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    Hi everyone, Just a small addition, which some of you have already started to use. There is now a MAL button on the editor. You can use it to embed an anime, manga or character block. Just copy and paste the ID number before you paste it inside the MAL URL into the overlay when you click the editor button. The information will update periodically which is good for currently airing titles in the season. Best place to use it is in your first post if you're starting a topic on an anime, manga or character. Anime example: [mal type=anime id=17947] Character example: [mal type=character id=2010]
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    I love Naruto and I think it's the GOAT, but all stories have flaws and no story is perfect. I have acknowledged this and decided to make video essays on how I would fix the flaws that I see. In thesee videos, I cover topics such as Sakura's potential, her relationship with Sasuke, screen time of side characters, power escalation, the loss of the theme of "hard work beats natural talent" and much more, all in an effort to perfect Naruto or at least bring out its max potential, of course in my opinion. Please enjoy. Naruto Part I: Naruto Part II (1/2): Naruto Part II (2/2):
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    Hope you can reach 20K signatures my friend.
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    Mushi Mushi everyone......So I talked about Devils Line last time so I just wanted to post because well i have nothing better to do at 130am. My current list of shows I am watching Tokyo Ghoul:re (of course), Kakuriyo no Yadoneshi, Rokuhoudou Yotsurio Biyori, and of course the next season of both My Hero Academia and Food Wars.
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    Just remembered a classic, Big O!
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    I wish they would bring more anime to their site while it's airing if they can work out that kind of deal. I also don't like that they are calling some anime a Netflix Original when it's not like Kakegurui or however it's spelled. That's a bad anime to try and pawn off as an original. As for their original's I have to admit to never finishing one of them because they are so samey and yet far to similar to things I watched even before Netflix was around. They have the potential to do something great, they just haven't yet.
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    Surprised no one mentioned Solty Rei. If you don't mind older anime, check out Android Kikaider and Cyborg 009.
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    I think you probably put it into perspective much better than I did. The reason for the similarity of magical girl with superhero is because that is what Sailor Moon was intended to be, though some might refer to earlier works such as Himitsu no Akko-chan and Sally The Witch as magical girl as well. Furthermore, Some later series' like Full Moon O Sagashite and Shugo Chara do not even have a crime fighting within them.
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    Interesting, I may have to check it out, thank you~ Albeit it may end up in limbo on my planned to watch list for a year or two as generally happens for me... Oh come to think of it, Lyical Nanoha and it's sequels/spinoffs have been there for a bit over two years as well. I did get one of them watched during that time and found it to be alright. Although it wasn't a standard magical girl show so to speak; they had transformation scenes and there was a tiny bit of magic, but it mostly was martial arts. Can't remember the name of it to save my life though...

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