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Status Updates posted by Tefutakato

  1. Someday I will be able to return to my first forum. Although I am not allowed there right now I can only hope I will be given access to my account again. Things may not be the same but I will adjust.

  2. Life’s been going okay for me. I’ve been busy with school I have to finish up before the school year’s over so I can attend college next year. Not sure what i’ll take since I have no idea what I want to do.

    Wish me luck in my journey to get a secondary school diploma.

    1. RyePotatoes
    2. Beocat


      Good luck! Put a lot of thought into what you want to do. You don't want to waste your tuition money on something your heart isn't into.

  3. Life feels so boring to me honestly. Can’t really get passed the feeling it’s something I deal with almost on a daily basis.

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    2. Tefutakato


      @Roxeg Honestly it has come that often in thinking of giving up. But I always seem to just make up an excuse not to. I would go more in detail but I don’t think it’d be appropriate to talk about it in the statuses. It’s pretty sad stuff. 

    3. Myouya


      I understand... If you think writing more about it will help, my DMs are open to you.
      Let's hope the rest goes smoothly.

    4. Tefutakato


      @Roxeg Okay. Thank you. 

  4. Seen MHA Two Heroes, it was good! 

  5. Been feeling fine. Looking forward to Tuesday though since My Hero Academia Two Heroes is coming to my cities’s theatre which I am gonna go watch. Also i’m taking a test the next day so I can apply for my security guard license. Yes, indeed i’m possibly gonna get a job as a security guard. I’m a little nervous but I hope things go well. 

  6. I see we have new staff here. Cool, congratulations! 

    1. Geano


      Thank you much. We are always reachable if anyone needs anything, or just wants to chat.

  7. I don’t know maybe I don’t need friends since I seem to be doing fine without any. Most people I talk with are just acquaintances really since I don’t know much about them. Friendships is something that needs commitment.

    1. Myouya


      Absolutely. As soon as you notice the other person isn’t making an effort, don’t keep it going either.

    2. XII360


      agree with roxeg-senpai, i only have a few friends couse of that trait, (one online that i treat as best friend, since we've been friends for 8 years now, two in Forums i frequently talk with, and one guy in school ^_^) 

      other's are as you said, acquaintances,

      though that's not to say i wont try to meet new people too, i just might be shy in making new friendships ^__^

  8. Although my friendship ended with someone I met here. I will say I definitely enjoyed my time with that person. She was one of the best things in my life, treating me as family in a way. Something that personal should always be honoured.

    1. brycec


      Happens sometimes. I hope everything turns out for the best.

  9. How are you all doing?

    1. XII360


      pretty fine, assuming classes got suspended again "due to mild rain"

      im not complaining though, i could use a free day of, and insta exam day next week with no studies~

      #procrastinate later

  10. Forgot how good Attack on Titan Junior High was. I did laugh out loud a few times watching it. Good anime I say myself.

    1. Ryuji


      Mikasa was so adorable!

  11. Hey there. I see we have newbies here. Welcome to AF. 

  12. It’s been some time since i’ve had activity here. Forums haven’t really been on my list of priorities right now, i’ve been sticking to my Twitter mostly. But then again I could get into forums soon enough since MAL is having it’s forum opened after a long term hiatus. AF is alright, not perfect but i appreciate the effort put into the site. There’s decent people here, i’ll admit that very humbly.  

  13. Met Greg Ayres and Josh Grelle yesterday. They’re nice guys. Loved their panels very much.

  14. Looking forward to the anime convention i’m attending next Friday. I hope to meet Greg Ayres and Josh Grelle from some of my favourite anime dubs. It’s going to be a blast! :D 

  15. Good morning. 

  16. Love the avatar! Tai is cool! 

    1. Digimon_Sommelier


      Thanx. I'm about to change it, however. lol Hope you like the newest one.

  17. I think i’m back now. Howdy everyone. 

  18. Hey there. 

    1. Myouya



    2. brycec


      Hello there. I thought you were taking a break? Oh well, hope you feel like being around more.

  19. Hey y’all. Lately i’ve been thinking to just take a break from here for a while. Not sure for how long, I just need time to recuperate.

    See you guys later.

    1. Part_time_anime


      I was thinking the same thing. I am also planning to take a long long long break from this. Most likely forever. 

  20. I will become the most interesting man in the world! lol

  21. I’m at the hospital but i’m safe.

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    2. Tefutakato


      @Roxeg I was planing to hurt myself last night, but was taken to the hospital by the crisis response team.

    3. Myouya


      I see how it is... Please, take care of yourself.

    4. Nukemsloth


      sorry to hear that bro. just take care, okay?

  22. Thanks for the follow! :D 

  23. Maybe I could make a “ask Tefutakato” topic, since I see others here have one. I’d like to answer your questions. 

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