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  1. "Do you want your four cheeseburger and Orange soda?" No kidding that was far from my order at a McDonald some time ago. It was honestly quite hilarious considering we ordered something entirely different. What would you do if all and I mean all fast food was banned world wide.
  2. Well that makes me feel all fuzzy and special. No complements really just relaxing watching fan animations actually.
  3. Those are always nice thank you.
  4. Nothing wrong with having extra cloths and or essentials though. Never know when you might need them when out and about.
  5. I would move to Japan, and just be done with it. If you could eat one candy for rest of your life without ever eating another type what would it be.
  6. Doing ok weather isn't the best but then I knew it wasn't going to be.
  7. Hello there how have you been lately.
  8. Exactly someone who understands.
  9. I think its certainly a interesting concept to be sure. It is along the line of what Microsoft wants to focus on considering they are working a lot with VR/AR development. So something along this is not to surprising. I do think like something like PokemonGO it will need some time before it is really good though time is on its side.
  10. Doing really good today talked with a good friend, and went to a local fair that was put on in my town.
  11. ArchieKun

    Anime Chit Chat

    Nah the wifu helped me out, but I almost wanted to hork from sitting up. It was a great anime con.
  12. Looks like a strawberry, and egg batter sort of dish. How exactly is this made?
  13. There is nothing wrong with having fruit for desert. Most really fancy deserts are based around fruit anyway. lol
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