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  1. ArchieKun

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I love chess mate. I honestly just really got into it about a year ago though.
  2. ArchieKun

    New pokemon movie !!!

    Yah thats true though I have to admit I was supersized to see a movie for this. I mean it was a good game very good for what it was though not great enough for this. On the other hand I did at one point in life wish the Pokemon anime was more like the games so I guess the fate has answered me with this 6 or so years later.
  3. I would be interested to have a conversation even if it meant dying in the process.
  4. ArchieKun

    Do you play games? What kind?

    The first one I played was on the SNES not even kidding. Apart from 4000 I still think that one is the best at least in the sim city games. As far as for the Sims itself that would be 2, and 3.
  5. ArchieKun

    New pokemon movie !!!

    Honestly I share that same fear, but then I think that is very likely to happen here in this case. I am just hoping that if that is the case that it is at least a good plot on its own.
  6. ArchieKun

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I loved the sims of all kinds though all the sim city games held a place in my heart. Have you plated any of the other sim city titles like 3000, or 2000?
  7. Damnit this cold is no fun. Its hard to go outside to much well unless I really need to. I am hoping I get used to winter soon because it an't going nowhere fast.

    1. Greeneyes


      You can do one of 3 things, first go into hibernation, 2 you can just slowly drop the temp in your home until its close to that of outside so you become a cold blooded animal. and then option 3 hope for summer sooner.

    2. ArchieKun


      Funny you mention dropping the temp in my home as that honestly seems to have worked at least the last time I was out it seemed to help.

    3. Greeneyes


      mm its what i do.


  8. ArchieKun

    New pokemon movie !!!

    Given the cringe I get when most anime turns live action I would normally say not holding my breathe. Though since its Pokemon, and all I am going to be slightly more open minded on this then I would be otherwise. I'll just say I am looking forward to seeing what its about.
  9. ArchieKun

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Yah thats understandable I have always done the big city life. I like having everything I need right there for me. Honestly manga in retail is even hard to find in retail in tthe city let alone a small town since most read it online, or through a app. I do buyy the series I like most online. I have this one, but still need to finish it myself.
  10. ArchieKun

    Do you play games? What kind?

    Moved this to the gaming forum. As far as what types of games that I play. I love to play pretty much everything though my go to seems to be VNs. Dating Sims, and JRPGs. Though I love retro console games such as the Rare Ware stuff from the N64, and Mario Bros from NES. I honestly like pretty much anything except maybe shooters. Though I have been getting into series like Halo, Gears of War, and COD lately so this may change. I do want to mention far as MMOs go I do like them, but really just have not found one I truly want to devote that much time to. I used to play Ruinscape, and WOW. Once upon a time I tried my hand at LOL as well. None of them were really for me so I found myself turning back to the Japanese type games very quickly. With that said though I do like Blizzard's older stuff like Warcraft, and Starcraft. The second Starcraft is probably my favorite game by them along with Diablo IIII. I also love PC emulators for consoles from anything from NES to portables, and right up to the modern consoles out now. I do however want to one day start collecting consoles again. That pretty much sums it up for video gaming. RP is a even more big part of me, or as big I suppose as video gaming, but still very much important. Board games like D&D, and Vast are also really fun along with a verity of other resource management games as well. So ya I am a gamer through, and through.
  11. This is true though nothing no matter how great lasts forever. Time wares everything down.
  12. ArchieKun

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Sorry for the confusion I was referring to weather you preferred his character development in the manga, or anime.
  13. ArchieKun

    Rurouni Kenshin

    I have a harder time choosing all all time favorite fight of his though that one was epic to be sure. In terms of how the fights play into the plot for both the anime, and manga which do you prefer for either of these situations?
  14. ArchieKun

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Kenshin dose have some pretty polished fighting too so I can see why. I have done that sorta thing too, but not with this anime.
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