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Which Song Are You Listening To?


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 this song is a work of art, really gives 50s and 60s vibes  

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Never was any good at KI (or any other fighting game for that matter), but the music was always awesome! Love what Little V does with his covers.

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Mitch Murder - ElecMan Theme Cover

My boy Mitch also does covers of video game songs. This one is right up there with the official "Complete Works Megaman 25th Anniversary Remix." My only real complaint is that it's too short. I also wouldn't complain if the energy was heavier and more intense when the tune hits its peak of loudness. It would also be nice if a version of this was made that also included that same hook as the more obscure Gameboy rendering of the song had and lasted between 6-8 minutes. Still pretty nice though.

Official SkullMan Remix

This one was actually released to CD back in the '90s! I love the whole '80s Saturday morning cartoon vibe it has about it. Very cool. In my honest opinion, this earlier version is actually slightly better than the remix for the PS2 that was used in the 25th Anniversary Collection.

Mega Man Battle & Chase OST - Cavern Course Theme ( "Escape" )


A track from a racing game that was the MegaMan equivalent of Mario Cart 64 which was never released in North America but included as an unlockable feature in the MegaManX Collection.

I still say that Capcom should have made all of these guys playable characters that could be swapped out in the middle of a stage like in Castlevania 3. RockMan ( aka MegaMan ) hogged all of the glory as the hero of the games. The other robot masters were awesome and they weren't even playable characters - they were also the bad guys no less! Oh Capcom... ☹️



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20 hours ago, viruxx said:


The footage is from NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn. It fits this song rather well.

Loved that mission.  I was in real-time ops on the downlink in ‘97 when it launched and still there in ‘17 when it took the Plunge.  There were scientists and engineers who devoted essentially their entire careers to that mission, and they’ll probably be combing through the data for many decades to come as well.  Even now I still have a picture of Enceladus with Saturn as a backdrop as my phone’s lock screen pic…


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