AF , Sorry I dont know any buddha anime
  3. watching tamako marketĀ 

  4. I hate how episode 6 just ended like that. And also I hated akito , Hes just so annoying , Like she just doesnt know how to leave people be . " im gonna teach them a lesson " shouldnt be something she should say , and Im glad that hat use to belong to Yuki
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    Just like it sounds ... multiple choice and true and false
  5. I especially feel bad for yuki , hes just so scared i mean terrified of Akito. Its like no one could have a good relationship with another girl or something and they want someone to get hurt . I just want her to die and be gone
  6. Happy mothers day!!

  7. My stomach hurts .. >^<

  8. I should be able to finish cheer boys by today

  9. * sign * complicated relationships ...

    Currently: Nagi No Asukara (A Lull in the Sea) | Anime Amino

  10. That was such a sad episode , I swear i was almost about to cry .... Maybe i did ?
  11. Momiji is really cute , he and tohru tho was stupid enough to believe haru's stupid stories , but thats why its so funny
  12. rewatching angel beats with friends

  13. Some people in anime are absolutly scary * shudders *

  14. That's why I love it so much , I like the anime show too
  15. great ! , this is wonderful and fantastic , Loved it .
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