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Family Wrestling Legacy

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This is my dream wrestling game. 

The game where you create your own Wrestling Federation or Promotion.



 Create an Owner.

Create a Federation

Create a logo

Create a shows

Create a PPVs

Create championships

Create a Rosters

Create a Tags or Factions




-Shake up


Choose Championships

Manager MODE:

Managed 10 superstars to become Legends. You could get Managers' abilities.

Referee MODE:

Tried your best at being a fair referee or you could go down the heel referee.

Wrestler MODE:

You are a wrestler. Your goal is to become the Hall of fame. After that you had four options after that.

You either become GM or Manager or Referee or retried for good.



Create a Wrestler

Create a Show

Create a Promotion

Create a Championship

Create a Stadium

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I'd play that. there's a mobile game called The Muscle Hustle that, while not as detailed, is a nifty little game where you move up through the indies.

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@Seshi My favorite wrestler was Sting cause he was the one who got me into Prowrestling. 

@Castigear  WWE2K19 had better My Career mode than most recently. 

AEW is wanting to go back to IKA Engine wrestling game style aka N64 type of games.

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Sting was my favorite too! I grew up watching in the 90s. You probably remember him from the 80s though.


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I'd be down with a retro game for AEW. just bc it's retro gameplay doesn't mean they couldn't put a more robust career mode than any of the old ones.

I'd like to see a really retro one ala Pro Wrestling for the NES. I played the heck out of that game.

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