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What Did You Do In Gaming Today


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3 hours ago, Otaking66lives said:

Mass Effect

I like this series! I'm so childish though, I laugh every time I see the title because my friend's cell auto-corrected it as Ass Effect once. xD Aye, the thicc Tali jokes never ended after that. 

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Tried a bit of minecraft today but I haven't played in so long that it took most of the allotted time just to remember just wtf I was doing last time I played!  Any game that allows you to create a save file also needs a "note to future self" feature so that when you load it up again in 6 months or a year you at least have a fighting chance.  :(

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Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Defended the Kulrut and united Aether with Gaia. Also found a clone named Beta as well. Still hoping Erend goes for Aloy (he's such a fanboy). 

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

I have beaten this awhile ago but I decided to dive in again and I forgot how much I love this game. ❤️❤️

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Finally got around to making a turtle compound at my main farm/base in minecraft.  (I have one elsewhere but it is a bit of a trip to get there.)


This one has a fountain in it.  They seem to like it.  🐢🐢🐢




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