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The last thing you ate/drank


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The last actual meal I had was some chicken (using some Doritos and some other things in it) and a salad, x.x .The last thing I had to drink was some Sprite~


Also, aww... poor Tear, :(

*gives him a big, warm and loving hug*


My parents deal with a lot of back pain, so I understand how badly it can bother you. Plus, my back isn't exactly peachy, lol.

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Thank kyu Jewel & Yuuki <3




So the last thing I just drank was about a gallon or so of coffee. Well not literally, but yeah RIP everyone who has to put up with me today :crazy:




And xD . Hyper Tear! But as for me, the last thing I ate was a meatball sub from Subway and I drank some more Sprite, x.x

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