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  1. Bright sunlight but at -2C it's far too cold for me!
  2. I actually met the bully who had made much of my final years at secondary school so bad while I was attending college on day release from work. I smiled at him and said good morning and to say that his reply was foul-mouthed would be an understatement. I never saw him there again.
  3. I've now finished series 2 of Sound Euphonium. Slightly different to series 1 where the focus of the episodes was introducing the characters and their efforts to get the concert band up to presentable standard. In series 2 the focus shifts away from the band rehearsals and centres around the members of the band and their various problems and interactions with each other. I think the series had a good ending for it to have ended any other way would have been unrealistic and slightly improbable. Overall, Sound Euphonium is a really good series.
  4. 362 But I didn't think being "grounded" was a good thing.
  5. Kaina of the Great Snow Sea looks interesting.
  6. Very little of what I was taught at school was of any real use to me when left school and started work and none of my teachers made much effort to engage their students with the subject they were teaching. I was fortunate that my parents encouraged me to read and bought me encyclopedias and "how things work" type books. When I was at school there were no optional classes on home ec subjects, when you left school you were expected to just find those things out for yourself.
  7. Right, that's that settled then. You and I hold the top and bottom places on the AF age list.
  8. I've now started series 2 of Sound Euphonium and it's looking really good.
  9. You sure about that Could well be true, I had a quick look back and I can't see anyone giving a younger age. Of course there could be someone younger who has not yet declared their age. So far, no one has challenged my claim to be the oldest person here.
  10. So, I've now finished re-watching series 1 of Sound Euphonium. It's a nice easy going SoL series about a high school concert band. The story is moved forward mainly by the interactions of the characters, the character designs, artwork and animation are excellent as is the attention to detail, but then you wouldn't expect anything less from Kyoto Animation. I'm not a musician but I'm told that when you see the cast playing their instruments they are actually playing the correct notes.
  11. I remember Blockbuster too. They had a shop in a small shopping arcade that I passed through each morning on my way to work, I sometimes looked in but never actually rented anything. It always amused me that even after they changed from VHS tapes to DVDs the boxes still had the same label with said "Please rewind this tape before returning it". I've still not worked out how to rewind a DVD.
  12. You are plane-ly trying to confuse us. 354
  13. I think that the more you think about it the more difficult it is to explain to someone the difference between anime and any other type of cartoon to someone who does not watch many animated films. As anime fans we somehow instinctively know the difference, but it's so hard to explain. As a railway enthusiast I often have a similar difficulty in explaining the differences between the various classes of locomotives to someone who knows little about railways. I didn't see the Alita movie but I saw some stills from it and read the adverts which proclaimed it as a new film, and I thought "that's not new, it's a remake of an old anime title."
  14. We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes and we just need to accept that. I've never pretended to like something just to fit in with the crowd. (which probably accounted for about 50% of why I had such a bad time at secondary school, the other 50% was due to the school thug/bully taking a dislike to me, I never worked out why.)
  15. We have snow!!!! Not a lot, but enough to make the view out of my windows very white.
  16. I have finally managed to rebuild and upgrade my main PC. It now has a Gigabyte B560 HD3 motherboard with an 11 generation Core i5 CPU and 64GB DDR4 RAM along with a NVIDA GeForce GT730 graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 memory. Not a particularly powerful machine when compared to some games machines, but then I don't play video games as I'm more interested in DTP, photo and video editing.
  17. I've now finished watching Orange. It's a good series with an interesting storyline. It also has a good cast of characters that I can believe in and care about, which in my opinion is important in a series.
  18. "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig" I don't know who said this, it was one of a number of quotes I saw on a list somewhere. While not really a favourite quote there are situations where I've found it a very useful one to remember.
  19. Loving beer more than your family is not a good situation. It sounds like your friend's father could be on course to becoming an alcoholic.
  20. There's two things I really don't like about this time of year.

    1: Is the cold weather.

    2: The low bright winter sun that's always below my car's sun visor so that I have trouble seeing where I'm going.

    1. viruxx


      This! It's always in the early morning and the late evening when the sun makes driving difficult. In my case, the sun seems to settle between my sun visor and rear-view mirror. 😫

      I'm looking forward to spring's arrival. It's always so dreary when all the leaves have fallen off the trees around here.

    2. Ohayotaku


      Was having this issue with the sun about a month ago, but not so much now. Sadly due to the fact that it ‘s generally dark when I leave for work & dark when I head back home 😢

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