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what type of occupation do you have ?!

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2 minutes ago, HanaApril said:

@ArchieKun I can however if I wanted to again work but only part time as well. I'm sorry to hear your sorta in the same boat. I do get down a bit about it every now and then but I know I'm not the only one out there if they cannot work and there is no shame in it. Sometimes people can't and that's okay. I know my life is a lot different than others my age and I'm alright with that and accept it. However when I was a bit more social a few years back people didn't seem to understand me or accept me for not being able to work and some other things, so again it was hard to make friends. 

Very well said @HanaApril

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37 minutes ago, HanaApril said:

@ArchieKun Thank you~

All the same though cleaning is a good profession its a god work out, and if you got the gear like gloves to keep hands clean, and sometimes a mask for mouth and bose for respiratory safety it can be a nice workout, and kinda fun. Even more so as you start to make progress and see the house slowly improving, and looking hella dope.

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*deep inhale*

Most regularly I work as a cleaner for the Department of Work And Pensions offices but on some of my spare days I am a freelance photographer doing weddings, birthdays, festivals, real estate and more. Other days I work as a session musician, usually working small-time gigs for small time bands, I'm yet to get my big break playing with Foo Fighters or Slipknot but hope springs eternal. Any other part of my spare time is dedicated to my jobs working on the WoX sites (that's a whole other conversation) and also trying to build my own site but overall I spend lotsa time at the gym liftin them weights, getting them sweet gains and fulfilling my destiny as a wrestler.

*L e GaSp*

I do a lot of stuff and love my life :D :3 And in my spare time I, of course, watch lotsa anime

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