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  1. ArchieKun

    Daily music For all!

    I have so many but here is a couple from JRPGs I like.
  2. That feeling I know well myself, but it is going along with a strong sense of accomplishment that I added the series to my knowledge and completed list.
  3. ArchieKun

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    I am a bit hungry to but gotta wait a couple more hours.
  4. ArchieKun

    Weather in your area?

    Unfortunately cold about 5 degrees with 15 wind chill factor.
  5. ArchieKun

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Currently I work part time at a clothing store doing fright related work. Though I also do computer, and technology consulting on the side as well. That can be anything from building a website to setting up a decent sized network complete with servers. Though most of the time I am honestly just working here on AF.
  6. ArchieKun

    How are you feeling right now?

    Starting to get a little sleepy but not enough to go to bed sadly.
  7. Its cold time of year when a simple walk to the store is uncomfortable. Its so unfair, but its nature.

  8. ArchieKun

    Your Favorite Technology!

    I personally say consumers should always have the advantage in this sort of market. The manufactures in particular cell phone service providers have been screwing their customers over way to long
  9. ArchieKun

    Anyone ereading manga?

    I found most of the manga and web comic sites I read via Google. Google basically owners the internet, or at least owns the tech that drives it. I like reading most manga online, or electronically but the ones I really like I collect the actual graphic novels.
  10. ArchieKun

    Games 2019

    This year is certainly shaping up to be pretty awesome for PC, Switch, and PS4 thats for sure. I am looking forward to KH3, Persona 5R, all the FF remasters that are coming out. I am also looking very forward to Yoshi's Painted World. I loved the other Yoshi games so this should at the very least be decent. I am also really excited for the announcement of a remake for the original SMT. All and all should be a hella dope year for us gamers.
  11. ArchieKun

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    Accounts payable, or receivable is fun department. Counting money is always a good little ego trip even if its not your own. I don't mean that in a showie way either it really dose make one feel good I am sure at least it did when I did it briefly.
  12. ArchieKun

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Kawii!!! that would make a amazing Kawii bento box.
  13. ArchieKun

    Anyone ereading manga?

    I mostly read manga online with scans in particular translated scans on a few websites. I have also used the Manga reader app both for mobile and desktop though sense there are plenty of manga website I see no point installing another app to my computer when I can just go online for it. Though it is pretty nice on mobile when out and about, or laying in bed.
  14. ArchieKun

    Your Favorite Technology!

    I simply cannot argue this as it is so true and smart phones are so cheap now mine was only $150 for my LG Stylo 3 and its working great to this and even being 2 years old. The battery is only now starting to depreciate. It has outlasted my previous Galaxy S7 Active in terms of how long the battery as well as other components have remained healthy. So what dose tell ya.
  15. ArchieKun

    Your Favorite Technology!

    Oh I know in particular with antique furniture and housewares. They are a type of technology or at least fall under what technology technically is meaning a tool to help us do what we cannot alone without it. Though one peice of antique tech in the more tridtional sense that I want to add to my collection is this.
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