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Anime with the best Op and Ed music?

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A few this season that I really like a lot are the op of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens and the op and ed of after the rain, my overall favourite of all time is Tokyo ghouls op and ed 

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    • By Gosalyn
      and the names of the characters. I'm hoping someone will know what it is and can tell me, based on what i remember of the plot?
      A baby girl is sent forward it time, to protect her from a war in ancient japan (to "modern" day, late 90s, early 2000s...) and grows to teenage/high school age. She was found as a baby in the same place the ritual was performed, by an archaeologist and his son, who then adopted and raised her. When she returns to the place where she first appeared, she is sent back again to not long after she left. She and her adoptive brother, who absorbed her power as she went forward in time, are now stuck in the middle of a raging war, trying to find a way to return to the time they came from.
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      The first Anime I've ever seen. must have been 10 years old (19 now). It was a story about the main character, I think she was female, and she had an unfortunate encounter with some witch, who put a spell on her and she couldn't talk. Then I forget... and she was in some big house or something idk 😅 hahah
      Any help would be appreciated
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      so.. this game allows you to fight with two other characters, there are stages that allows you to fight with controlling giant spaceship and mecha, there's also a house, dormitory mode that allows you to place/arrange appliances and make them, there's also a base mode. there's tons of features and after playing it for few days im actually having a Blast! its probably the best mmo game i played on mobile! it seems cheap pay to win too. 
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      And it has nothing to do with anime/manga lol.
      It's actually a really personal story, a memoir of sorts. I plan to detail an emotional love affair (lol) as well as some of the shiz that happened/happens to me. 
      I plan on self-publishing, I don't care about money or exposure, just doing it for myself. Although it would be awesome to have you guys follow me on my journey. I hope to keep you guys updated on my progress (spoiler alert, I'm already 1/3 done with the first draft)
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      Hey everyone! We have officially released a teaser animatic for our series Lost Kings which you can watch here. The premise for the story is below. We are gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to animate this teaser. Please support us by liking our Facebook page and staying tuned for the campaign!
      Donny King is a 16 year old kid and the very definition of the term “nerdy”. As a child of an abusive father, he uses various entertainment like video games, anime, and comic books to escape his reality. Kyle (18), Donny’s older brother, is the complete opposite: star QB for their high school football team and extremely popular.
      One day, Kyle steps in to defend his little brother against a group of bullies but is eventually overpowered and thrown to the ground. Donny helplessly watches the beating and, as memories of his father flash through his mind, he finds himself wishing they were someplace better. The next thing they know, the brothers wake up to find themselves in a world that is straight out of Donny’s imagination. Here, all the nerdy tropes exist: Monsters that can only be killed by 3 hits in a weak spot; busty,scantily-clad anime women wearing "armor"; villains that monologue and reveal their evil plans. Together, the brothers must navigate this strange world to find their way home.
      Created By: Jeff Giron
      Written By: Jeff Giron
      Storyboard Animatic: Rachel Jost
      Original Character Concepts: Bobby St. Aubin
      Character Concepts: Rachel Jost, Kit Brooks, Felipe Uribe
      Sound Design: Daniel Bidal
      Music: Carlos Rodríguez Rodríguez
      Donny King: Corinne Sudberg
      Kyle King: Aleks Le
      Hitomi Hikoori: Felicia Valenti
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      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LostKingsTAS/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/LostKingsTAS
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