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  1. dinner rolls would be yummy. I am doing quite well.
  2. Today most;y watched gameplay vids and of course my gaming news YouTube channels.
  3. Honestly if you do a google search for anime streaming you'll full up a pretty fair amount. Thats the best way to find them.
  4. I'm feeling alright been a very relaxing day. Nothing to much to write home about just on thee computer.
  5. From my personal experience it is best to avoid non Netflix original anime on Netflix because of this missing episode issue your experiencing. This is because Netflix much like any other streaming service needs to get licensing to stream the episodes. In certain cases they can only have licencing for a portion of the episodes because its cheaper for them. This issue is a thing from Netflix to Crunchyroll, and everything in between. Though with Netflix original anime such as Violet evergarden are released in binge worthy totality because thats how Netflix has made its mark with everything they stream. So my advice to you is to stick to other streaming sites honestly, but if you want to ficus on Netflix look for Netflix original anime as it will be released completely since Netflix holds the licensures for it.
  6. Hi there welcome to AF hope you have a great time here and look forward to seeing you around.
  7. Hey there welcome to the forums/ Hope you enjoy your stay here with us. Hope to see you around.
  8. Grilled breadless chicken nuggets wasn't my fav most likely won't be getting that aggain.
  9. Gonna be starting Yugioh Zexal very soon. Looking very forward to it.
  10. Welcome to AF hope you have a great time here. If you want to chat feel free to let me know.
  11. Hello there and welcome to AF your at the right place for making friends who share a love of anime. Hope to see you around
  12. Feeling a bit tired just glad tomorrow is my last day of work for the week.
  13. Mostly watched some vids on a custom gameboy advance mod to add a backlight and also a lets play.

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