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  1. Don't know exactly how I feel about this, but if it tastes good and is somehow healthier then why not.


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ArchieKun


      I agree very much with this as well. Also we as people hunted animals for food since like forever why should now be any different so long as we do it humanly, and be sustainable.

    3. Seshi


      He problem is it’s not sustainable the way we do it anymore. If everyone ate just what they needed and ate leftovers, it would probably work. But as it is people eat too much and waste even more.

    4. ArchieKun


      Right so many people eat so much and so often and not even consider their health, or their impact.

  2. granted but you can only do it once per session. I wish stress was not a part of being human.
  3. Interesting certainly note worthy. 


  4. One game that I am way to cheap to get into is War Hammer iit dose, and has looked appealing to me. Though it is very expensive.
  5. Feeling pretty good. Just a regular day.
  6. I personally think things are not gonna get better for the Shield Hero, but get a bit worse.
  7. I wasn't gonna get that technical but that works. I rather enjoyed reading that. I did know some about this, but I did learn something.
  8. Alright to be fair its more cute then hardcore romantic. Nonetheless it works I'll find a sappier one next time. Edit I promised something sappier, and here it is for everyone.
  9. Being under deep water even in some lakes you could be crushed. The pressure builds pretty fast at the bottom plus it gets dark, and cold fast too. I am not a lake swimmer but I have jumped off a high dive at a local lake which was fairly deep.
  10. Here is the official Google keynote about the device as well as a video braking it down. Thought it would be god to drop those here since we have more information.
  11. Feeling ok a bit of a rough day, but all things pass so life goes on.
  12. granted but overcoming flaws cannot be done as once current problems are solved new ones spear in their place. I wish customer service was better at every company.
  13. Hello and welcome to AF hope you have had, and continue to have a great time here on the forums. Making new friends is always nice I am always open to chat if you ever feel lonely. See you around, and of course if you have questions feel free to let me know.
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