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    wow, everyone has nice cars .... im just using a japanese bike, thats somewhat busted(but still functions), couse i love it, i've had this baby boy since my first year college, and i dont wanna part with it anytime soon, even though its battery was stolen >.>
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    I've had a brand new 2018 Toyota Prius Prime hybrid since October when one of our Santa Ana winds dropped a tree on my old car. (Also a Prius.) Only had it for a few months but so far it's been great. The electric bits give it a bit of pep off the line, and 140MPG around town if I remember to plug it in. On a recent trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles it got 69 and used less than a tank for the whole trip. Nice cruise control behavior too.
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    Exactly. After all, we would never need to worry about exchanging currency if it was the United States of Earth.
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    Yes, and our current plans for world domination are out there for all of AF to see...
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    One of my favorites honestly. I got the limited edition version of Summer Wars. I'll be completely honest though, the artwork of the avatars on this movie reminds me of the first Digimon movie that came out like in the late 90's, early 2000's (the one with Angelina Anaconda in the animated short that played before the feature film).
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    Then it did its job. Our Murano is an 08, and we've also got a Focus SE which is a 14. I've been considering trading the Focus for yet another Murano. I'm a fan. lol
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    So sorry for your loss and I hope your cold's better
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    I have composed our plan of execution, gentlemen.
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    It's going to be tough be it can be done
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    As long as we defeat Carl.
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    Total choas every where
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    World doesn't know what's coming to them
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    World domination here we come
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    I propose we call ourselves, the Three Musket-ers. Not Musketeers, Musket-ers. With muskets...
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    I'm positive it is far from the truth. That was my point. It doesn't change that what I've seen of Nissan's has generally been poor (especially my experience in driving them - the ones I drove felt cheaply made, and lacked much in the way of features for what I perceived in their price point). What people have told me, has generally been good. It's just one of those things. I've talked to people at dealerships on the Toyota Camry's who just balk about it, but then will turn around and try and push a Prius all day - when the Camry handles, rides, and performs better than the Prius. No one is immune from sales bias. It doesn't make the opinion wrong, but it's a fine example of a blanket statement. By and large, blanket statements are rarely true in sales.
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    That's maximum fuel efficiency there, my friend. Don't forget that.
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    I have two vehicles, but I'll post my money pit. 99 Chevy s10 with 230,000 miles and still going strong. It's mostly stock, well except for the full air ride suspension, wheels, body drop, front end swap, and custom interior.
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    I agree with most of this, but as a lover of my Nissan Altima, which I bought with 77,000 miles on it, 7 years ago and has never had as much as a hiccup, I’d say that statistic is very far from the truth. On the other hand, I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder, close to 300,000 miles on it which I bought from someone who obviously didn’t take care of it, and that’s a whole nother meaning to the word junker. My hubby has done his best to fix it up, but we still have nearly endless problems with the thing. Most of it is due to age and general wearing (salt air has sped that process along as well)
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    @The History KidPiss away buddy, the winds blowing nice and hard.
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    Our Focus SE is nice for its price tag. The mileage has also been fair. But it's admittedly more of a summer season car. That is to say, it's not a car I would trust to get home in if the roads aren't plowed. But that's what the Murano is there for. And that's just another reason I would like to just trade it.
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    The Focus and Fiesta were cars I never understood the appeal outside of their affordability. But even that is questionable. Fusions weren't exactly expensive. Both Focus and Fiesta rode horrible, let alone the really really (imo) dumb appearance of the Fiesta. I get the compact idea, but it's just not a car that made any kind of fiscal sense to me.
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    I had a friend who got into a similar accident, she was Tboned too and she came out fine - her murano was totaled though
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    You should certainly look into a Nissan Murano then. I was involved in an accident about 5 years ago. I was struck in the driver's side at a 2-way, pushed across ice and collided with a parked truck which completely smashed the front of my vehicle. Driver's side window airbag deployed-- I hit my head pretty hard on that side and could have had a much more serious injury. Went to the hospital and walked out with some whiplash, two stitches in my eye, a big bruise up and down my hip/leg, and (I discovered this later) some damage to my lumbar region which still persists to this day. The car was a total mess, but according to the officer who responded, he told me it was the first time he had ever seen a vehicle collapse the way it was supposed to. To me that means if it had been any other car, the damage could have been a lot more substantial and I could have had some broken bones or worse there. Guess what our replacement car ended up being? Another Murano.
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    The first generation Fusions (2006-2008) were, frankly, terrible cars. My grandmother owned one, and it was like driving an aluminum box with wheels on it. They really outdid themselves for the 2013-2019 generation. The EcoBoost, and Sport ones are nice, the Hybrid's are actually built around the same schematic as the Twin-Turbo's in the Focus RX. If you take them out of Hybrid mode, they'll bite you in the you-know-where speed wise. My choice for the next vehicle I get is similar to yours, I expect in the next year or so to adopt, which will change the overall battle rhythm needs of a vehicle for me.
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    Ratings were so good on the Ford Fusion I almost bought one new when I bought that Altima, but decided to just go with a used car instead. It has been the best decision I have ever made. Never had a single issue with it in the past 7 years, and I am so lax on maintenance too. I’m sure it could be even better preforming. I love the get up and go, and the handling is amazing. It will be a sad day to part with such a reliable car.
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    I have a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum. Sometime in the next few years I'll be adding a second vehicle, which will likely be an Edge. The hybrid is a fun car to drive. I bought the car while it was still at the factory being assembled, and was lucky enough to be able to drive it off the lot with 0.7 miles on it. Before this, I drove a 2015 Ford Fusion SE, a 2006 Ford Taurus SEL, and my first car was a 1998 Mercury Sable LS.
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    I'm not sure it's so much haggling as it is playing the incentives, and starting with a low ball offer. I've only dealt with a used car purchase once, the other two times were lease-to-buy sales on new vehicles. Used cars have more room to drop than new ones do. If you don't drive over 10k miles a year though, leases tend to make more sense than buying used, barring insurance.
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    Congrats on taking 2nd place in the LOTR Trivial Pursuit board A day may come when the courage of men fails. But it is not this day.
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    Yeah, this is how the anime's pace will be for you going forward, but I recommend that you continue watching as the story within this pace is good.
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    So I either messed up my rib or have a kidney stone... either way I hurt like crazy.

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